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Intermarket Analysis | Profiting from Global Market Relationships

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Intermarket analysis is a branch of technical analysis that examines the correlations between four major asset classes: stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies. Unlike traditional technical analysis with its single market focus, intermarket analysis studies the interplay between global macro asset classes. Better understanding these relationships can help traders determine the different stages of the investing cycle, select the best - and avoid the worst - performing sectors. In this webinar we will discuss how to use these relationships to identify the stage of the business cycle and improve your forecasting abilities. Table of Contents Introduction to Intermarket analysis - 00:50 Business cycles - 2:52 Fixed income vs Stocks - 5:37 Fixed income vs Commodities - 8:01 Commodities vs US dollar - 9:57 WTI & Gold vs US dollar - 12:01 Sector rotation - 13:53 How to identify cycle stage - 16:59 Deflation - 19:12 Relative Strength analysis - 20:09 Conclusion - 24:08
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Mehdi Jonathan Popotte (9 months ago)
Good presentation. One note though, its Staples not Stables... :)

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