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Best Documentary of the Housing Market Crash (of 2018?) | Inside the Meltdown | Behind the Big Short

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Will history repeat itself (again)? Housing is back to the 2008 levels before the crash, and interest rates are headed higher. Are you prepared this time? So what happened? Could it be blamed on a lack of government regulation and easy lending in the US housing market? That hardly seems accurate. Low qualification loans had a large part to play, but so did greed which inspired brokers and realtors to leverage up into multiple properties, often at the expense of their own clients. This documentary is a four-part look into the world of greed and recklessness which brought down global financial markets and pushed the US economy to the brink of a modern Great Depression. "Light touch regulation" in the UK gave British bankers a free hand to push their risk tolerance into unprecedented heights. The perfect setting for the perfect storm. As is usually the case during a contraction of this magnitude, reluctance to lend by banks exacerbated the problem exponentially. Eventually, people started to fight back. How can we prepare for the next crisis? Is the last one actually over or are we entering the next phase, when interest rates around the world start to rise from zero and even below zero in some countries. What will happen as all this excess liquidity dries up? How deep will the next recession go? Beginning with the collapse of Bear Stearns, "Inside The Meltdown" (2009) describes financial events that gripped Wall Street and the U.S. federal government, in 2008. The solvency of even bigger institutions is also examined, including Fannie May, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, and AIG. Government, Wall Street, and media insiders give their views on what happened. Interviewees include: Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, David Faber, anchor of CNBC, several executives associated with Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, financial writers for the N.Y. Times, an NYU economist, and others. Throughout the documentary, two men played critical roles in this financial crisis: Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, and Fed. Chairman Ben Bernanke. While Frontline's overall description of events is factual, its analysis is shallow and superficial. One could get comparable information simply by reading news headlines. But much worse is the slant of Frontline's overall presentation. Frontline's analysis conveys the impression that these kinds of financial crises occur from time to time. No one is to blame. And thank goodness we had great leaders like Paulson and Bernanke to see us through this meltdown. WRONG! Almost nothing is mentioned in the program about Paulson's connection to Lehman Brothers' rival Goldman Sachs. No discussion is given to matters related to "fraud" or "corruption". There's not a word about how the bailout money was spent. All of those interviewed, without exception, are institutional "insiders" who, it could be argued, have a vested interest in whitewashing the whole sorry episode. No critique of these insiders' views or counter argument is given ... at all. What do you think?? #federalreserve #FedRaisesRates #interestratedecision #fomc #financialmeldown #housingcrisis #toxicmortgages #marketcrash #negativeequity
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Text Comments (340)
Carl Bäcklund (1 day ago)
jim czerwinski (21 days ago)
Allen Greenspan, that’s where the rot stared.
jim czerwinski (21 days ago)
Not so complicated. Boils down to one word, GREED !
jim czerwinski (21 days ago)
Dick Fuld ! The original Anti Christ. He will rot in hell
Mo Ellis (30 days ago)
Thinking about when I watched this how it is a shame that because of one person or scam many people are effected that have nothing to do with the problem when one is guilty by association not even associated with the problems in the first place but have to suffer anyway it's no fun I can empathize
Bunne Rabb (1 month ago)
Dear America - *Don't. Buy. Debt.*
Zuki Kata (6 months ago)
1:43:57 - "The police calmly talk the man to giving up without a fight..." 1:44:04 "Police here are sympathetic to people.." American police, this is how you serve and protect citizens.
alexander shekhtman (1 year ago)
Everyone involved in these banking scams deserves the death penalty. This is treason against the American people. Why are these evil people still alive? In a true free market, NONE of these banks would be bailed out a single penny. Let them go bankrupt and the evil CEOs pay out of their own pockets everyone they scammed.
indy_go_blue60 (1 year ago)
Anyone with a lick of sense knew as early as 2002 that the housing market was overpriced by a good 20-25% and would come down hard when the bubble burst.  Homes priced at $85K in 1995 were asking $140K in 2005. I have no pity for the greedy fools who lost everything in 2008 (I have pity for the people who just wanted a nice home.)
RTHA300 (1 year ago)
look at this shit president obama had face fuck trump and cheny and trump
RTHA300 (1 year ago)
shwartnigger dumb ass was hittin off that mex ho nanny
RTHA300 (1 year ago)
is schwatzenigger still in the governor
RTHA300 (1 year ago)
the only fucking dumber ass in the g25 then hank paulsons is geaorge bush
RTHA300 (1 year ago)
sarkosty gay french ass was talkin that shit on the german but he wont say it they face he know they would ruff shod on that ass again
RTHA300 (1 year ago)
the congress woman out of ohio was takin it to paulson ass fucking cleveland style
RTHA300 (1 year ago)
all you folk be talkin shit on pelosi but i would get with that
RTHA300 (1 year ago)
hank palson stuttering ass is wack, should have got somebody with some real street cred in that position
RTHA300 (1 year ago)
bush and chainy, fuck this shit all up, obama is a saint for what did until the racist trump here
RTHA300 (1 year ago)
dude snitch out jim caine over a joint
RTHA300 (1 year ago)
big surprise french start cryin first
RTHA300 (1 year ago)
how about the dumb fuckers gettin them loan they know they dont have the cheddar to pay
Chris Neang (1 year ago)
Sounds like bitcoin...
BlackWorldTraveler (1 year ago)
Best times to buy a home back then.
PragaMaterUrbium (1 year ago)
4:20 this guy is barely alive and they let him decide whether or not to regulate subprime lending, fucking unbelievable!!!!
ericmarseille2 (1 year ago)
What a wonderful documentary!
Billder Inbaja (1 year ago)
It's suddenly clear to me that herein lies the reason for the militarization of municipal police forces all over America. The Fed Govt has been very generous in delivering free of charge: Assault vehicles, troop transport vehicles, body armor, riot sheild and other gear, gas masks, automatic weapons, mountains of ammunition for practice, training by the military in urban assault tactics, etc, etc.. It appears that our Govt is afraid of what is coming, and preparing for massive social disruption. Speculation? Yes, because there is no announced policy. Plausible? What do you think?
D Bri1s (1 year ago)
There's plenty of blame to go around I blame the banks for making high risk loans. I'm a REALTOR in the state of Texas as all this was going on I asked my buyer's questions I would rather have lost the sale at the begin of transaction, then to have my buyers lose there homes. None lost there homes only one to foreclosure due to divorce I had nothing to do with that. A friend wanted to buy a home, but at the last minute she got another agent. I told her if you would have stayed with me this wouldn't have happened I knew she wasn't ready to to buy had great credit and yes she bought more then she could afford I'm guilt free. Like Susan Lynn "Suze" Orman would say People First, Then Money Then Things yes another thieve. All this is, just my thoughts and life experiences. The devil is in the details. So yes There's plenty of blame to go around.
Dustin M. (1 year ago)
This documentary is 70% metaphors 30% dramatic music.
peter wright (1 year ago)
these people will bring countrys down and the political class are doing nothing about its a illness and if they are not stopped the world will be next
Scott Franco (1 year ago)
Bottom line if you take out a mortgage with a variable interest rate, you are f**king stupid. It does not matter how great the bank told you that would be, or how "impossible" it would be for the rates to go very high. If you got a variable rate "because you are only going to have it a short time, then refi to a better loan", then you deserve to be beat with a stupid stick. I know plenty of people in the 2008 recession/depression who lost their houses that way. Its literally like holding a lit stick of dynamite with the idea that you plan to throw it away before it blows up. In fact I bet there are a lot of people reading this right now who have variable mortgages.
Scott Franco (1 year ago)
My "joe kennedy" moment of the 2008 crash (joe kennedy exited the market of 1929 before the crash after a shoe shine boy gave him stock advice) was having a cab driver hand me a card for his mortgage refi business. I had the same thought as Joe did back then, that it could not be a good sign. The housing crash happened shortly after that.
Now Iceland can mine bitcoin and become the most powerful country on the planet
GuerrillaFPS (1 year ago)
Not only is a financial crisis coming, but also Korean War 2.0 it's inevitable with Trump in office.
Never accept a loan that you KNOW you cannot REPAY!
Carl Pen (1 year ago)
So where did all this money disappear to ? When you're gambling at the casino and everybody loses that money had to go somewhere... or did it all just vanish into thin air ?... they never seem to address this when talking about the financial crash.
Sentenced2live (1 year ago)
This is a gloss over program that completely ignores the criminal corruption at its rampant and evil level. Legarde has in the meantime become the subject of a corruption investigation
Alex Gutierrez (1 year ago)
pathetic french workers.. idiot socialists
Frank Grimes (1 year ago)
Yet Maxine Waters would try and close a bank that wouldn't lend to her poor constituents.  Can't have it both ways.
Jaydogg Doggydogg (1 year ago)
Since this video was first posted home prices in my area have gone up around 35k. Im not sure when its going to collapse again but at this rate its inevitable.
Mark B (1 year ago)
If it was up to me. I would have locked all these fed. Guys. Half the people on wall st. And Half the people in the government. And set every man woman and child in this country to fighting this federal reserve debt money system. I fear they are not done with us yet. 1929 comes to mind most nights when I can’t sleep.
Blizzard Blast101 (1 year ago)
I only came for the thumbnail...
snoopy1702 (1 year ago)
Country wide were thieves! They refused to give us a mortgage but as soon as we closed, they purchased out loan from the one we were finance through. Their demise could not have happened to a more deserving people.
kittycat0876 (1 year ago)
These banks should never NEVER have been bailed out people should have lost everything and thrown in jail
kittycat0876 (1 year ago)
It's happening again
commonconservative (1 year ago)
the people with reset interest rate mortgages should have taken in renters to help with their mortgage problem.....the number one problem is a potential for friction and physical altercations
martlou4 (1 year ago)
They are the master of thief, lie and greedy in the world. They are back up by the government. As long as they get a piece of the pie, they aloud any criminal activities. Sad!
Michael Tivana (1 year ago)
Why. No mention of derivatives and naked short betting that brought down Lehman and WAMU. No mention of Bernanke taking over the banks This is a bogus documentary !!
1:13 there is no such thing as 99.9% truth - there is 100% truth and anything else is a crime! (-_+) Governments for the sheep! GOD is for MEN! (0_+) nice one 13!
Kelly Scott (1 year ago)
money has no inherent value ..it has no value
Kelly Scott (1 year ago)
it is theft to remove money from the federal coffers to give to private corporations.. it is illegal , until that is understood and all who committed this crime are in jail the country is under tyranny.. if that stimulus package was not a delay in the crash i'll be a monkeys petunia.. the crash is coming .. yepp .. very soon
BENR8108 (1 year ago)
No mention of the borrowers responsibility in buying things they can't afford.... stupid greedy people being fooled by rich greedy people.... so shocking... housing is a illiquid asset that you live in that MIGHT go up in value... if you want investments.. buy low cost index funds and don't touch them for 25 years...
paul broderick (11 days ago)
Agree. Housing is meant for habitation and should not be regarded as a 'liquid' asset to pillage per seconds and thirds for ridiculous pursuits. Nothing like a $70,000 truck on a 96 month note a-la sub-prime lending for DIY projects. Yep, their out there!
Cathy Anderson (1 year ago)
Pot has nothing to do with it - it's all EGO. When you listen to your ego instead of Source you are going down. Especially when you throw in people's faces. Not funny.
Green Energy (1 year ago)
No More War
barbara levay (1 year ago)
DEJA VU!great depression 1928 ,the largest banks spread rumors and cause the competition to collapse so they can but them off cheap and have the monopoly . goldman sachs ,rothchilds,fderal reserve,imf ,are ALL ran by the same crooks ! all jews !
SSBMan (1 year ago)
Best joke ever... 44:49
Chouchou Ccc (1 year ago)
Only islamic banking grown while his interest based banking will steal peoples money and eventually collapse,......
Joyce Del Prete (1 year ago)
Prices are at an all time high here in California but I'm hearing the same story again, the poor and lower middle class are never going to be able to buy a home here unless they have ' creative financing' available. Toxic mortgages are back!
Pavel Petrenko (1 year ago)
The poor should buy when they have enough money saved up to buy. Banks and government wanted everyone to buy then and there ready or not so the prices went though the roof. Now its nearly impossible to save up money to buy a house. I'm from California as well. I was going to college when this whole mess was happening. Graduated, got my degree, got a job, but while I was in school prices have jumped from 120K Homes to 300K homes. I wanted to buy a house to for my family to live in and not for profit. Now I cant even afford to buy, but if homes stayed the same with small 3% correction for inflation or so, lets say that 120K home would be worth 130K. Ok I can buy that still. Wages went up 3% but homes went up over 100%. It just makes no sense to buy now. Government should of never intervened and let the poor save up money to buy homes, now the poor would never be able to save enough to buy. My family was poor yet my parents saved up 30K and bought a home in 2003. We were cleaning restaurants and scrubbing toilets and delivering newspapers, but they did it. Other poor families could of done the same if they wanted. Now what these bankers did its nearly impossible to buy anything anymore for a poor person unless you want to be a bank slave for 30, 40, 50 years. The homes are no longer affordable unless wage doubles, but doubling the wages will cause home prices to double as well. I can't wait for another crash for the opportunity to buy a home at "NORMAL" rates. In the meantime I will just save money.
barb roth (1 year ago)
maxine waters was compliant with bad loans
Kneeger Jim (1 year ago)
Once people started losing their jobs, they suddenly become communists
Someone Else (1 year ago)
These banks, in my case Wells Fargo, were foreclosing on homeowners without having the mortgage, the note, nor the assignment, which is an illegal foreclosure. But none of the lawyers would help these innocent homeowners, and I knew others in the same situation. According to all the lawyers I contacted, "all the judges are bought out by the banks." My husband died around this time, at the tender age of 46, leaving me as a recently widowed woman with young children. This is how Wells Fargo treats recently widowed woman with young children. Since I couldn't find a lawyer, I had no choice except to represent myself in a court of law. I went to court, the Wells Fargo lawyers brought to court my original mortgage document, but they did not have my refinanced mortgage, which was the valid mortgage document they needed to legally foreclose on my home. The judge didn't listen or care, and said the foreclosure was valid, despite the fact it was not. "All the judges are bought out by the banks." I decided to do a short sale, rather than get a foreclosure on my financial records, especially since my husband had died. This pissed off the bank lawyers, because the banks had so artificially devalued the housing prices by 2011, that a house I had purchased 14 years earlier for $250,000, put about $120,000 in home improvements into, not to mention the $125,000 I had put down on it when I purchased the home, was now worth only $145,000. So the bank lawyers illegally upped the foreclosure date, since they knew my home was worth a lot more than what it would sell for at that time. My lawyer, at the time, told me the only solution to this criminal behavior of the Wells Fargo lawyers was for him to file a bankruptcy, even though I had no plans to go through with a bankruptcy, since I had no other debts. This did allow me to sell my home to a family, and allow them to benefit from the crimes of the bankers, rather than the bank - the buyers' lawyer was so embarrassed by what he was doing, he apologized for his participation in the financial crimes that he was aiding and abetting in committing against my children and I. But the bankruptcy defamation stayed on my credit records, even though I did not go through with a bankruptcy, which I consider to this day to be defamation of character by the credit agencies. After I moved, I got a letter from the mortgage company that actually had my mortgage, my refinanced mortgage had never been assigned to Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo had illegally been taking mortgage payments from my family for 11 years, and Wells Fargo illegally foreclosed upon my home. By the way, my husband had been illegally let go from his job in 2008, due to age discrimination, which was the cause of our financial problems. I did later get a small settlement due to this illegal firing of my husband by the insurance company my husband had been working for, for over a decade. Gosh, are the banks and insurance companies interrelated? Yes they are. Watch "The Big Short" for an understanding of how and why these banks were so sloppy with their paperwork that they didn't even know who actually owned homeowners' mortgages. These banks are criminal organizations from top to bottom. Here's a little more about Wells Fargo's criminal document creation MO. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/wells-fargo-foreclosure-manual-under-fire/2014/03/17/25cd383c-ae00-11e3-96dc-d6ea14c099f9_story.html?utm_term=.3d691d222e93 “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks…will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” We need to end the Fed, break up all the big banks, bring back the Glass-Steagal act, or something even stronger. Making banks "too big to fail" takes away the ONLY reason bankers have to behave in a fiscally responsible and ethical manner, because the ONLY reason bankers have to behave in a fiscally responsible and ethical manner is fear of losing their banks. Dah! Shame on the US government and the Federal Reserve for perpetrating this outright thievery of homes from innocent American families by these criminal bankers.
Justin Scott (1 year ago)
Someone Else make your payments...no worries
carrie holder (1 year ago)
Watch, the Democrats will run Kamala Harris, the bankers best friend, in 2020
FW Poon (1 year ago)
Money is an ILLusion. The more people who buy into it, the more powerful the "Rich" become.
FW Poon (1 year ago)
Western Civilization appears prosperous and vibrant on the outside, but inside is rotten.
FW Poon (1 year ago)
The fact is, anyone can turn into one of these banker assholes.
john jay (1 year ago)
Ian Dowd (1 year ago)
Greenspan turned out to be another no mark who was making it up as he went along, he says he was right 70 percent of the time if you are the head of a major financial institution and the whole of America is relying on you not getting into deep trouble you need to be right 100 percent of the time. We will have another crash it's a matter of when not if and the same thing will happen again the people who run these establishments will still get paid there massive bonuses and the layman will still get it worked them.
Michael Mele (1 year ago)
The word is "frustrated" not "fustrated". The Sacramento mom who was a self-proclaimed girly girl should at least learn the English language. However, I do sympathize for their homeless situation. I would say that they might have to find a job somehow and establish some form of credit or the opposite claim bankruptcy and figure out a way to support their family. There are jobs out there, it's just that what are people willing to take? The issue is that most people are not willing to take jobs below their apparent perception of what they are worth. As soon as that idea goes away these people will be able to move up as they will have assumed a job that may not directly support themselves but will at least get them a job history to pick up and find somewhere else that is more affordable to live.
hvcshow (1 year ago)
chris77777777ify (1 year ago)
It all came down to the USA fake federal bank printing & not banking
Eli K. Webber (1 year ago)
amazing what greed does to people , and the amount of people who can be hurt by it ..
Toots RR1 (1 year ago)
Don Corl (1 year ago)
Maxine Waters REALLY, I stopped watching this after that.
Kathleen Smith (1 year ago)
Sorkin is a fake news liar -- they are all crooks.
Jerome Ussery (1 year ago)
Thomas Crone (1 year ago)
So crooked. It will mean the lives of millions a living hell.
Vincent Amorosi (1 year ago)
I blame Alan Greenspan, while head of the Fed points out that there is Irrational Exuberance in the economy and does nothing about it. Years before the crash!!! Of course he was just supporting George Bush'es economic policies to stimulate the economy but it was his job to say NO!!!
Scorpio Justice (1 year ago)
I don't agree with all of the blame being heaped on Hank Paulson--HE'S ONLY ONE MAN!! Place the blame where it really lies--THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND CENTRAL BANK!!!!! This crisis could've been all worth it, if the US woke up and disbanded the Fed from existence.
Scorpio Justice (1 year ago)
The other major culprits were these STUPID BANKERS THEMSELVES!!! I'm sure they all blamed Hank, because he didn't save Lehman Brothers. TOUGH!!! If you hadn't over leveraged yourselves, and bought/sold toxic assets, you would never have been near failure. PRICKS!!! What?? US Taxpayers are supposed to save your ass?!?!? WTF have you ever done for the American People???? It's just total BS!!!
Scorpio Justice (1 year ago)
Isn't it just wonderful. WE, AMERICAN TAXPAYERS, ARE NOW HAVING TO PAY FOR THE HUGE BANK BONUSES THESE PRICKS GAVE EACH OTHER!!! Every single one of those banks should have been allowed to FAIL--PERIOD!!! This is not capitalism, it is socialism. RIDICULOUS!!!
Susan Blackmith (1 year ago)
You don't need more than look at the faces of those bankers, politicians and yuppies, to understand that they are a bunch of psychopaths who can't care less about the horrors they brought to the peoples all over the world. The question is, why none of them ended up hung by the masses? They even convince everyone that they are innocent people who simply made mistakes. Masses accept that and these psychopaths continue they wonderful, immensely rich lives everywhere they want, laughing at millions of victims they left behind.
Vincent Bielawa (1 year ago)
If the profits of a country was redistributed into the country that would restrict greatly the boom / bust cycle. Tax the rich and put it into social services and government programs. That's how.
Julio Quiroz (1 year ago)
After the next recession, WE THE PEOPLE need to purge this country of the bankers... we know where they live, we just need to pull a trigger.
john miller (1 year ago)
I think it's all hilarious. Humans are all just silly primates who think they are so cool. Totally enjoyed this video. Can't wait for the next edition. I've got popcorn with extra butter.
Keith Graham (1 year ago)
The economy is chaotic. It cannot be understood anymore than we can understand the weather, or quantum physics. Anyone who claims to understand the economy is a liar or a fool.
RantChant 316 (1 year ago)
Read the book, pg 172...Warrren Buffet owns 20% of moodys, the credit rating agency that rated all those sub prime bonds AAA for fees. Buffet profited off people losing their homes and jobs. O he also took a loan from his parents also but yet people bash trump for it.
Scottie Lambert (3 months ago)
RantChant 316 how is the cool aide....drink up
SATAN SOLDIER (1 year ago)
pass the buck
Tre Moo (1 year ago)
I invested in plants, and my investment is growing!
Darran Douglas (1 year ago)
Money isn't the root of evil, interest of borrowed money is, as it's more or less something for nothing.... Just something to think about.
RobertMOdell (1 year ago)
So many lies have been told about this act of theft, I don't even want to watch this.
Andrew Webb (1 year ago)
All you need to know is 1) those responsible were never brought to justice 2) those responsible never suffered 3) a fat pile of cash was made from all this for a few 4) those who really had nothing to do with it all suffered a lot 5) the world did nothing and has done nothing to stop this happening again 6) it will happen again
Legion (1 year ago)
It,s already started next time it will be bigger and unstoppable the entire financial system will crash under it,s own weight and only then will the rich suffer because money will be worthless and they will not know what to do no problem for us we are use to having nothing people need to learn to live off the land or they will perish it may sound harsh but it,s on the way be ready.
E Charles (1 year ago)
Andrew Webb perhaps the most lucid, logical and true statement I've seen in a sea of ignorant and worthless commentary.
lnostdal (1 year ago)
We need to get rid of debt based economies. We need to stop regulations that require for people to build "perfect" (read: extremely expensive) housing which requires debt. We need to get rid of high property taxes which means you can never own anything or any property. If this doesn't change things will only get worse or we will have an even bigger bubble in the future.
Wordup Cameo (1 year ago)
There's nearly no country without debt based economy, and there's a reason for it. High property taxes are to motivate people to invest that money instead of just having it, which causes deflation when too much people do it. And people shall study what they want and shall decide for themselves if they can make a fortune out of it. Who knows what the future brings?
lnostdal (1 year ago)
...and young people need to stop taking up student loans and debt for art colleges and similar --- as there is not enough demand for this in the real world!
phatkaveh60 (1 year ago)
Alan Greenspan, Ben bernanke and the rest of these bankers need to be dragged out into the street and hanged from the lamp posts.
Albert smit (1 year ago)
it starts good,, yeah i am living in a small van ,o jeah im seven months pregnant, serious... they never learn
Greiguci Wootchie (1 year ago)
Old film.
Jesus Fernandez (1 year ago)
Coming soon in Oct 2017 with much Love of the Bankers.
mountainmanws (1 year ago)
Why are people not in jail? I forgot, the system is rigged. Teach a man to use a pistol, he can rob a bank. Teach a man to bank, and he can rob the world.
geeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz (1 year ago)
Kim Wrong-un has the answer. Develop nukes and then......... Apparently rat hole bunkers are rocketing in price but no access to sub primers. Only super rich. I suppose they won't have seen it coming.
Jester Syxe (1 year ago)
The Governments need to Kill every single Person who was responsible. The Guy who got away with 350 Million, drag him out of his house, skin him alive. Only language these people understand. If the Gov does not take action, the next time the people will, and it is going to be ugly.
eliascamposec (1 year ago)
Katrina Millings (1 year ago)
Not getting screwed by the banks is pretty simple. Decide what you can afford and don't buy more than that. It really is that simple.
ibraheem chaudhry (9 days ago)
but they increased the House price so sky high that no ordinary worker like me can ever afford to pay in cash. as rent is so high that savings for ordinary worker is impossible after paying rent, coucil tax, bills, foods.... and it keep getting worse and worse....
bascoaful (5 months ago)
Amen, that is literally the first thing my parents tought me.
and learn the diff types of mortgage loans available and how interest rates work

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