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John Murphy: "How I Analyze the Markets"

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John Murphy discusses how he analyzes the markets using StockCharts.com tools and features. This clip features part of John Murphy's presentation at ChartCon 2011.
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Ryan Smith (3 months ago)
Man the analysis is all wrong .. it may have been correct in other decades but this was the first time that the Fed was actively manipulating 10 year bond yields lower through bond purchases … also investors knew the Fed was a big buyer so they jumped on that ship too, thus exacerbating the drop in bond yields … the point being that bond yields weren't dropping due to economic weakness … which is why stocks moved in opposite direction .. and with bond yields dropping precipitously it was EVEN BETTER for stocks since it made the cost of borrowing for companies super cheap, AND it made the discount rate in valuations low hence inflating NPV stock prices.
Ryan Smith (2 months ago)
I wouldn't call it a new approach. What should we look for in terms of? Don't understand your question.
tope ladapo (2 months ago)
Ryan Smith so what is the new approach or what should we look for
Dark Monohue (9 months ago)
First! This man is a national treasure.
Genius Marc Says (2 months ago)
i got his book, lets hope it will help me make money
1994g0 (6 months ago)

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