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The Increasing Importance of the Oil Trading Companies

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Daniel Jaeggi, President & Co-Founder, Mercuria Ian Taylor, President & Chief Executive Officer, Vitol Group of Companies Torbjörn Törnqvist, Chief Executive Officer, Gunvor Moderator: Marcel van Poecke - Chairman, AtlasInvest In the oil price downturn of the last two years, the major oil trading houses have shown a remarkable ability to adapt and do quite well in an environment that has been extremely challenging for others in the oil business. In addition, with the retreat of most banks from physical commodity trading following the financial crisis, the importance and influence of these trading houses has increased significantly, along with their trading volumes. In this session of the Oil & Money 2016 conference, the heads of three of the largest oil trading companies explain their approach and elucidate how oil trading is changing and where oil markets are headed. Questions that will be addressed include: • What is the explanation for the recent remarkable success of oil trading? • How does the future competitive environment look? • What is the outlook for oil prices and market rebalancing? • Is Opec or Saudi Arabia likely to return to the role of managing oil markets? • How is financial regulation impacting the oil trading world? • What are the biggest risks and wildcards facing your companies?
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itloads (1 year ago)
The biggest traders in the oil business only get 629 views over 5 months?
Deepak I (1 year ago)
it's not a b2c business like apple which is visible to everyone. most of the uber big boys in b2b business world aren't even household names. but they like it that way, clever men.

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