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Why Bitcoin Mining SUCKS Right Now!

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Crypto compas (9 months ago)
I agree that prices for example on *Hashflare* https://hashflare.io/r/83B32662-pricing-2018 *have gone up*. But even with that, sign up and *invest!!* ...Today I invested about $5940 on 27 TH/s and per my calculations I will make $353.69 weekly / $1,515.83 monthly and Days to break even: 117.56. *very nice I would say*
Agrx Drowflow (10 months ago)
This logic is based on a pessimistic view of BTC. "The exchange rate is going down, so this sucks." It can just as easily go up. I'm assuming the exchange rate is going to $1M, so I'll be happy to wait. What's the hurry? Why bust my nuts to mine $15K when it's far easier chill mine it at $100K, $200K, then $500K. There's no hurry here, you young wipper-snapper.
A C (10 months ago)
Bitcoin mining is great. Check out hashflare cloud mining. Start right away, you don’t have to wait months for equipment to be delivered. https://hashflare.io/r/82C75634
d3rkaderk4 (10 months ago)
This is why I haven't bought one. I want the cheap price from china but 4 months is a long time in the crypto world.
cool_video88 (10 months ago)
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Dison Arnibal (10 months ago)
Here's the fact. Bitmain guys built bitmain company to gain initial investments for their future objective - that is, to build 5000x the number of antminers sold and then build their own crypto farm from sales profit when btc's firing up. And wadap! Btc's over 8k now! Cool show off bitmain guys!
Jo Hannes (10 months ago)
Did he mention the price increase in btc? . . The miners were mining Gold when it was $20 an ounce. It got up to almost $2,000 in 2011. . . Of course if btc crashes back to $50 and stays there then us miners are very screwed.
Luis Enrique Riestra (11 months ago)
They are available to buy now, problem is you have to pay with BitcoinCash, and I have no idea how to do that.
d3rkaderk4 (10 months ago)
Buy it on an exchange with bitcoin.
Aaron Skipper (11 months ago)
Tech Crack house was so much cooler and Blackish!!! I felt like we was relating!! lol
Ten Minute Tokyo 2 (11 months ago)
I bet the Fed got to them.
terry la torre (11 months ago)
Great job providing information, one question what's your opinion on model such like the sp50?. Those are created for mining companies exclusively?
erick zavala (11 months ago)
I been thinking about spending $1k on a pc to mine crypto but the ones that are a low price for example ETN would you recommend it? Or should I just invest the money rather then buying a pc
vishal han (11 months ago)
Never understood what u speak
Phil M (11 months ago)
If you click on products and then click S9 then the buy now comes up in the top right
Stephen D. (11 months ago)
Why the hell did you change your name? Tech crack house was a fuckin legit ass name!!!
Stephen D. (11 months ago)
Yeah I literally just bought an s9 like 2 hours ago
ZeroMalarki (10 months ago)
How long did it take to get to you?
Thomas Sittidang (11 months ago)
BCC, Only reason BItmain sold it so cheap $1415 because BTC was crashing this weekend.
Phil M (11 months ago)
Stephen D. Only able to purchase with bitcoin though right?
Thomas Sittidang (11 months ago)
What the hell you talking about is on sale now for S1415, get it while is there. I already ordered 3 and Bitcoin is going up.
Thomas Sittidang (11 months ago)
For that I bought 2 bit coins for $13,000. We've Big players playing pump and dump with coins so just be patient. People loves originality like Porsches is only going up.
Stephen D. (11 months ago)
Thomas Sittidang the exact reason I went with the s9. If I can get 1 bitcoin a year or half a bitcoin a year and it goes up to $100,000/ coin shit ill be rich
dustin schuler (11 months ago)
No more tech crack house? I’m probably so late.
Fiat Cancer (7 months ago)
I knew I wasn't crazy. That used to be the name right?
Stephen D. (11 months ago)
dustin schuler I know right
A zimm (11 months ago)
Bitcoin mining difficulty is lowering back to back.. Mining will still be profitable. You have plenty of time to get ROI even if you pay 3k a pop right now... Don't be scared.. HOWEVER you can easily make more than that with trading and many other ways in Bitcoin, but its always good to have multiple sources of income!
National Processing Panel (11 months ago)
Thanks for the video
santiago pichiringo (11 months ago)
1st comment

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