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Bitmain Antminer Z9 Mini ASIC - Setup + Full Testing - 60% higher Sol/s

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⛏Charity Mining this week—See below! ⛏Our Discord: Discord.TheTechnicals.io ⛏Our Pool: TheTechnicalsPool.com ⛏Vlog: https://bit.ly/2sm0CF6 (Adult Language) ⛏Sign up for Binance w/ my link, I’d appreciate it! Http://Binance.TheTechnicals.io ⛏ For those asking for dono/superchat-this is BTC Receive on the Exodus I use on stream & in videos. I don’t want your donations, so anything received goes to charity. 1FGFNvqdT4v5K4Vmuk9v4yu4HZ5J2iAX6X We finally got our hands on Bitmain’s Z9 Mini. We test the noise, hashrates stock, hashrates overclocked, radiation, and inspect for dust. No comments on the nips. I keep my studio like a meat locker. Charity Mining Address: (Please consider using Eth.Nanopool.org so we can hit payouts!) 0xEd4184694F2892A77aD777B972D033ebD7EF0fA4 This week’s cause is benefiting North Meck Animal Rescue: http://www.northmeckanimalrescue.org/ Want To Support Me For Free? Sign Up For Binance Or Kucoin Using My Referral Links! All Free To You! Binance: binance.thetechnicals.io KuCoin: https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=1yJQM Find me other places: ⛏ Twitter: @TechnicalsMatt ⛏ Discord: Discord.TheTechnicals.io ⛏ Mining Pool: www.TheTechnicalsPool.com ⛏ Vlog Channel: https://bit.ly/2sm0CF6 (Contains foul language and sociopathy)
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Text Comments (165)
Theseus (2 months ago)
what the [email protected] is that????
Theseus (2 months ago)
+The Technicals i mean this is 300watts and that makes you money? can someone have real profit if we include the power cost? (electricity) also you cant have it inside your house because it is noisy, also you need to have your pc running adding more power consuming process..
The Technicals (2 months ago)
Darin Weatherbee (5 months ago)
Matt, are you going with this same setup with you new Z9 Mini? I am expecting mine this week.
Darin Weatherbee (5 months ago)
OC'd at 650, hashing at 14.2, suprnova is +-1k, temps holding steady PCBs 47-50 and CHIPs 59-62.
The Technicals (5 months ago)
Same setup as in, PSU? OC? If so, yes!
Jon McClane (5 months ago)
YO YO YO DOG! The new Z9 mini batch wont let you overclock, it is set to BALANCE with no other option to select 600 or 700 what a rip will never buy from them again
The Technicals (5 months ago)
There's a way around it, allegedly.
Fernando Aragon (5 months ago)
Why don't you use ANTPOOL???
The Technicals (5 months ago)
Because it's bitmain's pool
weeh Dinga (5 months ago)
hello the technicals. can you share your firmware on your z9 mini and make a video on how to upgrade firmware coz bitmain the z9 i recieve today its just balance on frequency. this is on bitmain site service.bitmain.com/support/download?product=Antminer%20Z9 add on i know you still in vegas have fun
STIMO89tube (5 months ago)
hi everyone, I got my 2nd batch Z9 mini and I am not able to change the frequency. Only option I have is 'Balanced'. Anyone experiencing the same or does know how to be able to get the unlocked function?
weeh Dinga (5 months ago)
im same as you i found this but i dont know how to do the upgrade which and what to click . service.bitmain.com/support/download?product=Antminer%20Z9 let me know if you figure it out
Kamil Piekutowski (5 months ago)
How long does shipment like that from China take?
benjamin dover (6 months ago)
Shit I want one, but I want to make a profit
CJ (6 months ago)
been over clocked at 650 since i bought it, constant hashrate of 15.
Mohammad Shafiq (6 months ago)
can zclass ZCL be mined with asic z9 mini. please some one can answer ? thanks
idbehold (6 months ago)
Can you join 2 Antminer Z9 mini to 1 APW3++ psu?
The Technicals (6 months ago)
I'd love someone else to chime in on this, but I dont see why not. The thing only pulls a shed over 300w, so one PSU should be sufficient, considering other asics running off the Apw3 pull 1k+
nicholasscholten (6 months ago)
With these efficiency numbers, I hate to say it but ASICs like this will run the backbone of the networks. And pricing an ASIC that performs as well as 23 GTX 1070s with the usage of a couple of high wattage lightbulbs actually SUPPORTS the average user buying in to ASIC. It supports decentralization in a way because they are affordable to the average joe.
FALLER Romain (6 months ago)
Great video thank you. I have a question actually. Do you think it's still worth to buy a Z9 mini considering that the hash rate difficulty will probably increase considerably in the coming weeks? (and also if you consider some rumors on hard fork​ of Zec​ ?). Thank you in advance.
The Technicals (6 months ago)
I'd be very surprised if ZEC forked, very surprised. That said, me personally I wouldn't be buying any equihash asics right now.
SrFulanoTal (6 months ago)
which power supply are you using for this miner?
The Technicals (6 months ago)
I used a HP 750w server psu
Dusan Kosovic (6 months ago)
What power suply is good for z9 mini is it enough 700w?or more?can I run 2 z9minis on 1200w power supply?thanks,I love watching your videos
The Technicals (6 months ago)
Should be just fine. You could probably run 3 if you had splitters or enough cables. Thanks for watching man.
Preston Jones (6 months ago)
Does any overclocking void the warranty, or can you overclock a certain percent without voiding a warranty?
A E (7 months ago)
hey man, do you know when ZEN is going to fork?
bRfc9QgjclrMlc (7 months ago)
Been in this game a while,its a up and down thing,made n lost made n lost,made and made :),MINE IT ALL!
Mark .Twain (7 months ago)
Unsubscribed, f*ck ASICS and the ones that advertise them.
The Technicals (7 months ago)
Sorry you feel that way. I guess you missed the part where I talk about it being harrowing and the fact I sold it off quickly because i'm a GPU guy, along with my videos mentioning ProgPow and supporting coins that pledge to fork away from ASIC control. Or, did you see the title and knee-jerk leave a edgy comment? I'm thinking the latter. Have a good life.
Jonny Boy (7 months ago)
I'm surprised how little the zen difficulty has gone up.
Mozzus (7 months ago)
fuck ANTMINERS :D probs not profitable anymore ;D
MIke Anonymous (7 months ago)
2:12 10.79 Ksol/s is 10,790 sol/s NOT 10,079 sol/s.
Benjamin Blackmon (7 months ago)
As of now it should be able to generate $450 a month...why wouldn't it ROI? Is the hash rate going to increase that dramatically that the hardware will be useless in a couple of months?
magm3n (7 months ago)
хоть бы на секунду уста заткнул, отдал асик слушать
SuperLowdrag (7 months ago)
the video it says that the second wave is $850 but the notes indicate that is a 50% down payment. Is that true? Are people buying thinking it's 850 instead of $1700/???? @The technicals
Evelyn Guadalupe (7 months ago)
I'm still waiting for mine to arrive. What is the exact size of this miner?
Camil Muresan (7 months ago)
At 650M I got an X on one of the chips after about a day. Lowered to 550M, seems fine for the past 2h. Running at 40-45 PCB and 55-60 Chip temperatures(Celsius).
Camil Muresan (7 months ago)
Using Suprnova
Fibonacci1900 (7 months ago)
Camil Muresan i’m also using it at 600, so far so good. Thinking of switching it at 650. What pool are you using if you don’t mind?
Camil Muresan (7 months ago)
No. And 2 days ago I switched to 600M. Nothing till now, everything seems normal.
Fibonacci1900 (7 months ago)
Camil Muresan salut, did you have any problems at 550?
Thomas Badde (7 months ago)
What are your Chain Temps? What will be max?
Steve McDowall (7 months ago)
I’m getting a steady 16k sols running overclocked to 700 frequency. Mining zcash. Super happy so far. Little footprint and much quieter then all other antminers. Great video man. Thanks.
JNoise Poland (6 months ago)
Searching for antminer z9 I see 3 pages which seller is trusted?
Thomas Badde (7 months ago)
Hello. What are your Chain Temp´s? What will be max?
hans climaco (7 months ago)
No point going agains asics. Lets look at history. Btc started with cpu then gpu then fpga then asics. Fpga beats gpu but is not for the ordinary people while asics are cheaper. Anyway point im saying is people says bitmain controls the production of asics yes thats 80% market share. And is that any different with nvidia and intel. All gpu mineable coins will soon be dominated by fpga miners but thats a few people who can eun those and most people wont even share theyr bitstreams or those thats gonna release theyr bitstreams are gonna charge a hefty dev fee so evwrybody runs that bitstream and they get 100% market share of bitstream and fpga manufacturers are few so how is that any different with bitmain because sooner or later those fpfa manufacturers will wise up and mine also. So if we have bitmain as the dominant force in asics fpga will also have 1 dominant manufacturer. Btw bitmain already losing the sha256 asics because of the japanese company that also made a sha256 asic. Can buy from them 2k usd 24ths around 1800watts they will get better so what if they dethrone bitmain in the future but anyway forking because avoiding asics wont avoid fpga. Those fpga miners are just silent and lauging at us gpu miners
BoMBeRLMM (7 months ago)
Do you think the GPU mining is over??
Janizary - (7 months ago)
Hell no. It will kill equihash algo in a few months and z9ers will become useless, but we've got many othe algos and coins.
John Davis (7 months ago)
I hope so, I'm sick of people saying gpu is better when the proff is here it is not.
The Technicals (7 months ago)
It'll never be over. The question is if profits will return to their former level, and how long that will take
m1 (7 months ago)
After reading your descriptions about the nips you got a smile across my face. I think you should give them a rub like the South Park Verizon sketch except for Bitmain. "OOOoooo I'm Jihan Wu. What are you gonna do? Buy it from the other mining company" *rubs nips!
Bill Starshred Surf (7 months ago)
Good review of this (nearly) palm-size powerhouse! Rockin' and overclockin'
Stephen C (7 months ago)
You rich people suck :P
The Technicals (7 months ago)
Dont worry, at this rate i'll be in the poor house soon
Stephen C (7 months ago)
Just me being bitter because I'd love to be able to afford an ASIC. :D
The Technicals (7 months ago)
What does that mean?
R. Alex Laursen (7 months ago)
Running two of these at 750 Freq. no problem, been running a week now, no HW
Karm Music (7 months ago)
Thomas Badde yes I believe it does void the warranty but it’s worth the extra juice if you ask me these machines have been under clocked big time
Thomas Badde (7 months ago)
is it kill the warranty when i switch the frequenz in the stock-firmware? i thing everything i can make in the stock-firmware is allowed!?
Karm Music (7 months ago)
Thomas Badde I wouldn’t like to see them go over 70 I’ve been running it for about 6 hours now at 750 freq and my temps are 66 62 65 at 85% fan speed
Thomas Badde (7 months ago)
What are your Chain Temps? What will be max?
Karm Music (7 months ago)
Rune Alexander Laursen hey im running mine at 700 - 750 but at the top end my temps are hitting 68 at 80% fan speed any higher and my missis starts going nuts about the noise. What temps are you getting and what speed you got your fans on?
Soft Womble (7 months ago)
As much as I prefer GPU mining for the flexibility of switching alogorithms and resale, I have to marvel at the Z9 mini - I am getting 11.25 K/Sols on the antminer dashboard and about the same is showing on the pool with no Overclock and at 262 Watts at the wall. Will leave it a couple of days to run in and try overclocking in a couple of days.
dzonikg (7 months ago)
Only problem is in 4-5 months it will be electronic garbage ..and only batch 1 will RIO..with ASIC its always like that..mountain off electronic garbage
Toby Kawecki (7 months ago)
It might help you if you understood the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
The Technicals (7 months ago)
I only tested because it was of concern on previous models. Is there another tool I should use?
Toby Kawecki (7 months ago)
From this video we have learnt that the z9 is not made of Uranium.
Milner Technologies (7 months ago)
Not sure if you are unaware or just misspoke but I'm pretty sure when it was first reported it wasn't 10k sols and 300w. I thought they were semi-ambiguous about the details because they were afraid all the coins would fork before it was released. I could be wrong can someone else verify this I tried looking it up and couldn't find anything. Edit: I thought either the sols were less than 10k at first or the wattage was higher.
Chris S (7 months ago)
And love your work thank you for everything you do😁
Chris S (7 months ago)
Would I need a power supply for each Z9? I'm seeing 300w per unit, the power supply is 1600w can I use one power supply for 4 -Z9's?
instyfind (7 months ago)
Asics the way to go I'm not die hard for anything you got to go with the technology if you want to do GPU then die hard for that then
ThiaS CSGOSkins (7 months ago)
Hahahah, no idea why i watched the full 10 minutes.. but glad i did
Lisergiko (7 months ago)
Incognito mode xD Stop using Chrome, it's the biggest privacy concern out there at the moment!!!
Lisergiko (7 months ago)
Understood, by the way, I sent an email a couple of weeks ago. Would you mind reading it. from "orange.raver"
The Technicals (7 months ago)
I only used incog mode because I had already logged in to the antminer previously, so the password box wouldnt' come up, and I wanted to show people what it looks like when you first log in.
Lisergiko (7 months ago)
Firefox, it's not the perfect replacement, but the only one that has enough plug ins and add ons. Brave and Torch are nice contenders (both based on Firefox). Incognito mode is useless, similar to FB Messanger's "secret conversation". If you want privacy, Firefox, use DuckDuckGo for searching, and their plug in (tracker blocking), uBlock Origin, and try replacing Gmail with some PGP email service (Enigmail and ProtonMail). Youtube is unreplaceable, but we'll have a popular decentralized video streaming service soon. DTube is the main contender...
The Technicals (7 months ago)
djquantize (7 months ago)
ASIC resistance is futile.
Victor Florean (7 months ago)
What do you think about the hard fork rumors? I feel like it will be worst then the x3 since the only coins that don t fork are komodo and maybe Zcash so the difficulty will go to the moon since everybody will mine them.
Stephen Tang (7 months ago)
Love those mature boxwood plants. I just bought a bunch of small ones for my backyard and hope they grow out so it can be trimmed into those lovely ball shapes.
yolo72 (7 months ago)
I sold mine on ebay - the ASIC game is dangerous, the difficulty will skyrocket and these babies will be useless in a few months Great video thou 👍🏼👍🏼
Tresacting (22 days ago)
month has gone. Still profitable
BIll Geo (7 months ago)
Got on the big SCRYPT ASIC mining game early on (KNC Titan) and two years (and some big jumps in the price) later I wave ROIed many times over...
Remy Way (7 months ago)
Did you try reversing your fan? So it’s blowing air out instead of blowing it in? I’ve notived about a 7 degree drop in chip temps doing so ;)
Michael Mengel (7 months ago)
Second wave purchasers will get 2 for $1500.
Janizary - (7 months ago)
Then contact their support
SuperLowdrag (7 months ago)
I don't see that. I saw 850 at checkout which is not 425. that means come august you need to pay another 850
Janizary - (7 months ago)
You pay 50% of 850$ as a downpayment. 425$ or smth like that.
SuperLowdrag (7 months ago)
so it is not $850 per unit right? Why is everyone even vosk channel saying it's 850 per unit?
V Videos Productions (7 months ago)
850+850+ custom is the total price.
carbsncaffeine (7 months ago)
do these require a 220 watt circuit or can you run it on a standard 110v home outlet?
TheCryptoJudge (7 months ago)
Do you have to mine zcash for that miner or can you mine any equihash coin?
Bitcoin Lucky (7 months ago)
"F**king Sell Out" .... Lol Just joking TT.. ;P
The Technicals (7 months ago)
I got worried
TC (7 months ago)
looks like a good rifle target on that fence
TC (7 months ago)
Good Idea..thanks for the videos man!
The Technicals (7 months ago)
Would probably need to break out the Mossberg for that. Don't want to miss.
mo akshay (7 months ago)
when will they fork ?
Janizary - (7 months ago)
Zcash is planning to change algo in the end of 2020
WALEED (7 months ago)
maybe zcash team wake up and start fork soon
dllhoundcompany (7 months ago)
Nice lets do a ROI follow up in the next couple of day! Good Luck
Abdul Wahid Khan (7 months ago)
This maybe a silly question to ask, but why are there more discarded shares than accepted? I am having the same issue on my Z9 mini that came through today
Crypto Adventures (7 months ago)
apparently it's discarded work that the miner did not perform any work on due to incorrect difficulty, but has no effect on your overall hash rate. Rejected shares are the bad ones.
Abdallah Al Hindi (7 months ago)
The Technicals so what is the best pool, considering i have BTC wallet ?
The Technicals (7 months ago)
I think this is something to do with the pool not able to keep up with the speed as it adjusts in the beginning. I'm probably wrong.
Andy Bellinger (7 months ago)
I just dont understand how people can say gpu mining is decentralized when it costs so much more and requires more knowledge. I had 2000 bucks to put in to mining. I got 2 asics instead of a 4 gpu mining rog that would take forever to roi. Asics can be adopted in mass scale. Gpu mining cannot
Mibb (6 months ago)
GPU is only AMD or NVIDIA... who am i kidding, it's 90% NVIDIA.... compared to asics which have baikal, bitmain, halong and now even Samsung coming in to play.. feels more decentralised with several sources of component makers and more energy efficient.. better for the environment too.
Andy Bellinger (7 months ago)
Well 1st its more than a dollar a day. Closer to 5 or 6 in this down market where i am. And im talking about tge future. Yes the s9i isnt consumer friendly but the r4 will be and they will only get more efficient. And just cause u r using gpu for heat doesnt mean anyone else who isnt a dedicated miner would. The average person and newbie will look at future asics and say o look a quoet efficient miner and its only 1000 bucks and pays itself off. And they are making miners that actually sit on the wall and act as a wall heater. Gpu is no where close to that. No one wants to hang gpu's off a rack to heat their house let alone pay 4000 to 8000 dollars to make any real money. Its a waste of time. Add in the fact that they would have to switch coins every day pretty much to stay profitable. Gpu mining WILL NOT bring new people into crypto and mining. ASICs will.
dzonikg (7 months ago)
"saving power"...Bitman S9+ consumes 1300 watts and makes less then 1$ and you can use them in home because they are loud as airplane engine ..other makers are even worster ..also my GPUs heat my house in winter and and almost totally silent. Most people CAN NOT BUY ASIC..they sall it in batches ..Bitman sold only 1000 units in first batch for equicash and u could buy 100 off them ..so maybe 200 people in whole world could buy them..and next batch in september or 3 months from now...in mean time ASIC manufacture mine like crazu..unknown pool now has 230 mh/s 40% off Zcash hash rate and you can bet its Bitmain or Inosilicon...and you can buy GPU anuwhere. I would be for ASIC If Bitmain and other who sell it dont mine for them self..but they mine like crazu and almost never sold you best they have..always generation behind and keep best for them to mine.
Andy Bellinger (7 months ago)
I know most people cant run and afford a farm of asics. But they can afford one or two of them. Thats my point. For people to want to mine there has to be some kind of incentive. And with gpu's the payout for a single card isnt enough for people to want to mine or learn how. But an asic is plug and play easy to understand and use. On top of that with the r4 coming out it can be used anywhere in the house and wont kill your ears. They have even begun making miners that are used as wall heaters. Ones that generate heat to your house while mining. That wont happen with gpu's. In the long term asics will be unnecessary cause mining will be built in to common machines and tech we use everyday making it so everyone using a heater or laptop or pc or gaming console etc. Will be helping support the networks. Also zcash is playing it smart. They were adopted by Gemini and will prob see institutional investors soon. They dont want to chance a 51% attack or any other network attack when they could allow asics making difficulty impossible to ruin their coin and network. They are thinking long term as should we all. Asics will become the norm. We have to stop fighting it and realize how much power we save the planet and how much we secure the network of these coins with promising futures.
dzonikg (7 months ago)
Only few can adopt ASIC in massive scale...you cant buy now this ASIC at all...second batch you can get in september...and that 3 months from now... And other hand i saw guy mining with ASIC for more then a month with 50 million sols on one address ...he was getting 450 ZEC every day which is 2.5 MILLION $ a month. ZEC betrayed GPU miners ..they sad in initial post ( i still have it ) that they are ASIC resistance and that they will change Algo if ASIC came out...but when it happen they changed stance because they saw $
aKaFlows (7 months ago)
nice outro, now im outta here
wes wienhorst (7 months ago)
do you think they shipped the first batch out as a bait and switch? and that is why they are dustless? second batch gets 2 because they are used...….makes It hard to stay in the game with these hitting the shelves. those alt coins are getting harder to bag every day. I think you should keep a different long gun in the background every video!
wes wienhorst (7 months ago)
as with almost anything this day yes it is. and valid point, its better your enemy not know whats coming!
The Technicals (7 months ago)
I'd love to, but it's just too hot button of an issue. Plus I dont want people knowing what i'm packing.
Colin Stienke (7 months ago)
You didn't say what your making an day just for it
Colin Stienke (7 months ago)
The Technicals OK or her question why is bitmain always want bit coin or USD money wire and most people say after they pay them they still say it's not payed for .
The Technicals (7 months ago)
You can do the math, plus it doesn't matter since it changes so much. I need to make videos with longevity that can (hopefully) be viewed many months from now. This time next year I doubt a Z9 mini will be making more than a D3 currently does.
C M (7 months ago)
Colin, the ROI is less than 60 days. Do the math.
Tomek (7 months ago)
I remember you talking about fans and how important it is to pull away hot air which I disagree. So let's make it clear once and for all. Is this fan on Z9 pushing cold air inside the box or pulling away hot? I bet it's pushing cold inside. Let me know.
Janizary - (7 months ago)
Man it consumes 300w only
The Technicals (7 months ago)
Indeed it's pushing. To be fair, the back end is pretty open and given the size of the box, I'm not sure the concept scales up. Either way, i'm re-doing my whole farm again in closed cases, so we'll find out!
Tomek (7 months ago)
You live close to nuclear plant? It explains your haircut ;) No need to run with radiation meter any more - it's too late now :(
Tricky Tamizhan (5 months ago)
Tommy Cavell (7 months ago)
The Technicals i pulled the lever and I won a car!
The Technicals (7 months ago)
VideoGame Polak (7 months ago)
Okay! Ellen you drive the red one, you take the white one, you take the Mustang, and I'll take that big, black thing over there. After you, Mr. Pappagiorgio!
CryptoPope (7 months ago)
I hope you ROI, you just scared the shit outta me BTW.
HD_Picard (7 months ago)
10 Minutes = 1 more ad. This way you get more money. Keep the videos coming and dont get like Cryptonick. Thx.
The Technicals (7 months ago)
LOL. I didn't think anyone would make it that far
CryptoPope (7 months ago)
At the very end, I was typing my comment and then you came back on. I jump like a punk
The Technicals (7 months ago)
WICKED is good (7 months ago)
You should be the pioneer, if it blows up, the camera records it. Great youtube material. win win
The Technicals (7 months ago)
If I post an eth address and say if it hits $2,000 USD i'll blow it up, would any of you send eth? LOL
CryptoMine Tech (7 months ago)
High speed low drag!
Yoloman (7 months ago)
If you live near nuclear shit then why you don't have cheap electricity?
The Technicals (7 months ago)
I wish
Valdir Salgueiro (7 months ago)
Who is the girl
John Davis (7 months ago)
The Technicals (7 months ago)
Thanks they is phresh
Valdir Salgueiro (7 months ago)
You look sexy from that angle
TurboShane (7 months ago)
Nice nails.
The Technicals (7 months ago)
John Skocik (7 months ago)
always a pleasure watching your video's. I finally pushed mine to 750 frequency getting 17,000 sols for the last 2 days straight. I had to put a small fan to keep the chip temp below 70c. I hope we get our free one soon. Thanks for all that you do.
Mr.C (7 months ago)
It let the Janice out of the hole.
John Thompson (7 months ago)
Damn she is cute 😍
The Technicals (7 months ago)
It puts the Janice in well
Simon LB (7 months ago)
Why is it only in 360p... 🙄😓
Simon LB (7 months ago)
TurboShane you're right it's 720p now
TurboShane (7 months ago)
Not done encoding.
Josiah Fam (7 months ago)
Nice Review

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