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Buy and store precious metal using The Perth Mint’s online trading platform

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https://www.perthmint.com/storage The Perth Mint has made investing in precious metals even easier with a secure online trading platform that offers investors the ability to buy and store with the Mint. Perth Mint Manager, Analysis and Strategy, Bron Suchecki explains how it works. Read the Media Release here - http://www.perthmint.com.au//documents/Perth%20Mint%20DOL%20Media%20Announcement.pdf
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Text Comments (36)
Jamie H (18 days ago)
You can store my metals for free until you charge me then il take over the severity of the security myself and will be able sell for a higher premium instead of ur based level values that are impossible to lose on buy low sell high i will thanks hahaha
Devin M (3 months ago)
Man I cant imagine what all these eastern worlds would have been like 200 years ago.... something just seems off about all this
C-jay Gama (8 months ago)
I am looking for a sure and a legit buyer of gold and diamonds.
WesternTruthTV (1 year ago)
Can you at some point withdraw/have posted to you, your bullion?
Perth Mint (1 year ago)
This article answers your question in detail - http://www.perthmintbullion.com/au/blog/blog/16-10-11/Understanding_the_benefits_of_Allocated_Pool_Allocated_and_Unallocated_precious_metals_storage.aspx Please note that we now offer unallocated silver - http://www.perthmintbullion.com/au/blog/blog/16-11-01/Perth_Mint_reintroduces_unallocated_silver_across_its_portfolio_of_investment_products.aspx
Thomas H (1 year ago)
He probably switched that bar with a fake in his jacket, what a stud
Mill Eudic (1 year ago)
How is the Gold delivered, for example after 5 years of accumulation. Is it allowed to be delivered from Perth to another country?
Mill Eudic (1 year ago)
Thanks. That is cool.
Perth Mint (1 year ago)
Allocated coins and bars can be sent to a client’s delivery address in most parts of the world, but due to restrictions we do not deliver some regions eg Africa and South America. Unallocated or Pool Allocated metal must first be fabricated into coins/bars, for which there is a manufacturing charge, and then dispatched on the same basis. Alternatively, you can make an appointment to collect fabricated metal in person from the Mint.
Great information. I already have gold accounts with Euro Pacific Bank and GoldCore who store some of my gold at the Perth Mint. Would me opening an account directly with you be another way to diversify?  And since I am in Canada what would be the minimum amount in dollars to start an acct with Perth Mint? Thank you
Perth Mint (2 years ago)
Can confirm that we have received your initial registration details. Welcome aboard The Perth Mint Depository Online!
Okay, I've opened my account and will be getting my passport and other identity documents notarized and uploaded later this week. Looking forward to diversifying my holdings with The Perth Mint. Cheers from Canada
Perth Mint (2 years ago)
Yes, that's absolutely correct Martin.
Thanks for your quick reply. Does that mean I can create an account, fund it over time and then purchase PM's (gold) as I add more cash and subsequently have enough to buy what I want stored?
Perth Mint (2 years ago)
Thanks for the comment and question. The minimum investment required to open a Depository Online account direct with The Perth Mint is just $50. See here for more information - https://www.perthmint.com/storage/. Let us know if we can help further.
John Romita (2 years ago)
the gold is everywhere. Theres gold in the room, gold in the air, gold in the chair, gold on the desk. GOLD GOLD GOLD. GOOOOOOOAALLLLLLD
SoCalFreelance (3 years ago)
First rule of stacking - If you don't own the physical you don't own it. Beautiful display BTW! Please get closer and film it in 4K and pan over the shiny goodness for like 10 minutes or so. Precious metal porn.
⬅ No Thanks, trusting a bankrupt western gov't with your safe haven assets is like giving a ride to a scorpion on your back... given enough time, you'll get stung by them.
Kenneth Finlay (11 months ago)
Absolutely AGREE.
losinglouie (3 years ago)
Hi: For US residents, will there be a transaction report or 1099 issued to the U.S. Government upon the sale of significant positions? Thx, LL
Gerbear (1 year ago)
losinglouie I asked and no there is not. It's not a bank
losinglouie (3 years ago)
And a great answer!
Silverstack Mac (3 years ago)
Very good question
Bron Suchecki (3 years ago)
No, the Perth Mint does not send transaction reports to any government. Given the privacy restrictions in the Gold Corporation Act, any government wanting information on a client's account has to file a request with an Austrailian court which will determine if the request is valid
SilverBlackBird1989 (3 years ago)
I rather have my gold in hand.
MrkBO8 (3 years ago)
Will this be compliant with a SMSF?
Bron Suchecki (3 years ago)
+MrkBO8 Yes, we have a large number of SMSF with gold and silver accounts with us.
Fivology (3 years ago)
No thanks
Goudhaantje (3 years ago)
A mint should mint.
Dellrugby PM (3 years ago)
I prefer the stuff on the table top, but nice idea. Problem is you are in the system. And the system can fail you when the actual supply fails to match what was purchased. Just saying...
Dellrugby PM (3 years ago)
Sounds good,  I will give it some thought as an idea for diversity
Bron Suchecki (3 years ago)
+Dellrugby PM When you purchase from us to store, whether it be online or via telephone, we buy the gold or silver to match at that point in time, so there is no shortfall.
slhines7 (3 years ago)
Yeah right, hell no but thanks!
Stokjockey (3 years ago)
Love the Gods and Goddess' of Olympus........I hope you continue the series in 2016 in some way....
PlataStacker 1 (3 years ago)
Hey, I love the Perth mint ! , but I'll store my own metals ! Thanks but no thanks .
Chippy Tucker (1 year ago)
Notice that shady bugger, slip one in his pocket?! Store your own metals lads!! :)
Raymond R (2 years ago)
Same Here :)

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