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Fascinating Nature Documentary: Jellyfish | Ocean Conquerors

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Jellyfish have conquered every corner of our oceans. Their existence is a crucial part of the food chain. Watch as we explore these mysterious creatures and their inhabitants. Their bio luminescence is stunning and can be beautiful as well as terrifyng. Medusae are the most venomous ocean inhabitants as well as the deepest divers. Medusae Jellyfish are critical to the health of oceans all over the world. Without jellies, large migrations of fish and mammals would become impossible to extremely difficult as they are a crucial part of the food chain This expedition begins in the northern Atlantic then onto the Azores where we search for the XY jellies that seek shelter in rough seas. Perhaps the best part of this documentary are the stunning scenes of some of the world's most beautiful coral reefs: western Papua and just off Australia's coast. #azores #jellyfish
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A i (6 months ago)
It was once said that gigantic jelly fish? type creatures were seen in space living presumably off radiation and gliding along the cosmic wind. Unbelievable?
Jake Lawless (1 year ago)
14:13 remind me of giant alien creatures penis's
Mitchell Jackson (1 year ago)
just made the​ mistake of trying to eat while watching this, yuck...
Mitchell Jackson (1 year ago)
beautifully crazy...
Sara Jeanne Evans (1 year ago)
The periphylla are red because red light doesn't penetrate that deep, so red objects have no light that is reflected off them.

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