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Bitmain's New Ethereum ASIC Miner Will Kill GPU Mining

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some news about ethereums new asic miner. it will have approximately 60-80gb of DDR3 and its hashrate while yet unknown, will be anywhere from around 250MH to 800MH. this will raise the difficulty of ethereum and kill GPU mining rigs all around the world. Sign up with coinbase. buy or sell 100 dollars in crypto currency and get 10 dollars of bitcoin for free with this link to coinbase. https://www.coinbase.com/join/59ab37900671d100b3c25cc5 Want to donate to the channel? Donate Litecoin and send me an email saying how much you sent and I'll try to thank you at the end of the next video! https://steemit.com/@mrsotko Litecoin Address: LUe6Ub9UUGjFxkFbNkBA6nD4ebwRSeSsgD [email protected] The safest way to store crypto and claim crypto forks https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/554d
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Harley Me (5 months ago)
mining pools over hear wont let em connect LOL bitmain made another doorstop... like the x3 the l3 will fail again when eth forks .. bitmain don't learn.. and china is capping the power on em.. so no more huge ant farms soon.... yeay it will become profitable again when antminers arent putting the difficulty through the roof
César Acosta (6 months ago)
Casper was said to be ready for testing 6 months ago and there hasn't been any significant updates since then, only the promise of it being around the corner. Avoiding ASIC's in the long run is impossible and GPU manufacturers are starting to realize this, NVIDIA has already stated they expect profits from GPU's to drop as much as 2/3 so there's bound to be an exodus soon.
TankenkaNeko (6 months ago)
I will be happy if my PC can crunch out the 0.01 ETH in the next couple weeks! If I can *somehow* manage to squeak out 0.1 ETH before the market shifts and I can't do it anymore... then all I have to do is happily sit on it for a while :3
9Epicman (6 months ago)
Hell yeah finally gpu prices will go down after all you guys raised them.
Just Games For Me (6 months ago)
Richard James Milne (7 months ago)
When prices go back up? ARE YOU KIDDING!!! With the new ASIC Miner, much lower costs to invest, regulations about to happen, all the hopeful people waiting willingly to jump on the latest etherium Bitwagon... it's becoming a coin toss to win or lose, and if history is any indication, well... The good people who invested BIG in GPU's in 2017 are pretty much fucked. Just watch the Noah's Ark flood in the used GPU's market once these types of new ASIC Miners come to market! With what's going on now in 2018 is NOT going to get better, only WORSE. I'm not buying into this any longer as the future lis volatile and futile! There are better things out there than this insanity. I wish all of you GOOD LUCK :)
Harley Me (5 months ago)
bitmain wont stop.. they want the monoploly on mining every coin they can so no one else can. wait a sec... wasnt crypto supposed to be decentralized? looks like bitmain is controling the difficulty of BTC by itself.. how's that fair for anyone. ,, oh right Far as I care FIREWALL BITMAIN FARM POOLS... let them mine they're own money
Billy Pi (7 months ago)
ken jorgensen (7 months ago)
Guess Who`s next :) Monero hardfork 6`th of april https://www.trustnodes.com/2018/03/29/monero-emergency-pow-hardfork-asics-privacy-trial
ken jorgensen (7 months ago)
Very good vid :) Going to get forked for sure.. if not i will call Trump and ask him to tax bitmain to the mooon.. yeh ASIC are used for months before available to general public and especially from company like Bitmain - Monero forked and imagine as a revenge they are killing smaller cryptocurrencies now - sucking out as much as they can before their hardware becomes bricked and useless.
klaus Bärbel (7 months ago)
Check this out: https://shop.bitmain.com/product/detail?pid=00020180403174908564M8dMJKtz06B7 It is not that big thing....
klaus Bärbel (7 months ago)
That is not totally right. First of all; if you use 6 pcs of AMD rx570 you will pay 270usd each. They will also need 800 Watt at 180 Mhs. The bitmain ASIC will need an psu which will cost about 150 or 200 usd. This is around 1000usd plus Vat. The order will be shipped at the end of July. This is pretty long time if you take a look at the last three months...... so if they cant increase the hashrate to a higher level.... I do not think that this machine will change gpu Mining that much.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
no dude, thats incredible. aside from the wattage usage. for only 800 dollars that mines at wicked speeds. consider that a 1080ti only mines at 35 MH or so for ethereum. and a 1080ti costs 1000-1300 dollars right now. even if you got one at MSRP for 700-800 dollars. and they take 250 watts. so 3 of them would equal approximately 800 watts, considering your cpu and mobo, etc. would still only mine half of this.
anirban das (7 months ago)
https://order.bitmain.com/user/orderConfirm?productId=00020180403174908564M8dMJKtz06B7&productCount=1&locale=en I THINK by this link you GUYS can sill Buy E3..buy i am not sure.
JohnSullivanMusic (7 months ago)
will videocards go back down to msrp? probably not, they got used to the boom!
Matija Brkić (7 months ago)
Mining is scam !!!
zack9912000 (7 months ago)
I hope so, memory and GPU prices are beyond retarded, miners are a cancer to the gaming industry. These system are being made because miners have done it themselves buying out entire stocks of GPUs and memory tripling in price for a Ponzi scheme. If it wasn’t killing the industry people wouldn’t care or be so upset. Yet 300 dollars for a GTX960 is fucking retarded and thats the cheapest I have seen it in two years.
Alvis Vītols (7 months ago)
and where the fuck is eth proof of stake?
neirad537 (7 months ago)
Thank you bitmain
PP RR (7 months ago)
There are not enough for all, people will have to still buying gpu.
Mario Darnadi (7 months ago)
will kill nothing... just people start mining other coins
Anti World curruption (7 months ago)
so one question. Doesnt the implementation of tenzorcores by invidia doo the same thing with the market?every new gpu rizes the difficulty and Titan V is overhashing it with 100%. They relise AI in a net where it can evolve by minning the ai is learning. What will happen then? Thanks. regards
Nikola Karovic (7 months ago)
Monero 👑👑👑
420 Dont Blaze It, Study (7 months ago)
it wont kill, it did kill it, theyre most likely already using them for "testing" The spike in difficulty because of it and lowering price due to regs and icos potentionaly dumping ethereum already killed eth gpu mining Edit: aw shit you already mentioned this in the video, gotta learn to watch the whole thing before i comment
A. T. Maverick (7 months ago)
charly lee is a piece of shit!
Phil Rodgers (7 months ago)
I'm highly sceptical about this. First, if the machine is truly an ASIC device, it's a brick if the devs hard-fork. Who want's to risk buying that? We definitely aren't going to see the massive leap that ASICs did with Bitcoin and SHA256. My second issue is the memory. The article can be read as either 3 boards with 32GB each (96GB) or 3 boards with 6 ASICs with 32GB per ASIC (576GB - that's a lot of chips!). I'm assuming it's 96GB and these machines will be hashing 3GB DAGs, so 18 ASICs running 3GB DAGs is 54GB of RAM. They will be fine for 4GB DAGs (72GB) but that's about it. I'm guessing each ASIC can only run a 4GB DAG. Maybe they can run fewer ASICs for bigger DAGs, but wouldn't that bring the hashrate down, having idle ASICs? What will the DAG size be this time next year when these things are supposed to ship anyway? Will they be obsolete before they even reach the buyers? My GPUs have 8GB of RAM each, so DAG size is not an issue for me and others with 8GB cards.
Lineage2Ertheia (7 months ago)
ASIC = centralization . ALl power is BITMAIN's.
zeroflash1 (7 months ago)
will it be a true asic or just a new model of the antminer G1 and G2 eth miners from last year ?
Harley Me (5 months ago)
an antminer is an asic.....
Joe Wandy (7 months ago)
If you want us to take your video seriously, please learn how to pronounce Bitalik Vuterin correctly! Lol
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
yeah...i pronounce it in a different way everytime. not my problem. most of the time i just say worst MMA fighter of all time.
Eddie Parker (7 months ago)
The news of this is really breaking my heart, yea right.
Crypto Gamer (7 months ago)
I want to upgrade my ancient and well served Amd 6670 DDR 5 version, but GPU prices went up mostly because of GPU mining I think, so maybe GPU prices will lower when ASIC miners come out.
Wvovano (7 months ago)
glad to learn Dash is a shitcoin ;<
Philip Richardson (7 months ago)
This wont just affect ETH miners. Once these cancer asics are released where do you think the eth GPU miners will go...they will go to other gpu mineable algo's hence pushing the difficulty up on all the other coins/algo's which in turn will kill all GPU mineable coins.
Harley Me (5 months ago)
and sooner or later they will completely control the market.. first bitcoin.. then monero... now eth... when will they stop, never,, they want ALL the crypto and want none of us to profit
Swel (7 months ago)
нихуя не сообразил
Saideep Gourishetti (7 months ago)
All Chinese asic miners gonna get ripped after 1year. And have to send it back to china For repairs. Poor asic miners
Max z (6 months ago)
India NO.1
Matt Nelson (7 months ago)
I built a rig for $3600, everything brand new. 770W off the wall, ~229 MH/s.... The specs on these (if truely ~200MH/s), are garbage compared to a well built GPU mining rig...
Ambiotic Synapse (7 months ago)
I don't think it will completely kill it. First off the creators of those coins can just change the way the algorithm functions bricking eth asic miners from being used with some kind of cap. This is why I don't believe it'll kill the market completely. Gamer's have been wishing for their cards to drop in price. To be honest, the price hike wasn't necessarily due to miners, but the memory used to make the gpu's. As not only was GPU's effected, but RAM was as well. Bitmain is using ddr3 ram for that new ETH miner.. It's not as fast as ddr5 ram on the GPU's, so even if it had 32 GB's of ddr3 ram, it's not going to out perform a 10 card rig for Eth with the same size of ram, because the GPU ram is faster, so it'll be able to process the blocks more efficiently and faster than ddr3 memory. Come one people look at the ram speeds, and the type of ram used, it's NOT adding up! 600-800mh, i call bullshit.. it'll be more like no more than 200-300 and that power consumption would be astronomical in comparison to a 10 card GPU rig after being tweaked. That ballpark figure would be more along 1/4 of the numbers they're pitching, if not lower. So don't worry.. right now it's speculation, Their numbers do not match the ram they used, just doesn't add up in terms of ram speeds versus hashing power.. those numbers are even higher than ddr5 ram can produce at this current moment.. and for ANY ASIC Miner to be *competitive* they would have to be able to get ddr5 ram much, much cheaper than the phone & GPU companies in order to be as competitive in comparison. Just saying. Bitmain has always over hyped their numbers to get naive people to buy their stuff and fund their projects. I can't see people shelling out thousands of dollars for numbers that don't match up to the speeds of the ram they claimed to use when they can use that money to build a small GPU rig and get roughly the same numbers and ROI.. I just can't see this being a KILLER to gpu miners. It would be a stalemate cause a 10 card low end GPU miner with power sipping could possibly out perform that Asic just cause it has ddr5 ram, versus the 32 gb of ddr3 ram the bitmain miner is toting. I don't believe that hype.. sorry, too over hyped for the ram speed for me to believe those numbers could be real.
kevin winsborrow (7 months ago)
It says 220 M hash for 3000 dollars that is no different than gpu need only 8 gpu rig not the end when u got to spend 3k lol not making any difference
jack diamond (7 months ago)
Thank god GPU mining is gonna die. It deserves to die so much. GRAPHICS Cards are for graphics not get rich quick crypto scams.
Coin Decrypt (7 months ago)
The eth asic is no more powerful then a good gpu rig and more expensive, if anything it will just make the network more secure.
Louis-Philippe Duval (7 months ago)
LOL ok.
Antoine Jameson (7 months ago)
They probably will have a private fleet even more powerful then the public release lol
MadavTV (7 months ago)
Whattomine has become the bane of hobby miners existence, everyone with a decent rig just goes off that and ruins it for everyone else. I was mining gobyte quite successfully until a couple days ago. The only reason its stable is because it can only be dumped on 1 exchange
karma police (7 months ago)
at the current diff/ Eth price its allready shit. if this really comes out ethereum is going to shit.
DinoRexGamingHD (7 months ago)
This shit pissing me off
Harry Hightower (7 months ago)
Don't blame the miners > gamers < here is why the GPU Prices went thought the roof ....> butmain ....to me this isn't even a true ASIC Miner if it needs that kind of memory . more like a miner that needs memory to run it's ASIC Chips. I hope they do fuck up this miner some how and ripe butmian a new one .I like using ASIC Miners but why fuck up everyone over money when there is more then enough to go around.I don't want a hear the BS that's how Crops work get use to it,l i say fuck off crops all your good for is stealing for your CEO and stock holders ....there is plenty for all, share it .
DEFCONZERO (7 months ago)
Harley Me (5 months ago)
china is cracking down on bitcoin farms that waste so much electricity... the massive asic farm of bitmain put 100's out of power.... they'll be "fixed" in awhile I hope
Glenn V (7 months ago)
Yay bitmain! Make this asic thing happen
MadavTV (7 months ago)
Oh this is such a scam, difficulty has already ruined profitability bought a new RX 570 and it hashed 10mh/s...so ya screwed
Colin Stienke (7 months ago)
it has slower ram than an video card
Colin Stienke (7 months ago)
Its not going to kill mining . Just like the X3 was going to mine the other coin and they made it ware it cant mind it
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
oh it will if ETH does not switch to ETH 2.0 or does a hard network fork in time. the X3 was different. the monero devs got on top of it very quickly. not many if none other coin developers have done the same in order to juke a potential asic aimed at them. while equihash and coins like vertcoin were designed to be asic resistant to begin with, so was ETH. and now an asic is targeted directly at ETH. so we will see what happens.
Stephen Walker (7 months ago)
Yea I mean when they cost the same as a standard mining rig, and the only thing your saving is like 25 cents a day on power cost, and you can't resell it later to someone else, Also at 250-700 mhash, it's not gonna attack the difficulty any different than a typical GPU farm 24 cards or less. I don't see people actually buying this unless it does 600+ minimum for 2500, it would have to be to make it any kind of value that could overcome that resell failure later on. The creators of eth will probably fork as well whether to PoS or not this will destroy the Miner and is for sure to speed it up.
Energy (7 months ago)
So, I can buy an ASIC for a coin that will go POS this year? Well looks like that's more e-waste
Ciber Dog (7 months ago)
There going to fork ETH go ahead and buy a obsolete Asic.
Hans jurgen (7 months ago)
J Middleton (7 months ago)
ASIC=BITMAIN= Centralization=Bad  Ethereum Development Team Please Fork and change POW Algorithm!!!!!
Joahnnes Schütz (7 months ago)
I Get 292 Mh with 980w from The wall using 12 GTX 1060 6GB
Harley Me (5 months ago)
holy I get 33 gigahash from 1 usb gekkoscience asic... at only 1 watt. to bad its sha256 coins only :-) bitmain is trying to monopolize bitcoin... they've already killed it for small miners, now they'll do it with eth... what coin next.. I dont know.. but I know that greed.. so, the best thing you could do, fork it... or just make it worthless for a time.
Marques (7 months ago)
I am buying 5 of these bad boys!
Harley Me (5 months ago)
bad idea, your buying a $3000 door stop,, Eth will fork like monero did.. and abrubtly made bitmain's $12000 X3 into a paperweight. bitmain are going down. I doubt they can afford the new price of electricity costs china is handing them
ken jorgensen (7 months ago)
Good luck :) it will be worthless in 3 months or sooner after received :)
marvelv212 (7 months ago)
200 to 220 mh/s isn't that much. 6x 8gb RX 480 can do 180mh/s. Consider the warranty and resale ability of the miners. It really depends how much the Asic miner would cost. If it's $3000+ you are better off with GPU. If it's $1500 then it becomes worth while. Would these ASIC come out with bigger memory banks or upgradeable memory banks? Consider the DAG file. Currently mining profits have gone to the pits. Is it good time to buy miners these days? I say no. I might stop mining all together in coming months.
Maker Garage (7 months ago)
Keep up the good job! Perhaps get a temporary room backdrop for your videos??
Mad Dissident III (7 months ago)
It won't work, and if it does, it won't work for long, the Ethereum network is specifically designed for GPU mining.... They don't want ASICs mining Ethereum.
Mad Dissident III (7 months ago)
FuZZbaLLbee A hard fork will do the trick if these ASIC's start springing up.
FuZZbaLLbee (7 months ago)
Not so sure about it not being able to work on asic hardware. But they may change the algorithm to mine ETH. Then bitmain might be able to update their miner as well, if they use FPGA's
Fred Lakota (7 months ago)
many different type of crypto pools are already banning ASIC's.. good sign.. good luck with your ASIC when you can't logon into any pools anymore
alvin trieu (7 months ago)
I don't know why every is hating Bitmain for producing a product on their own and using it. They are a private company with no obligation to sell their ASIC miners. At least they are willing to sell their miners to people instead of just keeping it all in house.
Harley Me (5 months ago)
Sell the miners, after using them.. and not caring about anyone like us.. the smaller guy that cant afford massive mining rigs, and therefore cant mine because its so unprofitable .. Bitmain are trying to create a monopoly from it... and unfortunetly.. well they can fuck off... this is a EQUAL rights currency.. I hope they go bankrupt from they're greed.
I think if cryto wants to be a stable platform all coins in future have to be ASIC resistent its not like getting access to these miners is that easy and with difficulties shooting up even before these crypto apps get any life uses
mikka333 (7 months ago)
Did you know 6 cards RX580 rig can run at 192MH/s with 800-900W on the wall? If the ASICs can do like 1GH/s with 500w, then that will obsolete GPU miners.
Mario Darnadi (7 months ago)
but bitfuckface will be releaseing new miner ever few months so you can fuck yourself and only pay them another 3000 for another brick...
Louis-Philippe Duval (7 months ago)
ASIC are pretty much made just to mine. So it would make sense that they can mine over 1GH at a lower power cost than gpu.
Joe Kyser (7 months ago)
This has been a continious pattern since inception. The scale just gets bigger and bigger. I remember mining bitcoin and investing $400 which was high for something that nobody knew about. anyway that was good for like 2 months until i needed to spend it again on new hardware. It just kept getting bigger and bigger and more expensive. pretty nuts. the end picture is a few central locations around the world which essentially means its centralized. controlled by these massive miners. I try to explain all of this to new miners but some have their own dreams they calculate in
Joe Williams (7 months ago)
They better do a GH or better if not I will be laughing at the idiots that by these before and after the fork lol
TC (7 months ago)
jim swin (7 months ago)
lets hope we see a monero style reaction, a hard fork to change the algorithm and make them useless.
Robert Savilonis (7 months ago)
I thought ETH was switching to POS later this year....
Rajko Bezarevic (7 months ago)
Etherium is preparing to switch to POS and they are developing ASIC nice it is another SCAM like with Monero
theplayernkc (7 months ago)
Why are they saying Ethereum will be worth more then Bitcoin?
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
not to mention that virtually all new coins that come out these days are ERC20 tokens. all based on ethereum.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
because its far more useful. its the same in terms of a transferable currency and its blockchain is more useful for writing applications and inserting information into the blockchain.
Michael Birmingham (7 months ago)
Thank God for Vertcoin.
myantispambox (7 months ago)
ETH is not going to fork to defeat these ASICs. The ETH guys don't care, especially if POS is going to happen eventually anyway.
Harley Me (5 months ago)
then I guess I have to call a friend to help make sure bitmain is mining they're own currency.. we'll see how badly that screws up china's economy. oh then again... china is running outta power in areas because of they're huge farms... they'll become a seller only in due time
myantispambox (7 months ago)
GPUs will still be somewhat cost competitive if the ASICs really need that much memory. It's not going to be the same orders-of-magnitude difference like SHA256 or Siacoin.
CHANGO ROCKS! (7 months ago)
Is this FAKE NEWS? Ethereum was supposed to be ASIC resistant, which means it's impossible to mine ether with an asic.
CHANGO ROCKS! (7 months ago)
Yes, I was mistaken I guess it's true. However from what I hear it's only 200mh/s. That is equivalent to about 6 RX470's and $3000 price tag. With ether price tanking the way it is and proof of stake around the corner, ROI is likely laughable. Nothing like a real asic that is 30 to 100 times more powerful than a GPU. But not good news at all either. Bitmain will make huge profits but customers will lose bigtime as usual. Final nails in coffin for miners though, no question. Greed wins in the end, bitmain takes all. Difficulty goes through the roof as well because of the clueless fools who buy them, just like the poor folks paying $500 for cards ATM. ROI is like 1 year plus out at best and dropping. Ether POS in less than a year, which means mining ether is over way before you get a dime back beyond original investment. : )
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
its not GPU only. it just needs ram to hold the DAG. this machine is said to come with anywhere from 72gb to 96gb of ddr3 ram. GPU is not unique, only thing about GPU's is that they contain their own ram. so one could make an ASIC device that has self contained ram and viola! ETH ASIC. its only a matter of keeping cost down for using so much ram. i think you may be a bit naive on how it all works.
CHANGO ROCKS! (7 months ago)
I guess it's from credible news source, but thankfully they are not powerful at all just another bitman scam.
dastardlyman (7 months ago)
wont a fork just destroy this new miner? monero are forking in ten days to defeat the asics. etherium can do the same . . . .
Harley Me (5 months ago)
yup.. like the x3 and monero, bitmain will be selling the most expensive doorstop youve ever seen LOL
Mitche23 (7 months ago)
King Media, this isn't competition, ASIC miners are powerful and can centralize the coin to a few miners(few people), it defeats the purpose of decentralization. You can have too much control over a coin.
Dimitris Dokos (7 months ago)
but eth will be hybrid staking, so asic miners will still be usable until staking completely takes over, whenever that does happen...
Sean Payton (7 months ago)
I don't want a hard fork, i want a new graphics card.
I know as home miners it’s tough. But we must embrace technology. It is a horrible business model to fork or change anything when u fear competition?? That isn’t a safe way to move forward ? Huge competition is on horizon from Samsung to some names that would surprise most we need to allow technology to push us all to new levels. That is exactly what paved the way to where we r today. We r at the forefront. How can we turn back on advancement ? Let’s try and look at this in a different light?
Bernd Dornhoefer (7 months ago)
Guess those ASIC miners were already mining ETH before and they sell it now while they have the new generation up running.
Harry Patiry (7 months ago)
Its just specialized gpus and its not a true asic
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
not true. ASIC chips and GPU chips are just chips, plain and simple, programmed and designed in slightly different ways. the only thing preventing an ASIC from mining ethereum is ram, which holds the DAG for mining. GPUs can do this now because they have their own ram. so its really about creating an ASIC that has self contained ram with it. hence why they say it has 72+GB of ddr3 ram. its just a matter of keeping the costs down.
Studio Fokus (7 months ago)
1 F3 1000w = 7x 1070 900w, but gpu can sell later to gamers, F3 can go to trash, better buy gpu
Harry Hightower (7 months ago)
you can reuse those things for years after you buy them one time ...
Isaac (7 months ago)
Beats buying crazy motherboards, and ram, extenders, and extra storage for every rig. Not to mention the space current rigs take up. This is compact, simpler to set up, and cost effective overall. Plus gpus are overpriced.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
Litecoin Lucky (7 months ago)
This makes me love VertCoin even more!
HUNK - Unmasked (7 months ago)
So if the ether ASIC miners dominate in mining, that means Ethereum will become rare and eventually its price will increase, right? If yes then that's a good news for investors and a bad news for gpu miners :p
ken jorgensen (7 months ago)
not sure you understand the crypto market :) but nice try
Isaac Newton (7 months ago)
why would ETH become rare ? Silly kid...
ratchet500000 (7 months ago)
Not really, the supply increase of ETH will be the same - blocks are mined every 10-20 seconds without exception , 3 ETH reward per block.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
not necessarily. quark is mostly ASIC mined. its not super expensive. thats kinda due to its circulating supply though. Litecoin is asic mined. its not worth more than some coins, including some equihash coins that are GPU mined. it will just centralized mining and rape profits from GPU miners. thats about it.
BKDocHoliday (7 months ago)
well that's another point fot ASIC resistant Vertcoin. Sucks for you Ether miners though...
rollandoTech (7 months ago)
The more hashpower you have the more your coin is worth. Anyway ETH will move to POS and all the hashpower will move to ETC. ETC price will explode 😉 Hashpower is not bad!
Harley Me (5 months ago)
no.. the problem is all the huge hashrate from one country. They've made the difficulty of bitcoin so high noone but them can profit... hence they're trying to control cryptocurrency by a simple method called a monopoly... which essentially makes decentralization impossible they control the difficulty... and they tried with Monero.. so.. which one will they try to take away from us next? appareently its any equihash coin. I hope they all die in a pool of liquid money for they greed
KeepersWay (7 months ago)
Ignorance, Dash difficulty sky Rockettes with the Asics and the price is stable making dash mining unprofitable. Get educated.
myantispambox (7 months ago)
Hash power follows price (actually it follows profitability), not the other way around.
Phil Hackett (7 months ago)
Do I sell my gpu mining rig now? Very concerning
Glenn V (7 months ago)
yes, join the horde selling stacks of used GPU's on ebay for 2X MSRP with an ad saying "never used for mining" - Don't forget to add a picture with a mining motherboard. Nobody will buy your shit :p mining gpu's are broken
tunedskillsz (7 months ago)
Im selling all of my cards because ethereum is so low that i can buy 2 coins for 1 card. While 1 card will take about 2 years to mine 2 coins?
Phil Hackett (7 months ago)
MrSotko CryptoCurrency yes it’s a long term thing as you say. Been subscribed for a while now so thanks for all the videos. You are up late? Do you ever sleep? Lol I’m in the UK
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
yes, thats mostly from people giving up on mining due to incredibly low profits lately. but i say mine on and continue. when the prices increase again so will all that hard work during the low price phase.
Phil Hackett (7 months ago)
MrSotko CryptoCurrency ok thanks for the reply 👍🏻 I noticed gpu prices dropping on eBay at least
Mirko De Nuzzo (7 months ago)
so if this is killing gpu minning, will it decrease the price of gpus?
Harley Me (5 months ago)
YES! :-)
& & (7 months ago)
RavenCoin FTW!
Jemtac1st (7 months ago)
Well that was depressing
dastardlyman (7 months ago)
it may not happen and i think etherium can fork to defeat this . . .
Rusty Debier (7 months ago)
I really doubt miners who have collectively invested billions will give up on their GPU mining and throw away their profits to bitmain to stay in business. No one wants these damn machines so I expect miners would push for a fork to make em obsolete.
theplayernkc (7 months ago)
Wait, help me out please. I have been mining Ethereum, then taking it and exchanging it for Bitcoin. Should I not be doing this and hang onto the rest of the Ethereum I mine?
The Test (7 months ago)
Personally i would continue doing what you're doing. Ethereum is pure garbage compared to Bitcoin.
Sweet, finally i will be able to buy a decent video card that is not 3 times MSRP
ken jorgensen (7 months ago)
cards was more expensive back in 2003-2008 , a gamer like me will buy one new card every 2`end year ish,,who will gpu vendors choose first in line..money talks..mine and game https://www.coindesk.com/nvidia-ceo-gpu-production-boost-needed-because-of-crypto-miners/
zack9912000 (7 months ago)
Isaac Newton you are full of shit prices have been double and triple MSPR for almost Two years now
Glenn V (7 months ago)
RX580 MSRP is $200, they were $600+ for months. Looks like 300% to me. God I hope this asic thing works, already seeing the first ebay ads "Selling 25 RX580's for just $400 or 2X msrp almost new never used for mining lol"
Isaac Newton (7 months ago)
prices are only 15%-20% more than what it should be since late February and never were more than 50%.So 300% is absurd, stop spreading your ignorance.
tunedskillsz (7 months ago)
im still mining with 390's, so you can say im probably losing more on electricity right now
tunedskillsz (7 months ago)
FUUUCK! Im starting to really hate bitmain
Eren Kaslte (7 months ago)
+blackstorm5000 buy Canaan or innosilicon show them what's up.. Bitmain??.. Not in my house
Eren Kaslte (7 months ago)
+blackstorm5000 buy Canaan or innosilicon show them what's up.. Bitmain??.. Not in my house
blackstorm5000 (7 months ago)
Welcome to the club, I hate Bitmain with passion
Aslan T (7 months ago)
all over internet! where! i can only find one article and couple of reddit posts
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
then you didnt look too hard. because multiple asic and FPGA manufacturers are working on the same thing.
Xeno Altrax (7 months ago)
600 MH/s is not possible for 80GB of DDR3 memory. Consider a very fast DDR3 module like a GSkill DDR3-3200, this means each 1GB 64-bit wide bus module gives a transfer rate of around 25600 MB/s. Now the ethash algorithm requires 8KB per hash (ie. the algorithm samples the DAG file in a 64 iteration loop where each iteration samples 128 bytes). Thus a DDR3 transfer rate of 25600 MB/s gives around 3.125 megahash/sec for each 1 GB 64-bit wide bus module. Now if this F3 miner is running all 80 GB in parallel (ie. it's memory controller allows for parallel access to all modules simultaneously) then it will have a total hashrate of around 250 MH/s. And this is with extremely fast GSkill DDR3-3200 modules, if it used slower DDR3 modules then it's hashrate would be lower. If the F3 miner has 3 mainboards each with 32 GB DDR3, then it would have a total of 96 GB RAM. If this was using the very fast DDR3-3200 then the total hashrate would be around 300 MH/s. Again this is with very fast DDR3, slower RAM would just drop the hashrate.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
yeah i saw it. while its not an impressive hashrate its quite effecient. only 800 watts and 800 bucks to buy it. for that price you couldnt even buy a 1080ti at the moment which is around 35MH for ETH. even with 3 1080ti at 250 watts each, plus mobo and cpu, etc. over 800 watts still wouldnt hash about half the speed of it. eh...not bad i guess.
Xeno Altrax (7 months ago)
Bitmain officially released the miner: https://shop.bitmain.com/product/detail?pid=00020180403174908564M8dMJKtz06B7 Looks like Bitmain didn't even get DDR3 chips fast enough to even reach 200 MH/s. At least the dollar cost is pretty attractive at around 900 USD including PSU.
Xeno Altrax (7 months ago)
Thought you might find this interesting: I was searching through DDR3 datasheets from Samsung, Hynix, and Micron and I came across a couple of memory chips which are still available which can allow this F3 ASIC miner to reach 300 MH/s (and possibly even 450 MH/s). Both Samsung and Micron still sell 1 gigabit (that's bit not byte) DDR3 chips which are configured as 16-bit wide data buses and which are available at 2133 mhz speeds: http://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/dram/ddr3/K4B1G1646I-BCNB, https://www.micron.com/parts/dram/ddr3-sdram/mt41j64m16tw-093 What's interesting about these two DDR3 products is that in a certain configuration they fit the description of the F3 miner described as: "... each miner has three mainboards, each with six dedicated ASIC processors for mining, and each dedicated ASIC processor for mining features 32 1Gb DDR3 memory. In total, there will be 72 GigaByte of DRAM memory..." If each ASIC processor has associated with it 32 memory chips, each of which is 1 Gb (small "b" hence 1 gigabit not byte), then each processor would have 4 GB (byte). Now with 6 processors on each of the 3 mainboards, then this will total to the aforementioned 72 GB for the entire miner. And if each of these 1 gigabit memory chips were a product like the Samsung or Micron 16-bit wide databus, 2133 mhz chips, then each ASIC processor (with it's 32 1-gigabit memory chips) would have available to it a memory bandwidth of 2133 x 16 x 32 = 1092096 megabits/sec, equivalently 136512 MB/s. At 8192 bytes bandwidth per ethereum hash, this means each ASIC processor can potentially reach 16.66 MH/s. And with a total of 18 ASIC processors, the F3 miner can potentially reach around 300 MH/s. Now if instead of 2133 mhz memory chips, they were able to source 3200 mhz chips which are also configured as 1 gigabit, 16-bit wide databus chips, then the total hashrate of the F3 miner could potentially reach around 450 MH/s. So they could get pretty good (or even impressive) results if they were able to source 16-bit wide data DDR3 chips at 2133 mhz or higher.
mikka333 (7 months ago)
I'm curious how they do it too, not sure if it's a hoax. My guess is that it'll be something similar to GPU configuration using GDDR5 but with better tuning for Ethash, slightly better hash/watt, alternative choice for miners.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
yeah fair enough. the majority of speculation is 200-230MH anyway. we'll see when it comes. if thats the case then its not that amazing aside from potential effeciency of electricity
David Weiser (7 months ago)
as. a a community Id like to see or hear big picture ideas on how this will implement in global economy because if we dont have a fair and honest plan those powers will have an unfair one. There will be regulation but we as a public need to be allowed to imput. I can see a global blockchain commoditty or gold backed (bitcoin), many national blockchains ethereum based silver and asset backed and local gv blockchains industry blockchains personal blockchains ...... what cha think But we need a constant and the us dollar is not the answer
Julio P (7 months ago)
I hope ET-Hash forks, however i do believe that F3 will be software upgradable.
Julio P (7 months ago)
This is similar to what i read, regarding FPGA the architecture of this new ASIC is more like a regular computer than an ASIC itself. It is looking quite bleak for us GPU guys. I know some folks who have invested $30,000 in equipment to mine. ASICs tend to have a negative impact on the mining community and coin stability. Lets hope future profitable coins will be available for us to mine on GPU that are ASIC proof. Bitmain is the antithesis of crypto decentralization.
Blazs120gl (7 months ago)
Since we don't know the internals yet, this ASIC might well be an FPGA inside. Even ASICs contain CPU cores so they remain programmable. If the F3 does not have a real-time OS (like all win or Linux mining OSes) and the firmware does not have to cross subsystems like PCIE or CPU-GPU housekeeping or a north bridge etc., there is not much any forks could do. Not mentioning that a fork effective enough (I think this applies to any coin algo) to brick a powerful GPGPU-like miner like the F3 appears to be, will probably make any low- or mid-tier GPUs history as well. But again, let's wait and see. The only thing Bitmain must solve to remain in the business is remote auto-update of firmware.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
its an ASIC thats not really possible. or at least, not easily done. its programmed to do one very specific thing very effeciently over and over. an FPGA would be more programmable than an ASIC.
Mario Passendorf (7 months ago)
Mining eth today sell it on top , do not sell it for lower than 700$ this is my advice.
freedomelectronics (7 months ago)
we shall see which algo is truly asic resistant. ETH will fork away from ASIC and hybrid POS. one thing about asic is it uses less energy for POW than GPU rigs which is the main complaint about POW,
Lee Newt (7 months ago)
See Alex Jones is right the controlling powers will always try to control
AppleDrank (7 months ago)
waaaaay more than 22 times... almost unmeasurable if the second hand is smooth as fuck
Mitche23 (7 months ago)
Right twice and wrong twenty two times
B33SON (7 months ago)
A broken clock is right twice a day. Fuck alex Jones
Harry Hightower (7 months ago)
See Alex Jones is right the controlling powers will always try to control why is that new or amazing ? .. ...History has shown that and Alex Jones may never have thought that up an stole that from someone else .Alex Jones is full of shit .....
Petar Mitchev (7 months ago)
Which one is the controlling power?
Lisa Lowery (7 months ago)
If ETH doesnt fork - I can tell you for a fact all Ethash alt-coins will fork to avoid asics at all costs - Pirl for a fact will fork to avoid asics at all cost. IMHO
KeepersWay (7 months ago)
Even then all that hash power moving to he few coins that works will destroy profits bitmain is the devil.
Lisa Lowery (7 months ago)
highly recommend Akroma also
Captain Rylen (7 months ago)
I hope so.. since pirl is in my radar soon as soon as i am done mining eith EXP
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
hope so.
K Ho (7 months ago)
I wonder if the Ether team can do the same that the Monero team does ... which is to switch the PoW algo to make the ASIC useless. Yes, I know ETH will switch to PoS eventually ... but just like you said it it may take a while.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
technically thats not a monopoly. the GPU situation would be a duopoly. and the reason we prefer GPU is because they end up being less decentralized because its easier access for the people which is what crypto is for. ASICS are for whales. considering most of the time and not in the case of the paper weight cryptonight bitmain miner they are sold in batches. costing 3000-5000 each and requiring you to buy a minimum like 6 of them. most folks simply dont have the 20 grand needed for that thing. we also prefer GPU because they provide a more varying purpose than an ASIC. an ASIC does one thing, and one thing only. a GPU allows us to game, power our computers visually, run software, mine crypto and anything else you could think of. its not bias, its preventing our beloved cryptos from falling into the hands of centralized whales. most of the time these asics are run for months without our knowledge by the manufacturers, allowing them to scoop up tons of money until they increase the difficulty of the algorithm, then dump their used ASICS on us for an inordinate price. look into it more and you will see that GPU is more of a community and useful thing in virtually all aspects.
Petar Mitchev (7 months ago)
What is the difference between Nvidia/AMD and Bitmain? They are literally all monopolies. The only reason you prefer one of them is because you are invested (in gpus). Don't be biased
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
yeah i really hope they do. id love to start seeing a precedent being set. that coin devs wont stand for ASIC manufacturers destroying the difficulty of their coins for the average people.
DJ Clawson (7 months ago)
This probably doesn't have anything you don't know, but the book "The Age of Cryptocurency" goes into the history of mining in some detail.
DJ Clawson (7 months ago)
Most of the books are outdated (obviously) and repeat info, but I'm finding this one, which was written in 2014, still somewhat valuable in terms of history. It's very hard to write an article about Bitcoin that's not burned by the market by the time it's published.
MrSotko CryptoCurrency (7 months ago)
sounds interesting. thanks. and naw, there is always more to learn.

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