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Antminer Ethereum Miner E3 Confirmed Hashrate And Price

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talking about the ethereum e3 miner that recently popped up for sale on the bitmain website Sign up with coinbase. buy or sell 100 dollars in crypto currency and get 10 dollars of bitcoin for free with this link to coinbase. https://www.coinbase.com/join/59ab37900671d100b3c25cc5 Want to donate to the channel? Donate Litecoin and send me an email saying how much you sent and I'll try to thank you at the end of the next video! https://steemit.com/@mrsotko Litecoin Address: LUe6Ub9UUGjFxkFbNkBA6nD4ebwRSeSsgD [email protected] The safest way to store crypto and claim crypto forks https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/554d
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MrSotko CryptoCurrency (5 months ago)
Dont mind my wacky green screen. too much light today. fixing curtains and such, one of these days ill move my computer to a better spot! enjoy!
Jokester (5 months ago)
I'm very bullish on green screens
Crypto Zozo (5 months ago)
MrSotko CryptoCurrency no worries , you still make the best vids !!
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (5 months ago)
thats because they are eliminating the lendconnect token. it will now be etherlink.
Preet Chahl (5 months ago)
Lendconnect down another 40% after 70% drop yesterday All time high of $40 now down to 22 cents
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (5 months ago)
lol, my curtains are actually off the windows right now. was setting up a new rod. so light was just pouring in.
Jon R. Pejtersen (5 months ago)
GTX 1080 Ti can easily DUAL-mine 35+ mh/s ETH + 1600 Mh/s DCR @ 170W each. Solo ETH mining @ 37+ Mh/s - maybe about 160W only. Vega 64 can do 44,2 @ 170W. Of couse these power figures are tweaked / undervoltet / overclocket. (lov voltage = still in good shape after a few years of 24/7 mining). 5x GTX 1080 Ti or 4x Vega 64 can compete with that silly E3 ASIC miner both in power and hasrate. And are capable at mining everything else, and gaming..
Iron Worker (5 months ago)
Bitcrap already jacked the price up another $1000 right after the Eth Dev meeting was over yesterday! $1800 now... gotta luv their " "Please deliberate well before making a purchase because we will not accept any requests for refund for orders of this batch." disclaimer ---- cuz once they exhaust these E3s they will flood market with the more powerful ones they are using now to mine eth with..... they will put this new batch online in July for shipping in Nov or Dec - when they start shipping the E3 in July and Aug. Unless eth heads back over $800 you are essentially buying a $1800 boat anchor form Bitcrap today.
Wounded Warr1or (5 months ago)
It is all smoke and mirrors. This is a scaled down version equal to 6 of my RX580 cards to try and lower concerns driving an ASIC resistant hard fork, you can be pretty sure their is an F3 that they are still pre-mining with that will come later. Look at the discounts they are offering for the X3 which XMR is using the X16 algo to make the X3 worthless. We already voted on a ETH fork on Reddit, V asked for a thumbs up or down, and later asked how to accomplish since that is not his lane and he does not want to rush POS because of the ASIC centralizing problem. I am referring to east manufacturers that sell a lower version first to their customers, while making them compete against the manufacturer with a stronger version to fund their R&D for the next batch. It is BS and why I will never buy an ASIC, for the guy just trying to get ahead if they wish to buy them that is fine I just cannot buy into a manufacturer selling something then blowing it out of the water at the same time.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (5 months ago)
they could be working on a better one. perhaps. but with the upcoming PoS switch i think they are just rushing them and working on a new one would be a bad idea.
Aeon Mouse (5 months ago)
Once upon a time: A culture refused to trade asic mined coins....
Rasoul Khajavi (5 months ago)
Yeah we will enjoy The talking head😅❤
Coma Damptog (5 months ago)
This does not seem very efficient at all.
karma police (5 months ago)
they know its not a good buy, thats why they sell it cheap
Xeno Altrax (5 months ago)
Don't forget to include the price of the PSU (sold separately, around $100), plus shipping, so probably around $1100 total cost for this asic. Still cheap compared to today's gpu prices. But by the time this asic ships in Jul, nvidia is supposed to launch the 11-series cards with gddr6 (at 2x memory bandwidth of gddr5) so this asic might be less attractive by that time, especially since gpu prices are slowly coming down due to the depressed eth price.
inksmart (5 months ago)
Also on GPU you can mine much more coins.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (5 months ago)
yeah the shipping and customs on them is killer.
Melpheos1er (5 months ago)
A few months before they are turned on ? No way, they are already turned on and mining for bitmain... Bitmain is known to send you used item
pdorais75 (5 months ago)
All those ASIC are actualy plug in a secret Bitmain farm anyway. Buyer will get a nice use mining asic, the real drop in hashrate will be during the next batch.
Neville Robertson (5 months ago)
Maybe if we don't vote for a fork to stop ASIC they will like us and make the next batch of miners cheaper for us.
Michaelangelo Renteria (5 months ago)
I'd love to start mining Crypto, how can I get started? Which currency is best? What computer should I buy? Do I need software? I'm a novice. Keep up the videos!
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (5 months ago)
i have plenty of videos on mining, buying graphics cards, and various software. just dig a bit deeper in my channel!
K Ho (5 months ago)
Let's see. $800 does not seem much. At 800 watts and 16 cents per kwh (where I am at) it cost $3.07 to run. So that leaves $2.94 profit if it can generate about $6 worth of ETH per day. Assuming difficulty does not change - it will take a little more than 270 days to break even. Once these things go online, the difficulty will increase. Let's say it doubles - well that's it for me - I won't make a cent from this thing :( So, it's not really great. And ETH will go PoS eventually - we don't know when. So this make getting this thing even less attractive. I'll take it if I can get it for $0.
karma police (5 months ago)
they might fork ETH, POS is coming, new GPU's on the horizon... this ASIC is a BAD BAD buy!] Thats why they are selling it so cheap!
Seattle's Most Wanted (5 months ago)
They get your money now, mine the difficulty up, and send it to you once its useless..... Brilliant! Rather throw 800 into LTC and see where its ends up by the time these ship
Vue Vue (5 months ago)
My RX580X8 = 250MHs 1100Watts Down clocking.
TurboShane (5 months ago)
Try Ebay people are giving them away 1080 ti's.
TurboShane (5 months ago)
These things are going to be junk when the new Nvidia cards come out with the DDR 6 memory are going to crush these things at a lower power usage not saying they will be cheaper but you can resell them for more than a door stop.
karma police (5 months ago)
they might fork ETH, POS is coming, new GPU's on the horizon... this ASIC is a BAD BAD buy!] Thats why they are selling it so cheap!
Jonny P (5 months ago)
we shall a hardfork some time keep in mind
theplayernkc (5 months ago)
Ethereum may hardfork and make these worthless.
CSGO TROLLTEAM (5 months ago)
eth maybe will goo down in price since many eth minnerss will sell their eth for buy this miiner
CSGO TROLLTEAM (5 months ago)
this is bullshiet for real 800$ of investment for 6$ day is better to just buy eth and hold it mining is bullshiet is death because of big players
hOnG k0nG fu3y (5 months ago)
and it will fork on the 15th July :) $800 down the shitter
Zio Tech (5 months ago)
180MHs = 6xRX 580
Jonny P (5 months ago)
agreed gonna build one
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (5 months ago)
yeah. its just not very impressive at all. not even sure why they made this thing. sure...its kinda effecient, but nothing special at all. and like you said, a rig with 6 580s would be the same thing. but then again, 580s at the moment are selling for 400 dollars a piece give or take a bit. so it would cost tremendously more to get the same results. either way, im staying away from it.
Andy Bradley (5 months ago)
Yeah that's exactly what I just thought as soon as I saw the specs, 800 watts also, does'nt seem all that efficient when compared to GPU's. Better to mine with the flexibility of GPU's.
POS !!

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