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Trade Like a Casino for Consistent Profits by Adam Khoo

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In the stock market, there are 'gamblers' and there are 'casinos'. Gamblers depend on luck to make money and would eventually lose it all, because the game is rigged against them. 'Casinos' know how to rig the system to generate consistent profits from random outcomes of chance. Learn how to trade like a casino! These are essential stock trading strategies for stock traders and investors who want to improve their investment and trading performance. Adam Khoo is a professional stocks and forex trading and the best-selling author of 'Winning the Game of Stocks" and "Profit from the Panic". Thousands of students have profited from his sharp investment insights into the world of stock investing and trading. Helpful links Learn about Wealth Academy live seminars at http://bit.ly/2qFaJnB Learn about our Online Professional Trading Courses at http://bit.ly/2HwWtak Visit Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group at http://bit.ly/2J4XMdy Facebook https://facebook.com/adamkhoosuccess
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Text Comments (2112)
Sanatan Bharti (7 hours ago)
Sir, how to choose a stock day before trading?? Plz make a video on this very necessary topic.
Heverton Guilbert (12 hours ago)
I want this guy to beat my offspring
Victor Ogwari (12 hours ago)
Mahn you need to teach university calculus. Your analogy is sick!!
Mariska Botes (14 hours ago)
wow man.. watched so many videos... glad i found you! thank you xx
Danijel Jelenic (14 hours ago)
Somehow math doesn't adds up. If you have $50 on loosing and $50 on winning then you are $0 in profit. You just spend $100 betting overall and you pocketed $50 x $2. That's total of $100 dollars which is your initial investment. So he made a mistake in calculation claiming he earned $50. He earned $0. Similar is when there is 60% chance of winning. $60 x $2 = $120. If initial investment was $100 then profit is $20 not $80 as he claims.
Star Rising (1 day ago)
You explained this better than anyone I have ever heard!!!! Thank You!!!
Akm Gulzar (1 day ago)
Rahim (1 day ago)
very well explained
Kane 23 (1 day ago)
This is Fucking Awsome
Naked Panda (1 day ago)
The problem is that the banks rig it so that they make 5% off of commission so your losing.
I love your channel kindly  do subscribe my channel (me too sub ur Chan ) & be part of our service
Julia Daramsing (1 day ago)
if you can put greed aside and enjoy the process you will succeed
FlatTimes (1 day ago)
I clicked the thumbnail because it looked like an SNL / Mad TV skit about Robert Kiyosaki :-(
2 Can Sam (1 day ago)
Im glad videos like this have millions of views
John Von Ryan (1 day ago)
3 to 1 is better.
Omar Ali (2 days ago)
The problem with this is the arbitrary assessment that the chances of "winning" are 60%, or more specifically, that the win will result in a 2 pip/point or more increase. Even if the chances of a win at the time of trade are 60%, this may not be the case immediately after the trade is placed. Just like the house, the market always wins. Only people making consistent money are the brokerages and market makers. Be very careful with trading fx or placing spreadbets. The channel makes it revenue from the affiliate links at the bottom.
Alfonso Tapia Díaz (2 days ago)
Ok, this is the easy part in a conception of a trading strategy.
James Ha (2 days ago)
keabrk (2 days ago)
Love the explanation. Works great in theory. Just remember everyone : 92% of people who try day trading are unsuccessful. Only 8% end up making a profit and 2% make a profits consistently.
Dallas Howes (3 days ago)
If the casino makes 5.4% where does the remainder 94.6% go? Thanks.
Joseph Espiritu (3 days ago)
Most people are visual base. I love it that he explains it visibly and very easy to understand. One word that does stick out to me light a light bulb is, "DUH".
Rick Capella (4 days ago)
Great point. The ONLY problem I see - HOW to read this trends. There are thousands of ways to read them. HOW to know you are in signal to buy or sell ?
Dave Watts (4 days ago)
If it was true that by looking for "trends" in the market you would mathematically have double or quadruple the edge that casinos have, then don't you think the Casinos would close down and put all their money in the stick market? The reason this methodology is flawed is because it makes the assumption that there are patterns that are repeatable in the stock market, which is completely false. With a roulette wheel the casino knows there are a finite number of possibilities and over time they can predict a statistical edge, virtually guaranteed. With the stock market there is no wheel, sure you could look for trends, but remember that's what every other stock trader is doing. If it was true the the stock market could be "rigged" then these guys would not be telling the masses and trying to get you to buy their book or program. This has been going on for years and years and I can tell you from someone with years experience in the business, there is no formula, their is no repeatable trend. If you want proof just go look at ANY stocks history over 10 years. Look at the ups and downs, look for the "comebacks" that this guy mentioned to look for - he says there is a 60% chance the stock will go up if it already went up a little bit after a downtrend, look at the data, can you prove that? No, you will see that there are just as many "comebacks" that went up a little, and then went way down. This guy is trying to sell you a mathematically hypothesis that is totally wrong. I didn't look, but I bet he is selling you something on his website, some way to know how to look for the trends. Don't waste you're money, there is no formula to get rich. There will always be con artists though who will try to sell you one because at the end of the day they just want you're money.
satoshibobby1659783 (4 days ago)
kl. johnny (4 days ago)
Wrong brother! 1) The SMART players at the casino do NOT play FOOL'S games! 2) There r MORE than ONE motive as to WHY an "investor" PLAYS/"invests" in the stocks market!
Alexander jesus (4 days ago)
I love the concept of "rig the stock market, awesome.
Paucansam (4 days ago)
trading in the zone!
Eric Smyth (4 days ago)
Get cocky in the bull market, but you will see a negative edge in a bear market
Eric Smyth (4 days ago)
Pretty good for a second language
Eric Smyth (4 days ago)
6:35 You get it or you don't
Eric Smyth (4 days ago)
tl;dr - Bankroll Management
Ray Watson (4 days ago)
Hahaha - great sales pitch, but it isn't that easy. That's why he is making videos and selling books. Try some "paper trading" over 6 months, trying this theory, and see how impractical the advice is. For as start, he doesn't even consider the 2% commission on all Buy and Sells.
Stev op62 (4 days ago)
Thank you Adam...That was Awesome Lesson !... I have to watch several times to sink In !
Andre Liekito (5 days ago)
really hard to apply, but its true, warren buffet have prove it with stock BRK.A and BRK.B
PVTOW (5 days ago)
Adam, Awesome video great perspective !!
justo salinas (5 days ago)
Ram Krishna Bajpai (5 days ago)
lmwrt (5 days ago)
Great video.
Ed 1210ED (5 days ago)
5 movements, and 3, remember them!
Amit Kanani (6 days ago)
This is the best explanation I Have Ever Seen Thanks a Lot :)
pangrac1 (6 days ago)
Ok now show us your real month statistics and you real year statistic, so we can see if this 1:2 ratio works in reality.
iQ option Trading (7 days ago)
bhai mind mat karo ap sa pehla ma na Trendline and SNR ki video upload ki tee and ap ka last trade lost ho gaya muja pata hai please don't mind .
Akshit Kumar (7 days ago)
Subscribed....opened my eyes. Thank you sire from my heart.
Reyya Omoii (7 days ago)
The power of controlling probability flow .
Hot Stock Girl (7 days ago)
You are right, trading is gambling.
L SI (7 days ago)
nice video, thank you
Oliver Alexandersson (7 days ago)
It's not about winning percentage is about how much you win and how much you lose when you lose and when you win
DottoreVino31 (7 days ago)
Theoretically, you are right. But practically not, false breakouts are triggered to fake trending points ... the big traders know the game. So manipulation is everywhere. So you will be stopped out before the price action follows your analysis. So successful day trading is more based on knowing the market sentiment, the strategies and your gut feeling. So you need a lot of experience before you can evaluate whether a swing/reversal is going to happen. This experience is hard to teach.
Alessia Aikley (7 days ago)
But can you do this without sitting in front of a screen all day? Right now I'm a mid term investor. I'll hold for a year or two, maybe 4 years on some stuff if necessary. But once I invest, its set it and forget it, basically just glancing at it once per day. If you learn to do TA correctly, can you still set it and forget it? It seems like you could, if you set your stop losses as he says, and your sell orders as he says.
srikanth royal (7 days ago)
Good sir
Red Rose (7 days ago)
Benjamin Price (8 days ago)
This guy is a legend. Awesome explanation.
chinh101 (8 days ago)
wow, lecture is very educational
shashankkt (8 days ago)
isn't it going to harm your own business if ur going to give these tricks for free
Davis The (8 days ago)
yes very much enjoyed the training, very imformative. Thanks to both of you
BoleroKing (8 days ago)
Anyone who was trading before knowing this shouldn't have been trading.
thank you very much mr adam khoo hope u a sucesful life ahead. Never thought about using this method before n now i realized u never lose
Corniith (8 days ago)
What you say is wrong ... trade not 50 to 50 it's same as casino after u add spread and commissions .. most trades hit stop easy especially with spread help more than hit profit
Conor OBrien (8 days ago)
Spirit is correct but the math is not. You put in $100 and have $80 after 100 trades. You need more than a 2X factor to even break even @ 60%, plus there's inflation.
monsieug (8 days ago)
Excellent video! Very well and clearly explained about having more odds in your favor as a trader. Thank you Adam!
bruno alves (8 days ago)
The concept is good but the way you treat probabilities isn't right. You assume that the probability of you nailing the bet is 60% and the probability of you losing the bet is 40%. Okay, that's a reasonable assumption, however, if you are making the stop loss order at a 2$ loss and making your goal at 4$ profit those probabilities are wrong, bcause the 60% probability is for you making a 2$ profit, same as your loss, for you to profit 4$ the probability will be around half of the 60%, or 30%. So, you win only 30% of the times, and win with a 1:2 profit. If you bet 1000$ 1000 times, According to your explanation you would win 600 times 2000$ and lose 400 times 500$. 600*2000-400*500=850.000$ Your profit would be 850.000$ However, with the right probabilities,you actually win 300 times 2000$ and lose 700 times 500$. 300*2000-700*500=250.000 Your profit would be 250.000$ You still profit, but not as much, good video anyway and I will experiment this method.
Junior e. (8 days ago)
Na real é bem isso que você falou, só que na prática é variável, porém a ideia do cara é genial. É senso comum mas é genial, aplico o mesmo pra o.b e a 1 ano e uns meses venho fazendo saques consistentes
Sunny Hassan (9 days ago)
For someone with least trading experience like me, this was simply easy to comprehend. For once, someone explained trading with precise and long term logic. Yes you’ll lose, but in the end, you come out ahead depending on I guess when entering and exiting trade timings and executions. Of course, this require understanding of my risk/rewards before entering exiting the market and to fully understand those charts firstly and to which stable company stock to trade with most volume. But heck, with the stop loss orders, buying/executing trade and knowing your loss tolerance level, I don’t see why this isn’t worth giving a shot. Anyways, I’d like to say thank you for taking your important time of the day to help us explain something most don’t. Peace ✌️
shadowtrader 01 (9 days ago)
This video does not really break things down for beginners
Leonard Widjaja (9 days ago)
😂😂😂 you did not explain comission Fee and tax? 20 trade can cost you $ 150-300 plus Tax,
Zainal Asikin (9 days ago)
Thank you. So helpfull
Christopher Chen (9 days ago)
Kgomz B (9 days ago)
Wow. This guy is sent from heaven. Easy explaining,logic. Thank you Sir
Fantastic video. Thanks so much.
Massongo keka Crepin (10 days ago)
super , j'ai toujours essayer de bien comprendre ca mais je que c'est bon c'est clair et simple
Kfit13x (10 days ago)
Excellent video!!
Knobov Sossidge (10 days ago)
Thanks Adam, excellent presentation and information.
Maybe I'm not following...you bet 100 to make a return of 80...how is that a win ?
Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!! Making money with purely luck is not that easy in stock market - this videos says some technical with luck may get worked out, and this is true that many people follow the technicals to trade.
Carnivorous Goat (11 days ago)
I have a feeling your win rate is better than 60% :)
2TheMoon ! (11 days ago)
Best traders in the world losing more 70% trades, not 40% !
Kajal Mishra (11 days ago)
Excellent sir that's what I do
Tim King (11 days ago)
Great. Really enjoyed that. Thank you very much!
James Tomaskovics (11 days ago)
it's not a casino it's you that makes it similar the reason the market exists is to invest in business
Redcloud (12 days ago)
amazing video Mr Adam you know what you talking about
Kristian Svensson (12 days ago)
You are making this seem so simple. Thanks for a great explanation!
sanjith p thomas (12 days ago)
When you make 120$ and loose 40 dollars you don't make 80$ profit, because you initially took 100$ from your pocket and at last you loose 40$ and gain 120$. In fact this 120$ includes the money from your pocket itself (100$) +20$ profit.....not 80$ profit
sanjith p thomas (12 days ago)
Its my doubt ok. Correct me if am wrong. .. im new to stocks
Evagoras Georgiou (12 days ago)
Trading is scientific gambling
nelly stacy (12 days ago)
i dont think so,i believe they are winners and they are losers.sometimes eventhough the game is being rigged,they is a possiblity that you will lose and also sometimes you might also depend on luck to win.
Amine Benabderrazak (12 days ago)
did you forget the commission per trade
AMIT TIWARI (12 days ago)
helpful information regarding casino for profit ..thanks
Najeeha Amid (12 days ago)
Went to school with this guy....he's brilliant. Well done Adam !
Ashish Jyoti Saxena (12 days ago)
Tigreal Estes (12 days ago)
Nice video love it easy to understand
WOWCRITS (12 days ago)
The PROBLEM is THEY can see YOUR STOP LOSS. They will go down to the STOP LOSS and get you OUT before going BACK UP!!!
joshuamurrayful (12 days ago)
I'll give you a hint spreads...
Shen Shy (13 days ago)
bro pls casinos are heaven and chances way higher and is wY NICER,Hot Women,not like fcking binary,forex and others alike
Shen Shy (13 days ago)
its worse than gambling,bigger chance of winning loterry every second than this shit binary or forex,been there,done that.
MistaL33 (13 days ago)
Great explanation! Thank you very much! But bro, you urgently need a whiteboard... ! cheers :-D
Ameur A.H. (13 days ago)
One has to know that when the trade is executed, the mathematical probability for each trade is still 50% (the stocks goes up or down). Even though Technical analysis can help us try to "forecast" but this 50% probability win rate remains WHEN the trade is exectuted. Options chains gives us very crucial information. We can measure this probability with what we call the Delta (delta for at the money options : Call and Put is around 50%). Now, the question, every trader should focus on : how can i possibly increase my probability to win rate? The only way to increase this probability is to trade options (standardized options / Chicago Board of Trade - CBOE). As an options trader (on stocks, index, trackers), i mainly trade non-directional trades that helps increase this probability. This is the only way to paly on the Casino side. Standardized options (on stocks, index, trackers) are the smartest investment tools to generate regular income, to minimize the risk and hedge our portfolio. By options, i mean Plain Vanilla Options. It doesn't mean binary options that have no thing to do with options trading. Good Trades, Aymeric
Legend (14 days ago)
I have to mostly disagree with this video, but it doesn't mean he's wrong. Stock trading should not be based on gambling or luck, but a deep understanding of how markets work. If you don't want to seriously learn everything you can or expect a magic formula that includes trend lines, buy the SPY in an IRA (because uptrends always go up right?9:57) and sell some covered call options (which is nowhere to be found on this channel). Options are a far superior way to day trade. Build a portfolio that makes money with far less capital requirements and the ability to define risk without stop losses (guaranteed way to loose money). But please.. don't take my word for it. Warren Buffet: Only buy stocks you want to own forever. 12:41
Ruhollah Etemadi (10 days ago)
hes saying in the worst scenario we can end up making profit. this is a video for starters not professionals
Tim King (11 days ago)
Legend However, if you own it without ever selling it, you will never profit. 🦆
MC FURY (14 days ago)
Yo, you drew that roulette wheel like a friggin BOSS
ferr steele (14 days ago)
Thank you sir, I learned a lot from this video :)
george watson (14 days ago)
hi that was the greatest maths I have ever seen , I know all that but I still lose , have you been looking at my charts ?
Necmettin Aslan (14 days ago)
Very good explanation, It seems easy, but stop losses always getting exploded by market makers. They don't give you a spoon till they take a pot. I place stop loss for %50 of my investment and profit sale for %50 of them.. This is the best way for me..
Jignesh Vasa (14 days ago)
Hi Adam, So nicely explained. I am amazed at your logic... Thank you very much !!! May God always bless you !!!

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