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THE VERY NEAR FUTURE: Lynette talks with David Quintieri of Money GPS

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New to ITM Trading? Get your FREE ITM INVESTMENT GUIDE: http://info.itmtrading.com/thanks-yt-free-guide/?ytv=CWL08082018 David's Channel: The Money GPS https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMoneyGPS If you want to know what to actually DO about all of this, that's what we specialize in at ITM Trading. How do you protect your wealth for the next collapse and financial reset? Yes Gold and Silver, but what types? How much of each? What strategy? And what long term plan? If you're asking these questions you're already ahead of the game... We're here to assist you, as it is our mission to safeguard the public from the inevitable downfall of the dollar. We are the most recommended precious metals company in the industry for good reason, because we treat you just as prestigious as our gold. Find out if you're properly protected today... We are here to serve you: 877-410-1414 You can also email us at: [email protected] For Instant Updates and Important News, please follow us on: https://www.ITMTrading.com https://twitter.com/itmtrading https://twitter.com/itmtrading_zang https://facebook.com/ITMTrading By ITM Trading's Lynette Zang ITM Trading Inc. © Copyright, 1995 - 2018 All Rights Reserved.
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JOHN KENNEALLY (29 days ago)
Love Dave, but need more QE so he can afford a razor and a shirt with a collar.
DAVID m (1 month ago)
I need to correct you both of you because I have $12,000 in the bank and it was back with another 40,000 in another account and I was able to take out $15,000 grand total cash they gave it to me in hundreds and fifties so there's liquidity inside these Banks I don't know if I should mention the bank that I went to but it was in New York
Randy Bruno (1 month ago)
kevin joseph (2 months ago)
Matt Woodruff (2 months ago)
David, Is there a precedent in which a financial crisis was averted by precious metals. Tell me a story of someone like me, an everyday joe that has some gold and silver and when TSHTF was able to use said precious metals to preserve wealth/ survive. I'm having a hard time imagining worst case scenario and trying to sell someone my silver so I can pay bills or even eat. I certainly wouldn't want to buy any silver of gold during such an event. It would be priced too high.
Armoured Gaming (2 months ago)
My two favourite advisers of finance. 😊😊
Haha MissMiss (2 months ago)
David...you're better than THIS, YOU ARE Younger THAN this. Admit it..She's your granny
Mark Wegner (3 months ago)
I came here for the truth!
Clint Johnson (3 months ago)
lynette, you have some brown stuff on your nose
S Giangregorio (3 months ago)
How do you buy gold and silver and where can you safely store it?
Russell G (3 months ago)
People think they can horde gold but this too will be confiscated... do not be under any illusion that anyone can circumvent the coming chaos...
Russell G (3 months ago)
Drinking moonshine out of a mason jar... baaaaad boy... LOL
Joshua Weigand (4 months ago)
Knowledge bombs, thanks for opening our eyes!
Samantha Jane (4 months ago)
David's Channel is one of the original ones I followed since the beginning of realizing You Tube was a fantastic resource for the type of research I was doing in regards to investing my retirement funds. Since I believe in precious metals as a part of any portfolio, I also follow Lynette's channel so this was a great combination. Keep up the great work, both of you!! I'm starting my channel soon but don't worry....I don't think the Crypto Psychic lady running a Crypto hobby channel will be any competition for either of you, LOL! No matter how busy I am, I always check out any new videos you guys post.....I know I can count on both of you for the truth.
Salim Huerta (4 months ago)
This is why I want to sell my car and buy gold since I still live at home with my parents but my family says I need the car but this is the most inflated the value of the car has ever been and gold will be stable through the crash I’d be saving them probably from their insane mortgage but older people never want to listen they are stuck in the confidence trap
Nick N (5 months ago)
These people that are bankrupting Americans pensions, should be hunted down and hung or just shot where they stand!
Niches of Narcissism (5 months ago)
The next crisis will be the Black Horseman of the Apocalypse - Read in the book of Revelation. It is planned, to push us into global (mark of beast). For timing of WHEN, watch Israel. Watch plans to rebuild Temple according to prophecy.
mike davies (5 months ago)
Good talk the point David made about everything else being in a bubble except the real true value gold and silver, his other mention of missing out I too have because I got killed in the last crash and I cant believe this façade has been able to go on.What he said about the fed most don't know the truth about the fed and how they manipulate things in order to get things and obtain control. The crazy thing is we the people have let this go on and on and on all because the majority are to lazy to educate themselves very frustrating
silverfox (5 months ago)
" Amazing when you ask a bank teller , do you know what a " bail in " or a "bail out " means . Or ask , are you familiar with the term "fractional reserve banking " means , They don't know .
Mike (5 months ago)
Anyone hear about the gold plated tungsten carbide? Gold is nice but I prefer silver.
M K (5 months ago)
Enjoyed the chat. Thank, Y'all.
White Wolf (5 months ago)
If the world were just the president of EVERY bank that "failed" would be digging ditches and picking strawberries until every depositor was refunded every penny, AFTER all the assets of the bank were liquidated to pay the depositors, and the stockholders were told to take a long walk of a short pier.
Whale Dog (5 months ago)
Scary stuff
Connie Day (5 months ago)
Oh shoutout from down under Perth Aussie lyn & david love your work yes diversify is the key we start back in 2005 when silver was $6ounce &buying gold @$400 sold my house turn profit into silver thousands
Ivory Billed (5 months ago)
Great discussion thank you David and Lynette. When will the mountain ranges of debt come tumbling down? Almost every country and corner of the world with staggering levels of it. Don't know, but when the piper must be paid, the suffering will be terrible.
Robert Fortier (5 months ago)
Great job Lynette getting David Quintieri on you show. I listen to David on his GPS show and this man really does his homework. They say that the Truth hurts but David tells it like it is. Very knowledgeable Man. Great show; thank you very much. Keep up the good work Lynette. (Big Fan of yours)
joseph kim (5 months ago)
I see ya'll saying gold is good but how about silver? 1. Is silver good too? 2. Which is better? Gold or silver? Thanks lads👍
Gigsro Uiy (5 months ago)
Teachers pensions and Canada and the big ones and other pensions they're all being restricted from Investments that contribute to the so-called pseudoscience idea that humans are contributing to global warming and this is going to be a major Stranglehold, as they're going to force your Investments towards a Agenda 21 neatly packaged choke hold rat trap everything is in line for a collapse right now just one giant Ponzi scheme
Clint Pot (5 months ago)
What do you think about social security? Can we lump this in with pensions? Does it have any political clout? Does the USD render it useless via inflation?
V M (5 months ago)
Fantastic video - you two make a great team. Looking forward to a video series on specific topics with the both of you in future :)
finback2005 (5 months ago)
lethal combo.
Armoured Gaming (5 months ago)
Great interview and great conversations I am now to subscribed to both of you.
wallsgallery (5 months ago)
FYI the broad art and collectibles market never recovered from 2008. (I'm not talking Balloon Dogs) Most collectors are part of the baby boom and are selling their stuff as they downsize or die. Boomer's furniture, art, and collectibles are all in the tank. Auction houses say that dining rooms get sold to woodworkers - for pennies even on the original price dollar. Buy gold and silver! Thank you for your invaluable info.
Ryan Thompson (5 months ago)
be your own central bank and power company
Ryan Thompson (5 months ago)
Nice work David and Lynette Thank you for advice now get yourself a Solar system with batteries for the power outages that may occur, if you need advice just lmk
Rodrigo Martínez (5 months ago)
Great respectful chat
pub (5 months ago)
Fear Porn Grandma pushing precious metals …….. Risk your principal ? BUY SILVER and see it go DOWN 70% in couple years then do NOTHING - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING
BLAKBODHISATTVA (5 months ago)
she misrepesented whats happening in venezula they created a gold and oil back crypto and pegged their dollar to the gold and oil backed petro crypto to keep their currency from totally crashing...what is it whith these people...they seem like they want something bad to happen to people that are really not doing anything wrong just suffering under sanctions...
ernesto ginebra (5 months ago)
I want info. About gold where to buy in trust , how to change when need it ?
William Iannucci (5 months ago)
Hear you Israel our God is One and his name One ☝ The COMMANDMENT of ALMIGHTY God and Father is that we are to : Love the LORD God with all our heart and all our mind and with all our strength and to Love our neighbors as we Love our ownselves. Oh Lord God who art GOD please bless David and Lynette in these last days that your name that is Named the KING of Kings may be blessed for they both hate unrighteousness and Love their fellow man and we know SALVATION is of the jews and there was no one marred for not himself but for the world more than Christ Jesus . SELAH
William Iannucci (5 months ago)
Fear not God ALMIGHTY will punish the wicked who turn not away from their wickedness Lynette and David. Come Lord Jesus our Christ your Christ return him Father the very CHRIST God with us. SELAH Amen AMEN .
Eric Saint-Etienne (5 months ago)
It amazes me how the small circle of doom predictors invites each other on a regular basis. And what amazes me even more is that it works! People come again for more.
Hum Tum (5 months ago)
thus guy is good
Anthony May (5 months ago)
My daily fix in one place:) Thanks guys great info as usual!
tortoise62 (5 months ago)
Here’s a regulatory idea: If executives truly feel that a company is undervalued, warranting buy-backs (with shareholder funds), then they should be compelled to buy shares with their personal funds as well. Would their judgement of value be maintained? Of course not. Buy-backs do nothing to incrase a company’s profit potential in the same way aquisitions do - or even debt repayment - as reduced servicing costs would increase profits. Buy-backs are simply theft of shareholder assets IMO.
James Goodman (5 months ago)
I went and got several thousand dollars from my Credit Union (bank) and wasn't given any problem at all. Stay away from banks, use credit unions.
TheOlddantucker (5 months ago)
Hi I am from the Netherlands and just a house painter and started because the video s from Mike Maloney,buying gold and silver,have it in 2 country s one not in Europe.And i sleep very well :).
Roman Van Holdt (6 months ago)
Amazing interview!
keith ruhe (6 months ago)
aloooooooooooooooohaa so just wondering why not sit on the sideline with cash and then wait for the crash and buy as much as possible as the market and stocks will be undervalued??
High Sierra News (6 months ago)
I like David Quintieri because he gives you detailed information, yet he still gets to the point fast and shows his work.
La Plata Peak (6 months ago)
Great interview! Always love David's perspective and his channel is an awesome way to stay current on what's going on in the financial sector. Another great source is Matt from the Silver Fortune channel. He's got a great following as well, and I hope to see him on Coffee with Lynette sometime soon!
Nicholas Sellers (6 months ago)
Hey Lynette, I love your channel and I think it’s very sweet how you give out the bad news. I’d be interested in a video explaining what were good things to purchase in past recessions/ depressions with the wealth a person had accumulated. Did people after the Great Depression invest in property? What will JP Morgan/Rothschild/ whoever be buying with the cash from their buy-backs? Thanks for the fun videos
m w (6 months ago)
Great show. Thank you.
HeyJer (6 months ago)
One of the best yet Lynette! Icamehereforthetruth!
Level Headed (6 months ago)
That risk is this - They destroyed Venezuela - it's LOADED with unmined minerals - There could be TONS of gold and silver there. No one has ever know - but US gov't numbers show it to be filthy rich with it. If that happens - we get a tumble in the metals. More crazy - the FED is creating their own blockchain and moving into the bit coin markets - ..... not even sure what that means.
James Pollard (6 months ago)
Sam Lyons (6 months ago)
back the buck with natr gas.............we have 100 yrs worth we can hardly give away !
Carl Sitler (6 months ago)
Luckily I got in 6 months early instead of 6 minutes too late. When will I sell? Never. I will trade for land.
terry shead (6 months ago)
I must say, the poisoning of Skripal in the uk, what a joke, how desperate these people are, lies lies and lies, the Russians are coming?
terry shead (6 months ago)
Great guy, speaks the truth.
Peter Mizla (6 months ago)
sort of a 1980s view of the world- backwards looking. Neither one mentions the planet earth's inferno with heat and fire- both miss climate change totally. Quintieri talks about his stuff being 'data based'? David look a the science- see the data, evidence, geologic history- you are missing everything. As for Lynette- another relic from the 1980s. Its amazing many of these folks look at the past to predict the future. Look at the gaping wealth and income inequality, student debt, housing bubble on the west coast and other places. These two have a cute interplay- but they are horribly misinformed- do they read anything at all?
Volts (6 months ago)
Love the content and to see David on your Channel.
Zachary Cave (6 months ago)
I like Lynette but she barely gave the guy any time to talk
Jacob Main (6 months ago)
I got my tinfoil on and I came here for the truth! 😃 love both of you in the same interview! 🖒
Ron Orr (6 months ago)
I just want you to know that i duo love your analysis. I find them detailed with hard data. But i don't see gold as an alternative. Gold will continue its decline DOWN to $600 per ounce. I have been trying to understand why golf has been in such a spiral with all the political turmoil and these tariffs but i haven't been able. I looked at India, China,and Russia. None of these countries have been unloading gold. And as the David Quintieri has stated, Russia is buying gold. So i looked at the strategy, or pine of the strategies that i will deploy when the market begins to fall is cryto currency. This ha become the me safe haven for money. Crypto currency in this immediate outlook has become the substitute for gold.
Henry Morgan (6 months ago)
Become your own Central Bank..........Gregory Mannarino
Sue Warman (6 months ago)
Lynette, surely the blockchain can be their solution to save the system, with the 'insiders' having already moved their wealth over to it. They are busy persuading hedge fund and pension fund managers to do same. Why don't you ever mention the blockchain anymore?
Hal Pecher (6 months ago)
A banker taking the bus.
The Next Chapter (6 months ago)
Just read an article of how the GenXers don't use any cash but are buying with cell phone aps like venmo or even on Instagram. (hence the latest Facebook controversy asking for users financial info so they can compete). Indoctrination starting with our kids.
Common Ground (6 months ago)
Love David!
G Desrosiers (6 months ago)
It is always a pleasure to watch an interview where you let the guest speak...totally enjoyed the program
Robert Lefebvre (6 months ago)
"Confetti-ize" is the stupidest idea I've ever heard considering that 99% of "money" exists only as digits in a computer! It's already gone well beyond being "confetti" and has been atomized to the point of only being electrons! Confetti-ized has already happened exponentially!
Bob Arnold (6 months ago)
Lynette using Venezuela you would need minimum 5-7 years of metals get by. I wish I had a time machine and go back to the to 1970.
wayne mcclory (6 months ago)
The tool box is empty and the end is near. But they need a reset after all it’s done every 8 year.
wayne mcclory (6 months ago)
The winner will be those holding the golden, look at Russia ,China,India,and hundreds more.
Robert Lefebvre (6 months ago)
I've watched through the years as one Congress after another spent more than they took in and passed the bill onto future and non-voting generations while those "workers" were padding their retirement accounts remained silent. So while you might have some sympathy for their 1/3 cuts, they really should only get their pensions after they pay their fair share of back taxes and take them off the backs of future generation.
Robert Lefebvre (6 months ago)
BigTomInTheBasement I agree it's too late (to a point). IF they (the establishment) wants to keep the fraudulent money system going then they can create all the money to pay off 'the national debt" with a key stroke. That would effectively destroy the ill gotten purchasing power of the current generations and place the future generations at least at zero (rather than in debt). But that wouldn't deal with the future or present any fix to the broken system. The idea that a government sponsored central entity to "manage" the money supply is nothing but horseshit and they (and Congress) need to be bridled. So "paying off" the national debt in such a manner but leaving the politicians free to continue selling future generations into indentured servitude would only be a bandaid on a hemorrhage.
BigTomInTheBasement (6 months ago)
Robert Lefebvre it's too late for all that. We can't blame entire generations for the bad decisions of a few law makers.
moresugar tradercc (6 months ago)
great interview i enjoyed it
Wendy Bevan (6 months ago)
Have you read: Lords of Creation - FL Allen, & Creature from Jekyll Island - G E Griffin? Lynette? David? blessings WB
DeLaVille (6 months ago)
I like you Lynette, but you did not let David talk much, he was the invited guest.
muddyriverdogz (6 months ago)
A smart banker that's been putting it away won't be riding no bus.They might print it until it's worthless but before it is worthless they will buy everything up that isn't.
Lena Romero (6 months ago)
What a scam going on in the gold space, how did they come up with such a lie and get away with it. Selling a piece of paper and calling it gold. What a group of theives.
RigoRocks23 (4 months ago)
I saw a documentary today and the 1st u.s. dollars were just paper notes you took from one bank to another bank so you didnt have to carry a bunch of physical gold from one place to another. Eventually they just removed the gold from the picture and here we r trading our future toilet paper for goods and services
Lena Romero (6 months ago)
Really like David, a real part of the truth and freedom movement, and of course you as well Lynette . Keep speaking out ,the Purge to silence the truth is on. Damn facist bastards lol. Sorry Jesus Christ is Lord!
Adrian Segura (6 months ago)
They got sdr. imf has a clean sheet . That's what they will .
Fact Check1984 (6 months ago)
I would add that the lack of job security in the country is a motivator to generate income in other ways such as passive income, or a small side business income ( even just dog sitting, dog walking, mother's helper etc ). The lack of job security is also a motivator not to take on debt for the little guy/gal. Taking on debt means you must have income over time and in the future to pay it back, but jobs are sketchy, improving now but sketchy.
THOMAS the RAM (6 months ago)
Every one needs to file a ucc 1 financial statement and put a Lein on your securitized birth certificate trust.they can't operate without our birth certificates!
Fact Check1984 (6 months ago)
Lynette, David would you please do a video on the change in the price of homes over the past 50 years in terms of incomes people make? When my parents bought a home it was less than 1 year's worth of my father's income. Today it takes almost 6 times a person's income to buy a home. I don't understand how that can go on if wages continue to be stagnant. Thank you!
James the Ponderer (6 months ago)
How many times is a dollar taxed...by way of every time it leaves another wallet to make a purchase. Thousands and thousands of times?
stephen sluznis (6 months ago)
well i have come to the conclusion that i need to step back and rename the dynamic duo (greg & lynett) to the cape crusaders (greg , lynette , & david) and i truly apologize to david for slipping away from his channel but im back and thank you as well as greg and lynette for your dedication and honesty! you are true human beings and honest patriots!
jj H (6 months ago)
First of all wall street could care less about gold as the market is simply too small to be meaningful. Why has gold gone down since its peak in 2011? This is when capital flight out of Europe really started and moved into dollars and dollar based assets. This created dollar strength and weaken foreign currencies then making gold more expensive in these countries with demand then dropping and then price. This has nothi9ng to do with manipulation. Then later Draghi at the ECB went to negative rates and even more capital fled Europe into dollars and the Dow with it breaking record after record. Armstrong Economics computer models forecast this back in 2009 when the Dow was around 6000 and the forecast were 22,000 then 23,000 and finally to around 40.000 as the collapse of Europe reaches its last leg. The models forecast as we enter into the end of 2018 capital again accelerates into dollars and the shit hits the fan in Europe around 2020/21. The EU, euro, most banks, many corporations and countries will not survive in their present form. The euro is not expected to last beyond 2021. All of this will cause more dollar strength and dollar based assets to move higher. This will crush not only gold and silver but US commodities in general. It is these international capital flows moving into or out of markets, countries and trading blocks that cause trends and great economic and social change which we are seeing in Europe. Now just recently capital has been flowing into dollars from the emerging markets as their currencies continue to weaken against dollar strength. Folks if you do not understand these capital flows do not trade the financial markets or you will lose it all and certainly do not buy metals unless you are willing to sit on them for a very long time. Your money could be better put to use to help your family;s retirement. These two do not understand futures especially the Comex. Most contracts on the exchange are hedges. Take a large metal wholesaler or large retail dealer they must buy put options, (going short), in case the value of their inventory falls. This is for financial protection and is simply the cost of doing business. All large holders of metals must hedge and that includes industry. Now beside physical commodities being hedged so are dollars both long and short. If I think the dollar is going to strengthen and I short the EUR/USD and GBP/USD crosses one of my hedges would be to buy call options on the Comex in case my currency trade goes south. If I am wrong I would exercise the contract for cash and offset my losses. The fact is most hedges expire worthless. Since dollars are the most widely traded currency on the planet and if you trade you must hedge, hence the large volume on the exchange. Now negative rates came about in Europe which is the central bank charging banks to park at the ECB. Their reason was to force banks to lend in the real economy. This failed on a spectacular scale. Many banks simply opened branches in the US and converted euros to dollars and parked capital at the FED in addition to lending in the states. Other banks started to charge customers deposits which forced even more capital to flee Europe. Going cashless has nothing to do with tracking but saving on expenses. Cash is very expensive for banks and businesses. Take a typical business at the end of the day. They must count and bag cash and then deposit it at a bank or if large enough cash by armored car. Then the bank has to not only count what they have in drawers and on hand but also the customer business deposits and then an armored car takes this to a central undisclosed location by each large bank in an area where it is unloaded, counted again, sorted and place on pallets for shrink wrapping. Then it is loaded on tractor and trailers in unmarked trucks and shipped to the nearest federal reserve branch where it is unloaded and counted again. Just right here think of the cost to not only banks but businesses. Now there are more expenses. These undisclosed buildings or warehouses have security everywhere with high fences and razor wire. You just can't drive in the parking lot without clearance. The you have the cost of the building, maintenance, property taxes, insurance, IT costs, etc, etc etc. Now multiply this by locations in every city in the US and by every major bank and business. Folks these costs to simply use cash are enormous and no one even gives it a thought. This is the same reason that banks are placing chips in cards forcing you to used debit instead of credit. Currently with many businesses still not forcing the chip card, when you hit debit the transaction goes thru the banks ACH system , (Automated Clearing House) which the banks put together to bypass the lines that credit cards use which cost the businesses and bank more to use. All banks pay a transaction fee every time a customer uses debit which is cheaper for banks and businesses than what credit card companies charge. The fee to banks is still way much cheaper than using cash and most transactions today are in fact debit.
T Hyslop (6 months ago)
jj H You have four divergent thoughts that don't end in coherency.
KatinIN (6 months ago)
This may have a mistake, but I have been so concerned about losing my entire retirement before I'm eligible to get my hands on it.......I borrowed on it and bought gold. Yes, I make payments back to it out of my paycheck, but I have that gold NOW, and I feel safe. At least safer. The retirement plan I have allows for a loan from myself and if I lost my job or something happened, they'd consider it an early withdrawal and I'd just have to pay the taxes on the balance. In this collapse scenario, I'd hope a coin or two would take care of those taxes. This might seem radical, but the position I was in made me feel helpless to this "system" so I made a radical move . I'm not sorry for it, as if everything falls, at least I have that.
RichH (6 months ago)
TOPIC REQUEST for future presentation: What percent of one's 'liquid' assets should be converted and then held (privately) in 'tangibles' such as precious metals, etc. etc. etc. ???? What would be the approximate recommended (?) percent spreads of tangible holdings vs. currently held liquid assets in order to gain or maintain 'parity' (maintaining currently held 'wealth'/assets) in the NEW upcoming financial system - aka: RESET. Many recommend a *minimum* of 10%, others (those who manage the wealth of the mega-wealthy ... such as Egon von Greyerz, et al) are recommending much much more than 10% ... such as 20%+, or more, in a diversified tangibles 'portfolio' holding. Such a detailed discussion would be INVALUABLE to us financial 'dummies'. Thanks for all you do. VERY VERY much appreciated !!!!!!!!
adam ahquin (6 months ago)
Lynette, I love your humility!!!! Despite your in-depth extensive knowledge, you stay open minded and humble in your approach which is why you continue to add light and knowledge to your obvious current vast knowledge base!!!! Thank you for your work, I love learning from your insights!!!!
Three Dogs and a Camper (6 months ago)
I downloaded the book mentioned by David, The Great Crash 1929 by John Kenneth Galbraith. Just the introduction, written by Galbraith in 1988, is chilling and sobering. His discussion regarding conditions leading up to the crashes of 1929 and 1987 sound as if he’s talking about the present.
The Money GPS (6 months ago)
Such a great book!
Paul Furtado (6 months ago)
Dumb down the masses with propaganda for the culling. The beekeepers smoke is pouring into the hive. Liquidity is pouring into the bond market.
Chris Hughes (6 months ago)
Great education. Thanks and keep stacking.
John Rountree (6 months ago)
Cypress and Venezuela are there to foretell the future. There is a rumor the US has no gold and a rumor there is an enormous amount found in the Grand Canyon. Maybe the central banks are all working together to keep this going long after I'm home. But paper and compter memory is not trustworthy in the end.
Jason Flaherty (6 months ago)
Thanks for your work both of you. I watch both channels,
Troy B. (6 months ago)
All the world suffers to the usury of the Jews... ---Pope Clement VIII
HoodedSuburban (6 months ago)
Xrp has liquidity
Magdalena van Weert (6 months ago)
Unfortunately USA people keep thinking there's nothing else but USA (many other countries' people, mainly, only look at their own as well. (Western)Europe's pension funds collapsed (were cheated on, or the were untrustworthy as well). As far as I know, and I lost interest as I don't have a pension) collapsed/were collapsing over 11 years ago.

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