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U.S.A Economic Crisis Alert

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26-year Old Financial Firm with Proven History of Accurate Predictions Issues... U.S. Economic Crisis Alert A Warning of the Most Devastating Event to hit America since Great Depression! A "Problem" 23 Times Bigger than Greece Here's the only way I know how to prepare for this fateful event... Our government (at the very highest level) has it wrong. Europe is not the biggest risk America is facing today. Something far more serious is about to hit us. An economy 23 times bigger than Greece's economy is about to implode. In the past, we warned about the U.S. housing bubble collapse...about the 2007 recession...and even the 2008 credit crisis...all months before they happened. But this will be more devastating than anything we've experienced in the past 80 years. Today's failing economy and volatile stock markets...they are just the beginning. Everything I'm about to tell you, you'll be able to verify for yourself. And when you do, I'm certain you'll come to the same conclusion I did... ...the U.S. is about to get blind-sided.
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Jonathan Nassimi (5 years ago)
TheOldSnake (5 years ago)
It's a free country, these people will just keep making predictions - It's free. If they are like what they said, been correct so many times. We should see their name on the Richest Person in America/World, they are not. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett... So I think I trust Buffett - We have the best system of the world.
Jonathan Nassimi (5 years ago)
is this legit?

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