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Can you Mine Ethereum with an Antminer S9?

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Text Comments (42)
Roronoa Rozo (5 months ago)
So the Asic can only be used for Bitcoin mining and not any other cryptos at all?
TankenkaNeko (6 months ago)
This is quite helpful! Have got one of the S9s en route, good to know its limits. BtC for the purposes of this post: 37CpiCsGxwDchT1mXgUWVGJXRPxzaCKQL3
Frank Hill (8 months ago)
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Mateen R (8 months ago)
Liked the video. BTC Address: 1M18vcGvmzcJR2qX8UspUPmZGTDEA59Yfc
MrZones21 (8 months ago)
So a legit gpu is better because it can mine everything? not only bitcoin?
Sailing Mic (8 months ago)
One of the best Youtube-Channels for Crypto-Freaks! Love it!  BTC:1PRmX7eiKMhMs1jRHwXoTSx2aspoTatYtE
Edwin Bermudez (9 months ago)
thanks man nice video1159NxfFEt68tXQp6BRFx8ppTfx7HbJ6kD
papuchobello (9 months ago)
the only way to use a S9 miner or d3 mainer or l3+ miner to mine etherium is by using a pool like prohashing. Actually it works almost like nicehash but you have the option to choose the crypto of your liking for payment.
Michael G (9 months ago)
Thanks for not fucking around and wasting too much time here. I respect your work in general and thought may be you knew something that I didn't and was already contemplating firmware updates from shady sources etc... lol too funny.
radical Polio (9 months ago)
My friend and I are finding your videos so super useful, I was affected by Hurricane Harvey and lost everything but now I'm starting over and these videos have been a good source of useful knowledge in this really shitty period in my life. Thanks again dude! keep it up! Heres my bitcoin address 3J3CuLiQK3ZHomoZ4jPtzWRqSU8y58Tig9 and my Ether one is 0x3FE04DF0C4D4dDef1e33fbdfaE7C81CC212f1236 if anyone is feeling generous.
manu loncan (9 months ago)
Thanks man! 1EhP9XPs2GXwwturNsPVaQcEsnpFm6AfzL
Mihaels881 (9 months ago)
good vid bro 1NNjwLgjK4jtfhrVBP7wZSYcErxikLKdeA
M Mahmoud (9 months ago)
Mihaels881 Mick. please help me
M Mahmoud (9 months ago)
Can i use whatsminer M3 or Antminer T9 to mine Ether?
M Mahmoud (9 months ago)
Excellent one...thanks
Jean van Zyl (9 months ago)
Thank you for the great videos, very much informative 1BJDbstPgaB2wt83sADDDRWqqsFtRig3aJ
Robert C (9 months ago)
Ur videos are lame, made for idiots.
Schane P (9 months ago)
Litterlay just answered one of my biggest question..... now knowing that any mining rig can’t be used for any crypto currency 1HwoY8CRtH5bXxeBpYz7vUSJRUm484bSQo
enahs (9 months ago)
nvidia will kill its sale point if they limit mining buyers- and the prices will skyrocket as well because people will be willing to pay more for the video cards- and- i doubt the gaming community wont be buying the newest video cards they make every time.... Miners will
LogicFancy (9 months ago)
5 vids 1 day chill man
LitGeekSquad Official (9 months ago)
What are your thoughts on secondary coins for dual mining? I switch between ethereum, pirl, ubiq, expanse, and musicoin for my primary coin and for my secondary coin ive done pascal light and decred. My main approach is to diversify and HODL, only selling periodically when a particular coin price spikes. Anyways, dig your channel, and hope my comment is useful for those looking to get into dual mining or possible upcoming discussions. BTC: 13H1sg21daTienmKuUtwPqWUiHJ2fHfX4R
LitGeekSquad Official (9 months ago)
whats up bro, hope all is well
hardik patel (9 months ago)
Very well explained 1KhN2kFFZyjdNKbFP84SuCfyJeLHTeAXb5
Edward Contreras (9 months ago)
Nice vid. 1FX6ujMvinbmVrBBuCh4uuQjAxwZuwWM3L
G S (9 months ago)
Is it the tech crack house? Tech cash house is kind of lame
Jordan Bao (8 months ago)
I really enjoy using this Mining Rig https://sites.google.com/site/SupremeMiningRig
Nicolas Arena (8 months ago)
It was "TechCrackHouse" a few months ago.
L B (8 months ago)
Follow your heart... It’s the tech crack house. I can’t get enough of the content!
Lisa H (9 months ago)
I thought he was saying, "tech crack house" when I first started listening. LOL
darren jiang (9 months ago)
great video!! 1E1bqrX8QLig7RGuHGGRq9HfUXP6amFxCi
Tim Dunphy (9 months ago)
Dude! It’s the ETH-Hah algo. Not the “ET phone home” algo.
Agunpro (9 months ago)
Keep up the good work 1KXT3K4xpBswuZ4cxCRSsFPimZ2FmRKDtn
MagikTV (9 months ago)
It will go to POS long before anyone could get an ASIC chip to work. It's not worth it to anyone to try. The reason ETHash is totally resistant to ASIC miners is because it's the memory and bandwidth that matter to mining ETHash.
z0vc (9 months ago)
ethash is known to be asic resistant, which means it was designed with the interest of asic miners not taking over mining. And currently to my knowledge there is no asic miner for it yet, However, that does not mean there will never be an ethash asic, it will just be more difficult to make one, I think scrypt and x11 algorithms were also asic resistant, but someone managed to still find a way to make profitable asic machines for them.
Hendo Goodie (9 months ago)
Hello sir Mike I'm a big fan off your channel because you are one of the few who focus on the mining side of crypto vs the many channels that focus on the trading side ....so with that being said here's my question I have a total of 4 miners to I have in hand which is 1 A3 and 1 L3+ and I have two S9's on the way but they will not get here until mid February so I have to ask due to the decrease in bitcoin's value and seemingly increase in difficulty what is the most profitable coin to mine with sha-256 other than Bitcoin and could you make a video tutorial on how to find and set your Miner up to point in that direction of/for mining that specific coin? Eth: 0x422bd6fa05aa7ed44a7b33056515fe73b2cf4df7
Keyon Lewis (9 months ago)
Nope 1BQfqjHguJftY3VuWJxDYSsMB4oFBxbDDE
thetillerman23 (9 months ago)
Always good content!
crypto future (9 months ago)
thanks man ,great video 1JdCH91Hn4i4dtaM4sc7hYBgWyidbvFYwf
Brandon del Rosario (9 months ago)
Cheers for the vid dude 1AiAbcdWwkQqrrpeCBiZCe46jqT6KbEjV
volt crypto (9 months ago)
Contact us for an Antminer S9. We are a USA based seller and always have them in stock / access to them . Price is lower for pre-order. Immediate delivery is a little bit more pricey but gets it into your hands faster.
Brian (9 months ago)
The answer is no And no ASICs for ETH bitcoin:1JUwP23U3981xHrL44qPryTgow4NpG5hMb
My sick meme page bro (9 months ago)
First 1Fc5LRL55hi1Q5A7AFghBegsLWNUNNiDPw (first time doing this)

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