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AntMiner L3+ Setup Guide and Profit Comparison by CryptoCrane

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Available now @ https://cryptocrane.com as well as on our Amazon store and our eBay store. In this guide, I walk through the relatively simple setup required for the AntMiner L3+ miner from Bitmain. Moving on, I proceed to analyze power consumption and noise levels. Finally, I show a comparison between mining litecoins directly, selling your scrypt hashing power, or mining altcoins and then converting them to your currency of choice. The early September batch has sold out, but the late September batch will be available starting September 5th for pre-order on our Amazon store. Tools used: Advanced IP Scanner: www.advanced-ip-scanner.com Pools discussed: Litecoin mining: litecoinpool.org Selling you hashing power: NiceHash.com Auto profit-switching alt-coins: ProHashing.com FAQs not addressed in the video: Q: What other coins can the L3+ mine? A: The AntMiner L3+ is a Scrypt miner and can mine any coin that uses Scrypt as the underlying algorithm. For a relatively complete list of Scrypt coins, check out https://hash-to-coins.com/. They're another auto-profit switching Scrypt pool and have a great list of coins that are worth mining. Q: Should the miner rattle when moved? A: Yes, the hashing boards are not tightly secured and rattling should be expected. This is not a problem and the hashing boards are extremely durable. They have around 1mm of clearance to move back and forth. Q: Doesn't ProHashing.com have uptime issues? A: Yes, they're not the most reliable in terms of uptime - which is why you should always configure backup pools. Q: What is the correct way to power down the AntMiner? A: Just pull the PSU's power cable from the wall and wait for the PSU's fans to stop spinning (indicating that the internal capacitors have discharged completely). Never attach or disconnect a PCIe power connector from the miner while the PSU is plugged into the wall. **Please note, there are fake sites that are masquerading as "CryptoCrane" and stealing people's money. Check out https://cryptocrane.com for an updated list of our official online sales channels.
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Text Comments (374)
James Todd (10 months ago)
curious Ant miner is connect via ethernet to routing switch. Internet is sent from my router to switch then distributed. I know the IP address for switch. How do I get into miner software? Must I connect it directly to Router, do setup, then connect to switch?
CryptoCrane (9 months ago)
Hey James, Regardless of how you're connecting to your network, the process for accessing a miner's web interface is that same. You first need to access your router's admin site, usually at but not always. Once you're logged in, find a list of all the IP addresses connected to your network, identify which IP address was assigned to your miner, then enter that IP address into the URL bar.
Digibyte Sulaiman (10 months ago)
Hello sir. How can I mine dgb with the l3+?
Digibyte Sulaiman (10 months ago)
CryptoCrane big thanks and respect brother. Regards from Kuwait 🇰🇼
CryptoCrane (10 months ago)
Hey Things_in_General_kw, Prohashing.com will probably be your best bet. You'll also need to configure your profile there to pay out in dgb as well.
B.Jones (10 months ago)
Excellent review and start up instructions. Thanks! 🙌
Rees Scruggs (10 months ago)
great video. quick question just got mine yesterday, dondloaded ip scanner an shows dead line? any idea what to do? thanks
CryptoCrane (10 months ago)
Hey Rees, Step 1: What color are the lights on the ethernet port when you plug the miner in and turn it on? Is it blinking green? If the light is amber/yellow that's bad...not necessarily that the miner is bad, but that there is an issue somewhere. Could be the miner, could be the network (router/cable/however you're connecting). If it's blinking green you're good. It might be worth another computer to your network with the same ethernet cable to ensure that's not the issue. Step 2: Assuming the light is blinking green and a different computer can connect to your network via the cable, you need to ensure the computer you're running IP scanner from is connected to the same network you're trying to connect the miner to. Sorry if this seems obvious, just don't want to leave any stone unturned. Step 3: If IP scanner continues to show a dead line, the next step is logging into your router and viewing the list of connected devices. The process to do this varies by router make and model. Usually, you can open a browser and type in the IP address of your router, like You'll need to find a list of the devices that's connected to your network. If you see the Antminer on that list, note the IP address associated with it and type it into a new browser tab. If you don't see it, proceed to Step 5. Step 4: You should be looking at the 'home page' of the Antminer interface. If you can, it's time to perform a hard reset. Ensure the miner has been powered on for at least 2 mintues (but no longer than 10 minutes!), then take a paperclip and hold down the reset button on the front of the miner for 15-20 seconds, or until the lights start blinking, and release it. Give it 5-10 minutes and see if you can connect; if you can't, proceed to Step 5. Step 5: If you're still at a loss, it's time to call in the cavalry. Contact whoever you go to for IT troubleshooting issues and offer them food or beer to take a look, and hopefully they'll be able to help you. Good luck!
Nik Kaushik (11 months ago)
Hi Ross, can you please suggest me a power backup (UPS) for L3+, in case of power cuts or fluctuations, and the power cable you used to power up the APW3++ Thankyou ...
Nik Kaushik (10 months ago)
CryptoCrane Thankyou soo much for the guidance :)
CryptoCrane (10 months ago)
Hey Nik, The size of UPS that would be needed to sustain a miner for even just a couple hours isn't worth the lost mining time. Your best bet is to just get a solid surge protector. As for the power cord for the APW3++, any C13 to NEMA 5-15P cable will work just fine, assuming that you're plugging it into a standard 5-15R receptacle.
C and J Partners (11 months ago)
Followed the setup and started mining, and entered my Litecoin Wallet to receive into my coinbase account. However, although the threshold has been more than met, no transfers to my coinbase account has taken place. Any clues what to do?
CryptoCrane (11 months ago)
Hmm...I do have one thought. Mining directly to an exchange is discouraged, as the transactions don't get broadcast in the same fashion that regular ones do. It's best to mine directly to your own wallet, then transfer it to an exchange. Most exchanges eventually credit your account when they re-scan the entire blockchain...could be once a day, could be once a month. It's hard to say.
GABOS (11 months ago)
4/5/18, (Antminer L3+ @ LiteCoinPool.org) I'm now making $4-5/day (price of LTC has gone down), fortunately I have a setup where I have free electricity, but my friend who has two L3+ at his home tells me it's no longer profitable due to the high cost of electricity. Everyday I make less and less due to the increase in mining difficulty. It's going to take me almost 2 years to just break even (that's with free electricity). I can't imagine when the 'Litecoin Block Reward Halving' happens in Aug 2019 how low the rewards will be then =( Hopefully the price of LTC will continue to rise..
Only Jack (11 months ago)
Would you need a transformer before plugging it into the wall?
CryptoCrane (11 months ago)
Probably not, but the full answer really depends on where you're plugging it in.
Jordan Shoob (1 year ago)
how did you set it to prohashing and auto convert any details on the setup you used?
CryptoCrane (11 months ago)
Step 1 is creating an account on prohashing.com. Then, have a look at this: https://youtu.be/tUQcE6I7jzk?t=1m46.
Jordan Shoob (1 year ago)
thank you, still fumbling with setting up prohashing over antpool though, any help??
Kevin Vezie (1 year ago)
Was wondering if you would do another review and or test on how much you are currently mining. Thank you
CryptoCrane (11 months ago)
Thanks for the suggestion!
Morton Eaton (1 year ago)
Hey CryptoCrane. Thanks for the informative video. Got a quick question.  Just received one of ur Ant Miner L3+.  Runs good but I'm having a lot of HW errors and the fans are running a little faster than my "other" miner.  A firmware upgrade should do the trick? Was looking a Blizz firmware but not sure if they have L3+ firmware...should I download the latest firmware from Antminer?Thanks for the reply.
CryptoCrane (11 months ago)
We always encourage running the latest firmware from Bitmain. BlissZ has been removed since this past January for reasons unknown, so it may be difficult to find...and even if you can, use it at your own risk.
I love how no one ever shows the amps! What the Hell! No one does even though its so important when connecting multiple.
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
If you know the voltage and the wattage, then you know the amps. Watts = volts * amps. To get the amps, just divide the watts by the voltage.
Mgtowski (1 year ago)
What's the import duty (usa) for each unit? Also, how much was the shipping fee? Thanks!
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
When purchasing from Bitmain, the import duty is 2.6% plus customs fees (not always the same, but usually under $50). Shipping ranges from $70-$120 per L3+. Just to clarify for others: purchasing from CryptoCrane on Amazon bypasses these fees since we're shipping directly from our location in Michigan.
gamatattoos (1 year ago)
Why does your video show that you are using 220v at the outlet but you seem to have a standard 110v plug? Im new to this and ordered an L3+ with the APW3++ and wondering if I can run with a 110v standard american outlet or if I need to somehow setup a 220v outlet? It is the power supply that is used to only power one L3+ and I want to make sure im as efficient as possible. Thanks! and great video btw!
CryptoCrane (11 months ago)
While shooting our videos, we run it on a 110v outlet short term to compare against using a 220v outlet. But because it only draws 800w, if you're using the APW3++ (which delivers 1200w from a 110v outlet) you'll be all good.
Michael Masters (1 year ago)
This was a very good video. Thank you for your astute analysis. Well done
Andy Key (1 year ago)
You still have them in stock? And are they brand new or used?
Tad Barker (1 year ago)
I'm new to looking at mining cryptos ...... and this is a great video! Thank you for this :)  Selling hash power and letting a machine, or two, just get on with it looks very attractive. If only I could find a way of not waking up the neighbours with these things!
n a (1 year ago)
I keep mining my own blocks on prohashing. Am I better off mining by byself?
Khalid Jabbar Almayah (1 year ago)
Is there a mining/ cloud mining service that pays you in usd$$?? I want to start mining and the reason I can't start is because Iraq is not supported to buy/sell cryptocurrencies
George Ponzoni (1 year ago)
So you just hook it up to a router and access it all from another computer on your network? If you have a few how do you keep track? just by the different ip #'s? thanks
What's the link for a 220v wire? I'm having a hard time finding one. Thank you.
Andrew Freeman (1 year ago)
Hi, I'm using a WiFi repeater upstairs with a built in LAN but when I plug the antminer into it I cannot get an IP for it? Do you have any ideas on how to find the IP for the miner or a way to Reset the miner back to default settings? Thanks
jose mendez (1 year ago)
Just got mine from you thanks crypto crane!!
MyNegativeCreep (1 year ago)
Would you rather recommend a S9 or L3 farm to be build? I mean LTC is more volatile than BTC lol
icreaturex (1 year ago)
How do i connect my miner to Litecoinpool.org ? like configuring it for Litecoinpool.org
Guilherme Lebre (1 year ago)
Hi CryptoCrane! Thank you for your video! Which LTC wallet do you recommend? I have understand all setup and pool part side of mining, though I dont still decided which wallet to use. Thanks
Guilherme Lebre (1 year ago)
I saw the under comments! Allthough, what would be the best way to transform LTC into dollars or euros after you have LTC or BTC on prohashing ? cheers
The Boyfriend Channel (1 year ago)
Thank you for this video. It helped a lot!
Serdar Akyüzlüer (1 year ago)
Hello, I have L3+ and this morning I had socket connect problem do you know what to do in that case?
scorpiomaj27 (1 year ago)
Has anyone thought about DECREASING the chip frequency? Seems like the S9 reliability issues were partially tied to running the chips too high with not enough power.
Capillary Pressure (1 year ago)
Is it possible to install this on student dorms?
Alan Murray (1 year ago)
Why only 500 mh but the s9 is 14 th ? Seems like a huge difference great video too !!
Shatrunjay Pandya (1 year ago)
bhai saab hindi me pura video banao
Crumbler Tube (1 year ago)
Just ordered an L3+ from your amazon store!
pinoyrunningpenguin (1 year ago)
can you connect via wifi instead of cable?
:-: (1 year ago)
Would a more powerful pc be more beneficial? I don't have an ssd, so I'm worried that might be an issue.
BatchOfCookies (1 year ago)
Sketchy question: Will this work on something like a school network where the network login is done via a web browser interface? Does the miner have a way to handle this interface or is this doomed to fail? Thanks.
HayDawg (1 year ago)
@CryptoCrane Im a total noob to this whole thing... With that said whats a list of thing I would need besides this, and the amount of funds I would need to get started? Would this be to loud to put in my basement? What do I need to hook it up to a monitor and what do I need for the monitor? Thanks!
godking331 (1 year ago)
Awesome video man, very informative
Huadong Feng (1 year ago)
Dude, I just checked your meter, I'm not sure if you were supposed to run it on 220Vs...
Hk11official (1 year ago)
hey i have a question so i want to invest in bitmain mining machines what should i buy the s9 or l3+, what is making more money i want to invest 10k dollars, is it now smart to invest in this, can we also please somewhere else i have a few questions i need your opinion thanks and amazing video.
Jarir Jamal (1 year ago)
L3+ can produce only $30+- per day. why your L3+ can produce $80 per day? Im sorry im still new about this antminer
beka (1 year ago)
when im going to press DASHBOARD its shows me ""Please configure user ID for mining"",,, and whats USER ID? what is this and where can i find it?
Sandikova Mariya (1 year ago)
I'm looking to buy a miner what do you recommend, what is the most profitable miner to purchase??
jcptube movie (1 year ago)
Hi..Why does the interface have input for 3 pools? Is pool 1 the one that is used and the others are not used?
Mark Smith (1 year ago)
Any particular reason why mine is not powering on at all?
Bryce (1 year ago)
Extremely helpful video, thank you
Adam The Fisherman (1 year ago)
I am finding that my L3 keeps going 0 to 500 the back to 200 on nicehash. What could be the problem? I have over 230 mb internet and 40mb upload. My GPU's seem to stay connected 100%
RAJ KIRAN (1 year ago)
Can you do an setup and guide video on antminer s3 ?? If the product is available in your store from.amazon that would be a good choice for folks to have it
TurboGamingUK (1 year ago)
So far using prohashing, it's making 30% less a day than my testing on Nicehash....I think Prohash is a miss right now
scorpiomaj27 (1 year ago)
Any reason I don't just buy a high efficiency EVGA PSU?
fernando ferrandini (1 year ago)
a regular PC power supply ( with adapters) of 850w would push it without problem , right? it says 800w power usage, yours is 700w.
shah G (1 year ago)
how much can i run it in a day ? if i run 24/7 it will effect on durability of L3+ ? WHAT is your recommendation on this #kindlyREPLY Thank you
Thunder Snare Empire (1 year ago)
please can i mine other coin like monero with Antminer D3? because i want to purchase one soon
CryptoWog (1 year ago)
I have 2 L3+. Hashing power / difficulty has gone through the roof for Scypt. 2 are making about $40USD a day combined on Nicehash. Same at Prohashing. At what point will these machines become useless. I think the only REAL $$$ being made are by Antminer and anyone who happens to pick the first batch of any new miner that they release. After that it all turns to shit very quickly as thousands of miners jump on the band wagon.
Ziggle Co (1 year ago)
I live in Florida where electricity is expensive & ambient year round temperature is high. If I ship to another city, can I access and control the mining software remotely? My guess would if I log into the wifi router remotely that the answer is yet. Still would like to hear from you?
81Sazerac (1 year ago)
Did you notice a slight clicking noise when gently tilting your L3+ around. My machine would always click like two times when tilting the exhaust fan from bottom to top (motion of rocking the unit forward to standing on its intake fan while gently holding it in the air). It never made the noise when reversing the motion, when rocking/tilting the intake fan from bottom to top in the air. Just wondering, I was a bit paranoid I might get some loose heatsinks. The packaging was pristine though when it arrived so just wondered if anyone else had the same experience.
0bserver249 (1 year ago)
Great video, just a quick question do I install cgMiner on my laptop as well to get the mining going?
Ritchie Williamson (1 year ago)
Hi, can the APw3++ power supply power 2 antminer L3+? Or do you need 1 power supply per L3?
Kung Young (1 year ago)
Hi, thanks for the video. I noticed that you had some HW errors after 24 hrs in your video (around 30 HW I think)...is that normal? When should we get concerned about the number of HWs? Thanks for your help.
MrChrisMoo (1 year ago)
Can you replace the fan with a better one?
Neshant Seth (1 year ago)
JJason406 (1 year ago)
Prohashing website down?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Yeah, ProHashing goes down all the time. It's due to a huge influx of people all trying to use it recently. Growing pains are painful.
itzJohnSmith (1 year ago)
ProHashing still better than NiceHash today for the L3+? Or perhaps did you find a better pool option?
Abdellatif Benazzouz (1 year ago)
hello could you please let me know what is the heat rejected by L3+ and power supply? in other words is possible to measure the temperature out vs the temperature IN? that i will appreciate you help because i need this info to build my cooling system thanks
bandoogiemanz (1 year ago)
Hello, nice video. I am looking to get a single d3 miner, and I am seeing other videos saying that it cannot run on a typical home outlet which is 110v and that 220v is needed so i a power transformers is needed. Also, I as seeing people saying that the d3 will generate a lot of heat making a relatively regular sized room 80+degrees. Do you have any input on this? I was going to get one and probably have it run in my bedroom or the hallway right outside my bedroom. Or maybe I can use my garage. Thanks.
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
You definitely don't need anything special for the D3 since the APW3++ power supply that is recommended for it can easily power 1 when using 110v or 220v. The D3 uses about 980W of power, which is all converted to heat. It's similar to a hair-dryer. I wouldn't put it in an enclosed room without ventilation, but it works great in a basement or garage. Check out our setup here: https://youtu.be/C6J_Crx2hk8
Hi, What do you insert at "miner" and "password" when you are setting up your pools? Thanks.
Ardana Arya (1 year ago)
Now i know how to use it. And could you recommend which is the best mining pool for this rig?? And how much you got daily
Shayan Noushabadi (1 year ago)
Amazing video, thank you! Quick question, when connecting the APW3++ PSU to the Antminer L3+, is there supposed to be one PCI-e connector not attached to anything?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Yep, the L3+ only needs nine connectors and the APW3++ has ten. Just set it to the side and forget it.
Mike Gomez (1 year ago)
I've set up my miner configurations the same way you set up for Litepool and Prohashing but they're not being found, do you know why this could be? It only works on Antpool???
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Just saw this - glad you figured it out!
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
What do you mean by, "they're not being found"? What do you see on the miner status page? Do the pools show "Alive"?
Danyal Jamali (1 year ago)
Is it worth pre ordering now and receive in November? If more people starts mining, will it start to give less than now?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Yes, they're absolutely still worth it. If you're referring to purchasing directly from the manufacturer, then all I can say is good luck. The last few batches have sold out in minutes and the site becomes completely unusable due to all of the people attempting to purchase at once. It's a very frustrating process and requires a ton of luck. The amount of litecoin mined per day will drop proportionally to the number of new miners that come online just like any other cryptocurrency. Fortunately, the L3+ releases have been spreading their hashing power around to lots of Scrypt coins and we haven't seen the profits plummet as many feared. Additionally, the value of Litecoin and many other Scrypt coins has skyrocketed in recent weeks.
Landed Shop (1 year ago)
Hey mate. All the power supplies only seem to have 6+2 connectors. But this requires 9 connections? This is an example. https://www.pccasegear.com/products/32222/corsair-rm1000i-1000w-80-plus-gold-power-supply
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
When a PSU lists a 6+2 PCIe connector, that means it can either be used with a 6-pin connector or an 8-pin connector. With the L3+ or any other AntMiner, you simply use the 6-pin part and move the +2 pin part of the connector to the side. Please note that the PSU you linked only has 8 PCIe connectors, which means it's 1 short of being able to run the L3+.
Did you have to pay for the custom fee for the l3+
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Yep, we pay customs fees, tariffs (depending on how they mark the HS code), and clearance fees. Fortunately for our customers here in the US, they don't have to deal with any of that since we're shipping from Michigan directly to their doorstep.
Enrico Borba (1 year ago)
I haven't been able to set up the L3+ with profithash properly, I don't think I'm entering the correct URL, has the setup changed at all? Can you post your current URL and worker for profithash in the L3+ settings? I just got my L3+ yesterday. Thanks!!
Enrico Borba (1 year ago)
That worked! I was pretty sure I did that but I must have messed up somewhere... It was a really late night I guess I was typing in "profithash" instead of "prohash". Also, what are you currently making a day with the L3+? With nicehash I made just under $30 in 24hrs.
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Pool URL: http://prohashing.com:3333/ Worker: cryptocrane <- Name of your ProHashing account Password: n=1 <- Replace "1" with what you want to name your miner on ProHashing's dashboard
Alvarezgen (1 year ago)
Dude stop mining, go youtuber full time hahaha. Nice video bro, quick question. For you is still more profitable to mine in prohashing vs litecoinpool? I can see in this video that it looks like prohashing is more profitable, but in the long term what do you experienced? I'm not sure yet if using litecoinpool or prohashing. Btw I don't see the down time as a big problem, I could use litecoinpool as backup pool.
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Yes, ProHashing and NiceHash are still way more profitable than LitecoinPool.org. NiceHash and ProHashing seem to go back and forth as to which is most profitable, but they're both very close. I use NiceHash for pool #2 and LitecoinPool.org for pool #3.
Žanas Radzys (1 year ago)
Where I can buy one?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
http://cryptocrane.com or you can try your luck with shop.bitmain.com if you're willing to wait 2-3 months and can pay with litecoin. Keep in mind, Bitmain usually sells out in less than 15 minutes and only opens sales 1 or 2 times per month.
Kimland1 (1 year ago)
I have just installed a new antiminer L3+, but it keeps going offline. Guidelines pulled from Bitmain website indicate that a certain zip file "IPReporter.zip" should be downloaded and ran under administrator privilege. Something is lacking in this guidance. How do you download a folder with this miner, or if it is with a computer, how do you command the miner with the file? In another hanging fragment of the guidance it is indicated "It is necessary to use computer to configure the machine. It is preferably of using a laptop with the system WIN7-64 bit, WIN8 or WIN10. Other systems cannot use batch configuration software." What on earth does that mean? I have almost 10 computers in my house and none has a LAN hub. They all have USB hubs. The antiminer does not have a USB hub, but it has a LAN hub. Now I don't know if the guidance is that I should look for a computer with a LAN hub, or what it means by "it is necessary to use a computer ..." Use a computer how? I hope someone can shed light on this.
Kimland1 (1 year ago)
Thank you.
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
To update the firmware, you need to first download the firmware file from Bitmain's website to your computer. Then, open a web browser and navigate to the miner's configuration page. Once logged in, go to the [System] tab and then the [Upgrade] sub-tab. At the bottom, you will see a section called "Flash new firmware image". Click the "Choose File" button and select the firmware file that you downloaded previously. Then click the "Flash Image..." button. The miner will install the new firmware and reboot within 2 minutes.
Kimland1 (1 year ago)
Indeed, this part is covered. Thanks. However there is the part of updating firmware that I am still unclear about. Can you update firmware without connecting the miner to a computer? How?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
This is all covered in the video. You do not connect the miner to your computer. The miner just needs power and an internet connection. The IPReporter tool that Bitmain suggests using is just a generic network scanner so that you can find the local IP address of your miner. You need to know the local IP so that you can connect to the miner's built-in web interface from a web browser on your computer. Any computer with a web browser will work, it doesn't have to have a specific operating system. I've used my iPhone to configure these things before.
Harley T (1 year ago)
Hey Crypto, I've got an L3+ arriving soon. Just inquiring how much LTC are you earning a day now using prohashings auto profit pools, in this video you're making 1.3 LTC per 24 hr which in todays rate would be close to 100 USD a day. I understand this would of dropped
DuDe1040 (1 year ago)
0,6 equals to 40$ per day,am i right? which is still amazing.Waiting 4 of these miners,should be arriving soon,very excited.
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Earnings have dropped since the creation of this video to ~0.6-0.7 litecoin per day. Fortunately, litecoin has increased in value and the L3+ is still earning roughly the same daily amount in dollars.
Nicknamed s (1 year ago)
tht packet include power supply ?
Nicknamed s (1 year ago)
tht make me sad,
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
We're a little cheaper than that for the upcoming late September batch, but yes - since the value of Litecoin and other coins have sky-rocketed, the demand for the L3+ has been enormous.
Nicknamed s (1 year ago)
i see,, btw L3+ price going crazy dude, it price bout $6k , from $1400, omg
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
No, unfortunately they do not. This is mostly due to many customers preferring to use their existing power supply. There's also a problem with keeping the power supplies in-stock since quite a few other hobbies really like the APW3++ power supplies and the demand is higher than the supply.
DanielSo (1 year ago)
Hi CrptoCrane. Thank you immensely for this video as it has a few important answers to most of my questions. I'm so sorry for asking this though, as I confused myself by seeing that it says it's a Litecoin miner specific. Can the L3+ mine all types of coins even though it's "specific", or just Litecoin? Thanks so much for this video again though, it's answered a bunch off my list. :)
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Great question. The L3+ can mine any coin that is based on the Scrypt hashing algorithm. There are many dozens of coins that use Scrypt, but you cannot mine non-Scrypt coins like Ethereum or Bitcoin. Litecoin happens to be the best known Scrypt coin, but it's not the most profitable to mine. The most profitable Scrypt coins are constantly changing and playing king of the hill. That's why we recommend using pools that switch to the most profitable option for you, such as NiceHash.com or ProHashing.com.
joeypsu (1 year ago)
Hi CryptoCrane I just connected my new L3. Nicehash paid $50 in last 24 hours. Is there any other place I can join that will make more $$. ? Is there a web site that lists all rates and pools? ANy chat rooms that discuss this? thanks again
Ultra Mathi (1 year ago)
joeypsu hi bro can you help me to buying l3+ and configuring to best pool?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
I would highly recommend checking out BitcoinTalk.org's altcoin pool discussion area. That's where you will find the most active community with the most updated information. Here's a direct link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?board=199.0.
Lasha Tatulashvili (1 year ago)
which app is that u use for noise measurement?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
I was using an app called "Decibel Meter Pro" from the iOS app store.
Balu p (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot mate for your info it worths million bucks, no one ever done this job like you. we are privilege to have you. I want to buy upcoming L3+ batch from bitmain, do you have any info regarding upcoming batch release dates and price? Will L3+ profitable in long run ? Can you suggest any other antiminers which will give more returns? As I'm new to mining need your advice. Thanks.
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Purchasing from Bitmain directly is like winning the lottery. First, you have to know when their next batch is going on sale - which is not always possible since they do not always announce them. Second, you have to have bitcoin/litecoin/dash ready to send. Bitmain sometimes accepts wire transfers, but A LOT of banks will not allow transfers to Bitmain due to "security reasons". Even if your bank does let you do a wire transfer, it will take 10 days for Bitmain to even acknowledge whether they received your money or not. During this time, your order will say "invalid/expired"... which is not good for one's stress level. Keep in mind that the pricing and release dates are never announced before the sale starts, so knowing how much cryptocurrency to have ready can be difficult. Third, you have to race everyone else to get your order submitted and paid. This is by far the hardest part. There are so many people attempting to purchase at the same time that the website completely falls apart. By the time you even get the page to reload, they are out of stock (often in less than 10 minutes). Now the site will start responding as everyone realizes they missed the sale (again) and you FINALLY have a moment to look at the details of the now sold-out item. You find that the price has actually increased since the last batch and the delivery date is not for another 2+ months. Needless to say, there is a lot of frustration and anger from the community in regards to how quickly their website becomes unusable.
itzJohnSmith (1 year ago)
Hey, did you buy an Antminer D3?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Absolutely - as soon as we receive the first batch at the end of this month (September 2017).
itzJohnSmith (1 year ago)
You gonna do a video when you get it?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Yep, we have the very first available batch (late September) available on our store now: http://cryptocrane.com
Caleb Dorval (1 year ago)
Congratulation!!! for this review on the L3+. This is most informative, objective and instructive review of the L3+ I have found online. Great job. I can't wait for upcoming one the D3. By the way, I watched all of your videos and read every single comment on them. In one of your reply to a post, you mentioned that the L3+ will be more profitable than the D3. how long or far down the road you foresee this coming? second question, what is your advice on cooling system in case you have a combine of 10 L3+ and D3 in a home office? any kind of advice is well appreciated. Keep the good work. Thank you,
GABOS (11 months ago)
4/5/18, (Antminer L3+ @ LiteCoinPool.org) I'm now making $4-5/day (price of LTC has gone down), fortunately I have a setup where I have free electricity, but my friend who has two L3+ at his home tells me it's no longer profitable due to the high cost of electricity. Everyday I make less and less due to the increase in mining difficulty. It's going to take me almost 2 years to just break even (that's with free electricity). I can't imagine when the 'Litecoin Block Reward Halving' happens in Aug 2019 how low the rewards will be then =( Hopefully the price of LTC will continue to rise..
Caleb Dorval (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for answers. I will keep my eyes open for the D3 review.
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
As for the 2nd part of your question, my advice is to avoid AC at all costs. AC will take 1/3 of your profits in electricity bills. The best method is to pull fresh air from outside and then vent the exhaust heat right back outside again. Of course - this exposes you to other risks, such as humidity and hot weather. Keep in mind that every watt of power consumed will be converted to heat, which means that the 10 L3+ and D3 will be like having 6-7 1500-watt space heaters running.
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Thanks for the feedback! The D3 is going to be ridiculously profitable, but it's very dependent on Dash continuing to do well. There are tons of X11 coins out there, but most are not anywhere close to as profitable as Dash. The L3+ on the other hand is a Scrypt miner and there are lots of Scrypt coins that are even more profitable to mine than Litecoin. This means that the L3+ isn't dependent on a single coin and is able to spread the increased hashing power across more multiple coins' networks - thus putting a damper on increasing difficulty. I'd definitely take a D3 in the Sept or Oct batches over an L3+, but I'd probably take an L3+ over a Nov batch for the D3s. I predict that the L3+ will be earning more per month in November than the D3 will be.
Luis Ac (1 year ago)
link does not show any amazon store
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
We were temporarily out of stock - check again now, we just released the first September batch of AntMiner D3s! http://cryptocrane.com
A K (1 year ago)
I really like your in depth vids. What is the most profitable multi pool for L3+? I don't mind selling manually.
Michael Vittori (1 year ago)
CryptoCrane LLC hmm alright I might give it a whirl for the first week or so and see how it goes I only have 1 l3+ running so it shouldn't be too big of an issue for me
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Hash-to-Coins pays out in each coin that you mine and does not offer automatic conversion to a single currency. It's probably the most profitable option, but isn't worth the extra effort in my opinion.
Michael Vittori (1 year ago)
Does hash-to-coins convert your coins the the currency you want to withdraw? Or do i need a wallet for all the coins I am new to this and kind of confused. I might just use litecoinpool till i get this figured out.
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
If you don't mind selling manually, I'd recommend hash-to-coins.com. They seem to payout with the least fees and the least overhead.
Kevin Simbt (1 year ago)
can you all script coins mining?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Yes, all Scrypt-based coins can be mined using the L3+. There are many dozen compatible coins.
matthew hudson (1 year ago)
can this mine dash coin?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Our pricing can be found here: http://cryptocrane.com
Quadman808 (1 year ago)
also curious , What's are you asking for the d3 antminer ? seeking 5-10 D3's right now
matthew hudson (1 year ago)
What's your cost for the d3 antminer?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
No, but the upcoming AntMiner D3 can mine Dash and all other X11-based coins. We'll have the very first batch available in our store starting September 1st.
passive101 (1 year ago)
I'm considering purchasing my first AntMiner. I will be using NiceHash. I'm unsure if I should get an S9 or L3+? Pros and cons anyone?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
The L3+ is much more profitable and desirable than the S9 at the moment. It's roughly 3-4 times more profitable and can mine way more coins.
edilberto casinillo (1 year ago)
Hi im new to this. Im planning to purchase the L3. Can you use the L3 and work with nicehash? Sorry for the dumb question. I think You are very knowledgable about mining.
edilberto casinillo (1 year ago)
thank you for your quick reply. already got my L3 and doing good with mining.
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Yes, NiceHash was the 1st backup pool I chose in this video. It's usually the 2nd most profitable option, but occasionally it can be more profitable than even ProHashing.com for brief periods of time.
Dede Setiawan (1 year ago)
seriosly $1650 per month ? i see from calculalor from coinwarz profit average $600-900
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
The profits are constantly changing and depend on multiple factors. The increasing difficulty related to more miners being on the market is disproportionally affecting Litecoin mining, but not the alt-coins as much - which makes profit-switching pools even more attractive. The nice thing is that the price for Litecoin appears to keep climbing!
Dede Setiawan (1 year ago)
CryptoCrane LLC sory for my bad english.. i from indonesia.. 😂 and i want try bitcoin mining..
Dede Setiawan (1 year ago)
CryptoCrane LLC how long time to BEP from L3+ ?? antminer D3 was $5000 per month.. this is true ? if you have 4 L3+ the profit is $6600 ? how about the diff ?
Joe Blow (1 year ago)
It looks like there aren't any miners to order in your store..?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
The online calculators are not great and are only calculating for mining litecoin directly. In this video, I was mining altcoins that were more profitable and then converting to litecoin. Please note that it's been over a month since I recorded this video and things change fast in crypto-land.
GalaCoin (1 year ago)
Mike Lastman (1 year ago)
I have an i7 7700 chipset with an Asus Pro 99x motherboard and a 980ti MSI card running at 1250 Watts with 64 gigs of RAM I'm currently using nice hash and producing $2 a day trying to figure out what I could use my system to mine more money so that I can use the money that I make to buy more equipment to mine more any suggestions of course and antminer L3 Plus is going to set me back around 5 6000 and I still am new to all of this but I can definitely see it as better than investing in the stock market
William Su (1 year ago)
I plugged in my Bitmain 1600w psu into the L3+ into all the 6 pin ports and connected it to the wall along with ethernet, But the miner doesnt startup, no ethernet lights no fans etc.. am i missing something? Ive tried w/ 2 different bitmain PSUs and 2 different L3+ as well. Not sure why its not working. :(
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
It almost sounds like you're using an older Bitmain PSU on a 110v circuit. The 1600W APW3 and APW3+ preceded the newer APW3++, but only worked with 205v+ circuits. On 110v circuits, the PSU fan would spin, but it wouldn't start the miner. Also, make sure you're not forgetting the 6-pin PCIe connector on the controller. It's on top of the miner and closer to the front - separate from the hashing boards.
Melania Ramos (1 year ago)
Hi, Im trying to set up pool 1 to prohashing.com but when i delete "stratum-ltc.antpool.com:8888" and write instead " prohashing.com" doesnt work. I think im just not putting the write line- can you please help. thank yo
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
ProHashing is going through major growing pains and has been suffering from lots of page loading issues as well as irregular payouts. The good news is that the back-end pool (the important part) has been rock solid. If you're ok with not being able to log in sometimes or don't need the payments to be predictable, it's great.
Melania Ramos (1 year ago)
ok cool! thanks
Jose Colmenares (1 year ago)
By the way CryptoCrane, awesome work. I just realized you reply to almost every message here. That shows a lot of commitment to helping others just for the sake of it and that is priceless and greatly appreciated. By the way, one of my L3+ has an issue with a hash board, it's only working at 50 % of it capability , it shows less Dots for that particular hash board in the miner display, any idea why this is . I would assume a has board is either fully functional, or it's dead LOL, so currently with that machine I'm mining at 480 instead of 504. Thanks again in advance for your kind reply.
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
It's pretty rare for an entire hashing board to fail. Each hashing board has multiple ASIC processors and it has been designed so that each can fail individually without affecting the surrounding chips. In your case, it sounds like a few of the ASIC chips have failed. Sometimes they can be revived by power cycling or lowering the frequency, but not always. If you open a support ticket with Bitmain, they will have you ship just the single bad hashing board back to their location in China for repair. This allows you to continue mining at 75% speed while they send you a replacement.
Jose Colmenares (1 year ago)
Great video I have a total 5 L3+ and just today I found out about mining alt coins being more profitable , I am now considering using hash-to-coins to do this, any difference between prohashing.com .? how do I go from Alt coins to LTC? Thank you a lot
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
I started with Hash-to-Coins and quickly found the process of manually trading all the alt-coins to be super tedious. That's why I switched to ProHashing, where they auto-trade your mined coins for whichever currency you desire.
Joel Straight (1 year ago)
Hey CryptoCrane, can you recommend some legit, reliable sites to purchase ASIC miners from? Thanks :)
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
Personally, I don't trust any site that sells ASICs unless they offer good consumer protection - like Amazon.com. There are SO MANY SCAMs that look really really legit. In fact, there are even scammers on Amazon, but at least there's almost no chance of you actually losing your money as long as you go through their official channels.
marcial barquin (1 year ago)
can anyone buy these or order these on the internet? or do I need something else?
CryptoCrane (1 year ago)
If you're in the US, you can get them from our Amazon site here: http://cryptocrane.com. We also accept most popular cryptocurrencies for international orders by request only. Message me directly if interested. You can also purchase them directly from the manufacturer (Bitmain), but they usually sellout very fast and have a 3-month lead time.

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