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Wetten Dass ? 04.10.2008 Madame Sarkozy Carla Bruni-L'Amoureuse live

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http://es.video.yahoo.com/watch/2393413/7155876 Madame Sarkozy Cape Town French President Nicholas Sarkozy is to address a joint sitting of South Africa's Parliament on Thursday, as part of his two day visit to the country President and Madame Sarkozy are expected to arrive in Cape Town on Thursday, ahead of talks with President Thabo Mbeki at Tuynhuis The French delegation will include 40 Chief Executive Officers from major French companies The delegation will sign an array of bilateral agreements aimed at further strengthening relations between the two countries President and Madame Sarkozy, who will be on a two-day state visit will be received at the Cape Town International Airport by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma," the Department of Foreign Affairs said ahead of the scheduled bilateral political, economic and trade discussion President Mbeki will host President Sarkozy within the context of South Africa's priority to strengthen bilateral political, economic and trade relations with France aimed at consolidating North - South relations France is the largest donor and major investor on the continent Economic relations between South Africa and France are continuously expanding. France is South Africa's eighth largest trading partner and an important investor in the South African economy Bilateral trade totalled R25 billion in 2007, with the trade balance in France's favour. South Africa's exports were mainly minerals, metals and other commodities while imports from France included machinery, chemicals and pharmaceuticals President Sarkozy has in the months that he's been in power, spoken often about Africa and has said France will continue to be Africa's resolute advocate in Europe...and that Africa will remain a priority of France's foreign policy," said Foreign Affairs Deputy Director General Gert Grobler, in Pretoria on Thursday South Africa and France enjoy cordial relations characterised by regular high-level dialogue, diverse bilateral cooperation programmes and growing bilateral economic ties while co-operating at a multilateral level including the UN Security Council and the G8 In addition, France is a member of the Group of 8 (G-8) and a Permanent member of the United Nations Security Council President Sarkozy will on Friday address the SA-France Business Forum The SA-French Business Forum has provided an opportunity for South African and French business people to exchange views on doing business in Africa and to explore possible joint partnerships on the continent There are about 160 French companies operating in South Africa, including several French multinationals such as Total, Alcatel, Renault, Lafarge, Danone and Peugeot-Citroen The French nuclear company AREVA is currently training South African engineering graduates in project management at post-graduate level The French-South African Technological Institute for Electronics (F'SATIE), based at the Tshwane University of Technology and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, will train 167 students over the next two years The Ecole Nationale d'Administration, in association with the South African Management Development Institue, will offer training programmes to senior South African civil servants. - BuaNews Sarà anche la dama più in vista di Francia, ma madame Sarkozy non ha conquistato il cuore degli acquirenti che, a Parigi, hanno visitato la mostra di Patrick Demarchelier. Alla retrospettiva che raccoglie gli scatti del celebre fotografo di moda (autore anche di due calendari Pirelli, che è anche sponsor dellesposizione), una fotografia di Carlà è andata allasta, ma non certo a ruba. Anzi, lasta (il cui ricavato andrà in beneficenza) ha consegnato lo scettro della più desiderata a unaltra modella, Kate Moss. Così, mentre la fotografia di Carlà è stata venduta a 25mila euro, lo scatto di Demarchelier a una giovane Kate Moss (vestita di soli jeans) ha raggiunto i 32mila euro. Per la première dame, un piccolo smacco in casa propria Scandale! Okay, not really, it's France after all; what would constitute a personal scandal there? The French president, Nicholas Sarkozy (not to be confused with Jean-Pierre Jeunet's favorite actor Dominique Pinon!) and his wife, Cecilia, told everyone they were splitting up yesterday, and said they'd have no further comment on the matter. Well, Madame Sarkozy changed her mind, okay? She's allowed! She unloaded about her marriage to a French newspaper today and it was all pretty run-of-the-mill stuff, except it prompted her ex to get all pissy with Le Monde when they called him for comment, snapping that hey, the French people "ask for no comment from me. It interests them much less than you, and they are right. And perhaps they have a greater sense of propriety and more discretion, sir." Take that! If only our own Great Leaders could put the press in their place as eloquently Shes gone and married the French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Oh dear.
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beatrice w (10 years ago)
omg she's such a cutie.. the only problem she just can't sing.. she has the opportunities to fulfill her dream, standing on a stage.. but there won't be success! i mean i'm sorry.. but what's that? she's the wife of the president, but just lately got the passport.. are they kidding? or is this government just kind of a kindergarten?
Owen Wardlaw (1 year ago)
You think she can't sing lol......?
bellaitalia23 (10 years ago)
the song is good but the voice is not the best
bellaitalia23 (10 years ago)
for french people its music and for french people she has a good voice but only for them. For italians and others is this nothing. She should sing and don´t breath so much, when you can understand what i mean. Kein Volumen in der Stimme, zu viel gehaucht. Einfach nix

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