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Antminer E3 - Profitability & Comparison with GPU Mining

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📣 Bitmain released the first ASIC Miner for Ethereum. You get a lot of value for 800 USD, but is it worth it? Watch the Video to find out! 🤝 Get funding for your Crypto Business: https://www.bitbond.com/?a=4BYBSNF4FN 📈 The best altcoin exchange, BINANCE: https://www.binance.com/?ref=16696186 💚 My BTC Address: 1Dg5fdu3RjsRGVtW9iqjYqhHjkn1q3SV2m 💚 MY ETH Address: 0xa5AdfE6e2b95b9F0627c50382b0E9aB9C3a6d85C 🥑 COINCADO - Crypto News, Tutorials & Reviews! Blog: http://coincado.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/coincado Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coincado Steemit: https://steemit.com/@coincado Keywords: Antminer e3, Antminer e3 Profitability, Antminer e3 comparison, Antminer e3 vs gpu mining, Antminer e3 ethash miner, bitmain e3 miner, ethash antminer, antminer e3 review, antminer e3 firmware, antminer e3 specs, antminer e3 hashrate, antminer e3 vs gpu mining, antminer e3 profit, ethereum asic miner
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Harry Chu (19 days ago)
(2) E3 Miners v. 12 GPU Rig (Honest Analysis) - Two E3s could generate 400 mh/s @ 1,600 Watts costing $3,000, while a 12 rx580 rig could generate about 340 mh/s @ 1,850 watts costing $5,500. This changes the game significantly. AMD and NVIDA have dropped the ball. They could have invested in this product line, instead they snubbed the miners and lost the opportunity to profit from this market. In the end free markets will rule and a Chinese company called Bitmain has a global monopoly.
COINCADO (16 days ago)
Thanks for your comment Harry! One E3 costs now 1162 USD, the 800 USD which you see in the Video was when they launched it. 5,500 USD for a 12 rx580 rig is really expensive, you can get rx580s for 250 USD each. I am still on the side of GPU miners 🙂 But I agree with you that setting up the E3 and getting it running is way simpler then making a GPU rig.
topatopdigital (2 months ago)
please explain how to make the custom cheap, because I am an idiot, just paid 140 dols for customs when receiving my E3!
COINCADO (2 months ago)
Hi topatopdigital, basically you need to convince the sender to put a lower value on the customs deceleration. On marketplaces like Aliexpress this is common practice, but if you deal with big companies they are usually not keen to do it. But considering all that drama from people who ordered miners from Bitmain but never received it, you can call yourself lucky that you at least got it 🙂
M Mahmoud (3 months ago)
You have said that the E3 price is $800, this is incorrect and misleading piece of information, its price is $1876
COINCADO (3 months ago)
The first batch of E3 was at 800 USD, my video is showing the correct information as of April the 4th (upload date of the video). I am even showing the Website of Bitmain on the video as proof...
Dennis (3 months ago)
another video on theory doesn't actually have the miner. come listen to me talk about lambos. but ive never driven one.
COINCADO (3 months ago)
There is a huge difference between a car and a piece of computer hardware. Comparing the Technical Specs is mostly enough when it comes to Mining Hardware. But you are completely right, having the actual Hardware would make for a better review, but I don't have the budget to buy an Antminer E3 just for a review, I hope you understand.
Unlimited Uploads (4 months ago)
Only batch 1 was 800 and second was 1800+ per unit. pretty sure it was 1800+ when you made this video too. but even so its still cheaper than gpu's, also rx580 over 1060 any day. as they are 30 mh/s usually at 65-75w in gpu-z and overall 175 mh/s with 6 gpu's that runs 800w from the wall with a gold rated PSU. but thats gonna cost you 3000-4000 usd to build.
COINCADO (3 months ago)
Look at the date when the video was published and do your research of the price of Batch 1 of the Antminer E3. And I am showing the Bitmain website in my video, do you think I copied the Bitmain Website to change the price to 800? Why would I do that when my video is PRO GPU Mining and CONTRA Antminer E3?
Fire Plug (3 months ago)
yea, bitmain website shows 1876$ and that does not even include the PSU or shipping
Unlimited Uploads (3 months ago)
by now rx580 is getting in stock everywhere
COINCADO (4 months ago)
Thanks for your comment, but as you see I am sharing my screen of the official Bitmain Website where the price was 800 USD. Definitly agree with you, RX580 over 1060. I just used the 1060 in this video because it has better availability in Online Shops so people can check the prices wherever they live.
ahmed hussain (4 months ago)
Great great great information
COINCADO (4 months ago)
Thanks Ahmed!
Mad kiss (4 months ago)
well you can always sell gpus or use it in games, or mine other crypto with it , also for e asic eth can hard fork then you end up with nothing
COINCADO (4 months ago)
Thanks for your comment Mad Kiss, definitely agree with you, versatility & resell value is a huge aspect of GPU Mining.
Enrique Alcazar (4 months ago)
Wow please where are you getting those prices??? 260 for a gtx1060 and 80 for a motherboard+cpu+ram??
COINCADO (4 months ago)
Hi Enrique, I got the prices from Newegg USA, cheapest GTX 1060 as of today is 249.99. Sorry about the Mobo+Parts, that was a bit of a miss calculation 🙂 it's more like 200 USD if you buy it new.
Anna Nicolata (5 months ago)
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Carlos Salinas (5 months ago)
shitmain as always, selling their crap products
COINCADO (5 months ago)
Not only that, they even increased the price to 1872 USD for Batch two 😆
jeremea jhone (5 months ago)
Mad kiss (4 months ago)
they did create one for it with 10K hash per sec with less than 2000$ so king is dead
Absolutely awsome and eye-openning video. Thank you for that! Long live GPU mining...!!!
Shane Chuck (4 months ago)
Here's where I got my Mining Rig https://sites.google.com/site/AntminerExtreme
COINCADO (5 months ago)
Thanks for your comment Jiri, totally agree with you, GPU mining is far superior!

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