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Why can Most Traders Make $1000 but not $100,000? 🤑

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Why most traders can make 1k but not 100k? http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/Making-a-living-spreads.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Why is it the case that many traders out there can make GBP1000 relatively easily but not a GBP100,000. The obvious reason is people's account size; if you're trading GBP1 pounds a point or GBP5 pounds a point or GBP10 pounts a point it is very hard to make 100k trading in small size. But there is something more fundamental about that and that is people focusing on the money instead of the process. We've mentioned this before - people keep focusing on the money - how much they've made or how much they are ahead but you need to shift the focus from the money to the process and that's how you go from making small amounts of money to larger amounts of money if you're starting with a small account. They don't think about how much they're making or how much they're losing - yes they calculate how much is at risk because they have to manage the risk but that's it. The majority of people are saying - that's my mortgage pay, that's a big tv...etc and they're anchoring their performance based on how much value that money is in the real world and that changes the psychology since in such cases people will want to take money off the table. People who focus solely on the process - are you sticking to your trading plan, are you managing the trade correctly?, do I need to add to the trade?..etc That's why people who trade in prop firms are able to scale up because once they've demonstrated their skill they are encouraged to trade in bigger size by trusting them with more monies. If you want to make more money on trade then obviously you have to increase your position size... Related Videos [not exhaustive - simply use the search function on this channel to find more related videos] Should I Bother Trading with Less than 10k? Trading Small Accounts Worth It? 💰 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRtTJHmKTNA Tips for Trading with a Small Account 😐😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCKQUrvbjbc Best Trading Strategy if You Have a Small Trading Account / Low Capital? 😐😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07Kjqaa7KQA Why can Most Traders Make $1000 but not $100,000? 🤑 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOnPI3Tg5-I Why Trading a Small Account is a Big Advantage 👍 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0a6c3PPqaXQ
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Text Comments (89)
Razor72144 (10 days ago)
Good if you do the basics from opening account and showing us new investors on how to trade.
John Wilson (19 days ago)
Mines like yours Down
Khurram Abbas (26 days ago)
I have started trading with 4600, went up to 5600, now again down to 1700..., I’m new to trade just trying to learn what will work with me. Emotionally, I feel very down, I think, in trading more is emotional part. When I trade, I calculate my expenses and see if next trade will help me to pay my bills which is I’m not sure will give me any benefit. But I trade and lose. Yes, This man is right, we need to look on the process side, not on the money side, but someone like me who does not know the process how can deal with trading. I will say to start winning big money, I should know the process, then I will be able to make some money. I literally don’t know why prices are moving in either direction.
ANDYWAFFLEZ (1 month ago)
Went from 3k to 6k to $800 now, not sticking to my plan is what has fukd me up, n trading my whole account lol
M M (1 month ago)
This is the first time a trading video has made me laugh (when you drew your own P/L chart from the time you were starting out - how honest!).
Tom Ramos (2 months ago)
Charles Jones Jr (2 months ago)
in other words don't get emotional about the money
KJV (2 months ago)
good points . for me as a rookie !
lombardo141 (2 months ago)
In my opinion this strategy is good for swing traders. Day trading you take profits always and repeat process. Also most successful intuitional traders don’t trade with their money. So it easy to emotionally detach yourself.
Ching Chong (2 months ago)
I watched this video 10mnths ago and i have made a profit of £137,866.13 from starting with £16,000
Esteban Santana (3 months ago)
awesome video. thank you
Crist Ram (3 months ago)
Cause 30mins you buy fb stock and it goes down 20% 40 on margin
Moishe Lappe (3 months ago)
wow well said
Marek J (3 months ago)
I think one has to find the best trading style/strategy that fits the personality of the trader. I found it in swing trading and "set and forget" approach. I do my analysis once a week, I enter my orders with take profit and stop loss and I forget about it. I let the system work for me. I risk maximum 2% of my account and I keep the trade open until it hits TP or SL. Or on fridays I close before end of market hours so I do not hold positions over weekend. This suita me best. People tend to change their plans while trading and that causes losses. Just focus on % and follow your plan 100% of the time.
DAVID NG (3 months ago)
Well said
DubTenProductions (3 months ago)
Great video thanks for this. Always good to keep yourself in check.
Kenn Tollens (3 months ago)
All I need to know is how to make one dollar consistently and quickly.
Mustafa Baris (4 months ago)
If they focus on how much they could potentially lose rather than how much they could potentially make , they can eventually get to 100K .. After all , you never get what you expect in the markets , you always get what you deserve..
Ronald Dumeloo (4 months ago)
This is an amazing advice. Thanks
crypto bits (5 months ago)
Start at 4:40 first
The Floogiel Trading Co. (5 months ago)
You explained this really well.. Great video and keep them coming!
L (7 months ago)
wise words
alejandro rodriguez (7 months ago)
Great video. Thanks
James Silk (8 months ago)
Brilliantly informative channel, with no ulterior motive (not pushing for sales of something). Love your content.
tony vorster (8 months ago)
I so relate to this and I feel I am missing out of good trading setups. I keep anchoring the profits I make to what I can buy and visa versa on my losses. This anxiety keeps me from keeping my gains. When I lose I don't trade for weeks in case I lose more money. So I just watch the trades pass by each day when I sign into my trading platform. I need to start thinking differently!
Kevin Lim (8 months ago)
Only risk what you can afford to lose And always research. And then research some more :)
Tristan Hurley (8 months ago)
3M zodiac therapy (8 months ago)
Thank you, anchoring numbers to material 'stuff' ...that's what I needed to know.
Bnelen (8 months ago)
Why? Because it's easier to make a 10% or 100% profit than it is to make 1000% or 10000%. What the fuck.
Jordan Powell (8 months ago)
That was my penile chart when I first started
Smn Prz (8 months ago)
Man, you always come up with such a good questions/topics!
Wavemaker (8 months ago)
Great video. It is really the mental aspect that the traders have to deal with more than the actual trade. I think what you meant is the system and not the process. Maybe most of the traders do not trust their system yet and that's why they cannot bet big yet. But then again as you mentioned, most traders lose $1000 and gain the same amount but seldom lose $100k and gain the same amount. It is really a mental aspect that most traders need to overcome.
ganjiuana (8 months ago)
To an extent you youtube traders are full of 💩! As long as you're making good trades your gains will add up. Then you're getting into bigger and bigger positions. I'm sick of you fakes that think you have all the answers! 90% of people fail because of people like you. THE END.
Thorn Loshardé (9 months ago)
Good information I've just subscribed, hard to find traders doing reverse psychology on oneself to bolster the truth of the process in which we get emotional with... So the morel is the strategy we use works ! Keep your money on the table, set goals and don't trade emotionally....my brother and i bounce off each other like this reaffirming our trading plan and goals... Many blessings Thorn..
Robobinks (9 months ago)
good video. He's right about the process. It's also scaling and planning that trade from beginning to end. Once one can annotate and calculate expected stock move. position size comes into play. Then finally ones ability to follow their own trading rules.
luke axelson (9 months ago)
read "when genius fails" convergence trading is extremely risky. More risk = more return finance 101
Thiru Murugan (9 months ago)
well explained sir.thanks a lot
Jarek Matthew Jones (9 months ago)
Really good advice - so hard in practice. I'm in that two steps forward, two steps back phase right now, so I appreciate the video!
Ghulam Qadar (9 months ago)
Thankyou !
Marcin Rutkowski (9 months ago)
is there a definition when we can call someone a trader. You used in sentence "most traders" ...For me a trader is a person whos trading is profitable, not a person who is trading. Anyone can download a software , top up the account and strart making trades. where is the line ??? :)
S F (9 months ago)
It's true for me.
Hedgi90 RFC (9 months ago)
It's numbers on a screen detach yourself emotionally.
Remy Ndizeye Niyigena (9 months ago)
l understand!
Fuzz Zeballs (9 months ago)
i trained as a psychologist years ago and now, not knowing why im attrcted to the market, the first thing i will say is there is no free money, second, the market wants you too loose your cash in to the market, you pay the industry proffits end of story
Grow Limitless (9 months ago)
lol the market doesnt give a shit about your money.
GodricThe (9 months ago)
Just invest in S&P 500 and don't touch it. Everything else is BS. You can't beat the market
Marten Dekker (9 months ago)
GodricThe = truly ignorant.
Daniel Wong (9 months ago)
Warren Buffett recommends us to buy Index Funds (IF). I have bought some S&P IF and never bother to look at the charts. The return is not bad!
J Bullfrog (9 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your knowledge . I appreciate it. Subscribed!
Иосиф Волков (9 months ago)
It is not a matter of processes. The thing is no broker will allow you to make such a profit.
Bill Bayne (9 months ago)
Good advice. Thanks
Devang Panchasara (9 months ago)
I am not an expert about this but I know one thing that When we win big , there's a pitutary gland in our head which makes us feel superior and then we start to loose money
titaniumsandwedge (9 months ago)
This is not a very good video.  The author uses the word "process" to define the reason why traders cannot jump from a $1k win to a $100k win.  Every trader knows how much capital (Portfolio A)is needed to set up, and risk manage a trade with the prospect of harvesting $1k.  There is no super trader in the world who can take over Portfolio A and set up trades to win $100k.  It seems to me that the purpose of the video is to say: "if you want to learn the process, buy my book."
Rasmus Hansen (9 months ago)
You are fantastic man! Thank you so much for doing this for free! I like how you keep being humble instead of cocky like so many other 'teachers'!
John Dough (9 months ago)
The best advice I read about position size goes along with what you say at 7:00 about being comfortable with how much your can lose. I think it was by Adam Grimes, who wrote “The Art and Science of Technical Analysis.” He basically said that, if you’re worried and sweating about how much you might lose, then your position size is too large.
Chris Walker (9 months ago)
I made £118k from just £7k from late December until now. No experience at all I just followed the Indices gravy train 👌
Manoo42 (9 months ago)
Mark Carter (9 months ago)
I never think in terms of money only in percentage per annum which is how I trade...After all do you want your money sitting in a bank getting 4 % PA or a good strategy getting you 100% PA ?
1DaTJo (9 months ago)
Please tell us more details about a successful process, or please post a link with that information in it. I'm ready to get serious.
joe caterman (10 months ago)
its an art. But that art gets screwed once you're position size get too hot to handle. You're way to tight with stops at that point.
Raj Kumar (10 months ago)
My chart is bit like the same and it's been 2+ years it stands the same. So, please tell me whether to continue or just stop it
Chris William (10 months ago)
I am new to trading but as one of the top 8% students in my college, I can tell you this guy is absolutely correct. How? well, everyone in the class usually runs after grades and they get nothing. I don't give a shit about them and instead try to learn whatever the institution has to offer so at the end of the day, I don't just have a paper that says "degree" but the knowledge in that field. And that automatically results in better grades.
Theo Beelien (10 months ago)
Well I dont have the time to trade because of my company, and really my opinion is............. I find trading boring sorry. Watching charts all day and looking for chances compare and watch the news that's not my kind of challenge. That's why I use EA's and I developed the last 2,5 years with a a few guys with the same mind, different EA's with different strategies, settings and lotsizes and we tested them extensive with extreme lotsizes to see how far we could go. I make no joke if we have EA's which can make you 100% a month but they also can blowup if you have a bad week. So that's not for everybodies risk appetite. First we had a powerful EA developed in 2016 without stoploss and it worked for about 8 months on 12 pairs and made good profit until the USD collapsed this year half april when Trump opened his mouth and we got a serious negative FPL (Floating Profit/Loss) which we are still struggling with. But now we use EA's with stoploss and compounding lotsize and it works great with 30% profit a month on SAFE settings. Ofcourse you have sometimes a week with negative results but that's normal in trading, even for the professionals. On LOW RISK setting it can make between 35% and 50% profit a month and if you compound the lotsizes it can grow big in a year, And I personally use still the EA's without stoploss son big risk lotsize but with a small starting accountsize that also function as a stoploss. So accountbalance is the stoploss These EA's can turn €1000 in €50.000 in 6 months in forward testing and with compounding lotsize as well. And even if it fails several times at the end you make a lot of profit. So to take a big risk is not a jump into the deep but it can be a strategy, not put your whole trading capital in but just put a small amount on big risk settings an see where it goes. You can join us at the whatsapp chat and you can follow our demo and live test accounts with an investor password. https://chat.whatsapp.com/4u9XXqTEJBc4dnLEnvrZog
AdamMac Trading (10 months ago)
any form of trading is 5% technical and 95% mental, if you can't find a way to have self control when trading you will never make it and will be one of the 95% who fail. Good Video.
Harry Yamamoto (10 months ago)
You've actually pointed out and clarified the mistake I made just yesterday!! You are absolutely right about the fear factor, of course, and I must understand that "losing" is a part of process, too...!! :-(
Carlos (10 months ago)
It's cause most traders start with 2000 pounds.
Kiko Castro (10 months ago)
oh....again a very helpful video....THANKS A LOT FOR THE EFFORT TO SHARE YOUR IDEAS (and experiences).
SingLok Ng (10 months ago)
Very helpful!
Emmanuel Leunamme (10 months ago)
Do a full trading session! I want to see all the knowledge you share being applied in real time. Love the videos!
Terry Garcia (10 months ago)
2 Thumbs Up! THANK YOU. I needed to hear this: this very morning, as I sit at my desk, in my home office, a retail trader on Holiday, pondering my trading goals for 2018. Your wisdom does indeed resonate with the same counsel that top tier athletes get from their own coaches.
Ben Zimmer (10 months ago)
Guys swinging billions, lol. Yeah, they’re swinging others peoples money and could care less. Def not worried about their house, lol.
UKspreadbetting (10 months ago)
Unfortunately it sometimes happens in the fund management industry. So many investors are naive and invest their money without so much thought which is strange given how hard they have worked for it. The person who cares the most about your money should be yourself!
David Clarkson (10 months ago)
Great video, thanks. 👍
Thank you so much.
Alex Jogyerek (10 months ago)
Dude if you are that good why don't you just keep trading instead of making these crappy videos !
Prince Peter (10 months ago)
Just ignore the troll. Your videos are relevant and on point. From an ex trader. I got round this conundrum by dropping to 00's off the amount I was trading. So 1000 is 100 and 10,000 is 100. You become less scared when trading size. Also follow the 1/3 rule when in profit. 1/3 for a reserve account, 1/3 stay's in the account to build it up and 1/3 to Piss up against the wall and spend.
Chris Vinh (10 months ago)
After watching every one of these videos I am finally profitable again. It's nice to find someone who has the heart to help people out like me by taking time out of their day to make these golden nuggets of advice FOR FREE, so please, UK financial spread betting, don't stop making these videos.
Emanuil Penev (10 months ago)
Crappy? It's true that some people will charge you 200-2000£ just to buy their course and you'll learn the same things or less. Just be grateful!
Friday Saturday (10 months ago)
I appreciate and love your videos buddy....screw the haters
John Wo (10 months ago)
What a twat. I, for one, appreciate the free content and him taking time out of his day to send such valuable info!
Prashant Solomon (10 months ago)
Great video. But please elaborate on what is the PROCESS. Do you mean your trading plan based on already studied Entry and Exit targets? Kindly explain some more on this. Thanks.
shahrukh khan (10 months ago)
i love ur down to bottomline xplanations.......but i wud say difference btw 1000 1000000 is not just process...its lack of trust on their process and ability to cut losses and if required flip the trade on the other side.............took me 10 yrs.,.but damn the freedom and mental agility is priceless and profitable.......and learn to scale in
vasu dev (10 months ago)
Your videos are so insightful. I hit the like button even before I see the video.keep up the good work.
dhaval ukani (10 months ago)
Loved it

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