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2018 New Japanese Bitcoin ASIC Miners 28Ths??? Bitmain Dead Soon???

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Gopi Krishnan (1 month ago)
So hool 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😎😎😎😎
Om Sujesh (3 months ago)
Nice dense hairs..
Benjamin Caughman (4 months ago)
Your hair is the best... Don't even worry about showing your fave, just show us your hair 0-o
Gregwinson Gregwinson (4 months ago)
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CastinFrost (5 months ago)
No new videos?
anonymous (6 months ago)
Bitmain 7nm S11 dec 2018
yuli ms (6 months ago)
Eva Ascencio (6 months ago)
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Ananda Seenthink (7 months ago)
great bro
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Qiu Shi Sheng (7 months ago)
Lmfao....what an idiot...you mean double the power efficiency NOT same
Paul Hallelujah (7 months ago)
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Mykola Gulevych (7 months ago)
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helazhar (8 months ago)
ya right. double the efficiency, triple the cost of the device!
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Guitar Beaver (8 months ago)
Looks like the microphone after a Great White concert
Erlan Burdani (8 months ago)
man..you need a lot of shampoo..cheers😂
Stopyabetchen Office (8 months ago)
He has a beard and afro. He's trustworthy.
Andrei A (9 months ago)
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maciej wrotek (9 months ago)
nice hat hahahahaa
tyler maloney (9 months ago)
only 10 million bitcoins left people - what happens when there all gone.
Maxio Lpio (8 months ago)
mining will be done.
spyrmac (9 months ago)
Still no new miners ?
VERITACALL WORK (9 months ago)
I hit the subscribe button because of the Afro
Bryan Alfonso (9 months ago)
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August Williams (9 months ago)
Where are you getting 28 TH...
Abhay Chaudhary (9 months ago)
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Maxim Afteniy (9 months ago)
If you're willing to share, what is the source of the information?
BIll Geo (9 months ago)
Totally misleading and misinformed! AKA bullshit
SupraSmart68 (9 months ago)
The whole cryptocurrency phenomenon is based upon a fiat system no better and a lot less stable and reliable than the USD or GBP etc. that it seems to have been designed to counter or replace, since the current banking system is so obviously fraudulent from top to bottom. All currency is fiat or fake, even a gold or sterling silver backed currency is total bull if no-one has a religious, unquestioning faith in it. Money as a means of exchange is simply a convenient tool to save carrying around wheel barrows full of gold or coins and yet Bitcoin and such have even made that basic function ridiculously complicated and risky compared to cash or a debit card. Nothing is worth anything until you can convince someone that it has intrinsic value, like food and shelter. Everything else is based upon belief and confidence. I'm all for 'diversifying my investment portfolio' but when we're at the stage when we're all burning gigawatts of electricity every day and night for no justifiable reason, since the security 'problem' to be solved by completely unnecessary 'block mining' with ASIC and GPU hardware was created intentionally 'for encryption and security purposes' just to enable basic peer to peer financial transactions and artificial scarcity is imposed every arbitrary period to increase 'mining difficulty' and reduce supply and force re-investment in the latest hardware in full public view, you have to ask just how much more stupid mankind can actually get. Maybe I missed a meeting or something but that about sums it up for me. We may as well hand over the future to the machines, let them get on with it and the last one out, turn off the light, as the only people doing anything worthwhile anymore are farmers and factory workers on slave wages. I wonder if AMD, NVIDIA and the other ASIC hardware manufacturers are just doing all this on purpose to guarantee long-term hardware upgrade sales, since periodic obsolescence is built into the currencies by regular devaluation, and are major investors in Bitcoin themselves? Anyway, when you pay for Bitcoin or whatever in USD for example, into who's regular bank account does that money go? Who is actually selling everyone Bitcoin at source?
SupraSmart68 (8 months ago)
Well, good luck and use a hard wallet!
Maxio Lpio (8 months ago)
for your question that came late , my answer is " i don't give a fuck as long as i am making money out of it ".
Sergey Boldyrev (9 months ago)
Подстригись ёксель-моксель
zerix01 (9 months ago)
I'm not sure I follow what you are saying about 51% control. I understand the concept in the Bitcoin world but you are saying that if greater than 50% of miners use a specific model or brand of miner then there is a 51% control issue. This is not true unless you are saying you think a company like Bitmain is going to flip a switch and take control of everyone's miners. The >50% attack is when a single entity (person, company, whatever) is mining over 50% of new blocks. It doesn't matter if they use the same brand of mining hardware through the whole operation.
Hector (9 months ago)
pools closed due to aids
CfomodzGaming (9 months ago)
So by the way... 7nm =/= half of 14nm... if you think it is, I would love to trade you 2 10” pizzas for 1 20” pizza. Or if you’re more into real estate, I have (2) 1 square mile properties I’d be willing to trade for (1) 2 Square mile lot if you have one.
CfomodzGaming (9 months ago)
Doesn’t know what ASIC means... bye
CfomodzGaming (7 months ago)
I'm not saying I don't know what the term means.. I'm saying the YouTuber doesn't - he misdefined it in his video, About ASICs and micro processors.
CfomodzGaming (7 months ago)
Are you talking to me El Patron Cigar?
Ananda Seenthink (7 months ago)
El Patrón Cigar Lounge (8 months ago)
If you haven't heard the term yet, then you shouldn't be in the market.  bye
BIll Geo (9 months ago)
Mike Aziz (9 months ago)
No way. 28TH I’m in.
our dream (9 months ago)
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ty coon (9 months ago)
+marketmadness love your videos do you know when they are launching their product do you have any links to prove this?
Mark (9 months ago)
Dude!...You cant be talking conspiracy with that background and Music. You need an Fox Moulder apartment backdrop and late 90's rave music.
Cornell Custom Trains (9 months ago)
Great commentary
Pete Smith (9 months ago)
Moore's Law has already been broken as the yearly doubling has slowed to 18 months (50% longer) to double transistor count. Even if 28 TH/s ASICs emerge soon, Bitmain and other Antminer users still have a vast number of ASICs. Even a 2:1 performance advantage per machine still would require a huge number of miners. Also, a newcomer trying to launch a >50% (know as 51% attack) attack would not be able to sell the miners, and other newcomers and the current mountain of hashpower would be a great adversary to this attack. To delve into speculation (everything henceforth might be nonsense); Maybe if 7nm, newcomers ganged up the new hashpower somehow, made some kind of deal between themselves or even Bitmain (or both, maybe add a clan of rouge miners to do their bidding) they could pull off an attack. Some think Bitmain is leveraging Bitcoin Cash as a means to domination.
Herman Willems (9 months ago)
Yeah and the world doesn't care so much about the Von Neumann architecture based on transistor count. We are going AI which means totally different approach.
Jay Lostman (9 months ago)
yaz yazmo (9 months ago)
here is a down side 7njm will prompt to break more easily as the soldering is weaker, never forget about that
Central Drivers (9 months ago)
fuck this shith
GMoney (9 months ago)
They need to make something with a 2-4 week payback and sell it under $1,000. That would be DOPE!
4517 (9 months ago)
please... get a better microphone.
Raghnall86 (9 months ago)
Samsung would inquire as to why it is selling so much HBM 2 memory, oh wait mining? Challenge accepted and a new fighter has entered the arena.
Anon ium (9 months ago)
There is no way there would be 7nm or 5nm miners BEFORE people like Intel and AMD make processors. 3.5nm is possibly impossible as well for those wondering.
paul venneman (9 months ago)
if you think that's great, imagine the first team able to create a quantum supercomputer running it as a miner.
EmoXardas (9 months ago)
A 50 qubit SC would be game over for crypto
Group 41 (10 months ago)
ASIC stand for application specific integrated circuit - Get your facts right.
Escape Felicity (10 months ago)
Get rid of the background noise
Crypto Joker (10 months ago)
You have no idea about clue on bitcoin or superconducting tech.
vinodh raj (10 months ago)
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Ryan Bohr (10 months ago)
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Sebastian Gray (10 months ago)
You sir, are an idiot
Evolution Global AS (10 months ago)
check out www.cryptotech.no for a much much faster chip than that..... Planning 1PH mining units in 2018.
sami ISLAM (10 months ago)
good tired of antminer assholes high prices and shitty product
zagashow (10 months ago)
instead of buying eqipment just buy coins I think you can make more money sorth phase .
Todd B (10 months ago)
Thanks for the info!
MStrickkk (10 months ago)
Application SPECIFIC Integrated Circuits. Dude, just stop.
Shad Colebroke (10 months ago)
is that a wig? what the hell are you?
Xellos Metallium (10 months ago)
samsung create a public stunt. they use 40 S5 with a unrelease app to mine. stating 8 S5 has more power than a standard pc. standard pc = low end pc. why not use a damn pc with gtx gpu to mine instead?
ricarena (10 months ago)
Peluca minera.
Zander bam (10 months ago)
I hope we get some sort of 400watt miner again.
Ahmed ćuskija (10 months ago)
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Jovensito (10 months ago)
im sure there will be more powerful miners than the s9 lol but the problem is that IT WILL BE THE FUCKEN SAME AT THE END, because the cost will be higher eand the power consumption will be higher as well
tecnolover2642 (9 months ago)
Jesus Frank Not necessarily. Look at how cpus power consumption have dramatically came down in recent years and the processing power gone up. They are becomming much more efficient at what they do.
crypto cent (10 months ago)
Appreciate the info. Real game changer. Thanks!
stanciu florin (10 months ago)
thank you for sharing man this
Samson King (10 months ago)
Your hair is fake right? 😁 😁 😁
GetuOne (10 months ago)
I can't wait for Bitmain to have some competition. I bought a D3. Nuff said.
Oskar kamiński (10 months ago)
It will all depends on the price they want to sell for those new chips.
Manny DG (10 months ago)
Dude you are so black! Invest into lighting and outfit clothes. Your hair takes half of the screen and its black, you have black frame glasses, black shirt, black beard and black skin. Also if you want to read tilt your head not roll your eyes, looks amateur.
DigitalCurrency (10 months ago)
3:09 ASIC = Application SPECIFIC Integrated Circuit :)
Wadley225 (10 months ago)
What kind of UGLY hairstyle do you have?  Is that a wig?
Eddie3074 (10 months ago)
Price? no? not important to mention?
mavros (10 months ago)
7nm sure, I can get you 7nm. Q1, no worries.
metehan öz (11 months ago)
There is already has competitors and they are Canaan Crative's Avalon A741 miner , Baikal Miner,Innosilicon,Bitfury, Ibelink
Death Valley (11 months ago)
Moore didn’t predict it correctly. It only doubled at the start. Then took longer and longer. After 7nm it will be possibly 5nm.
ben benim (11 months ago)
thats fake hair right? indien with afro does not feel true.
Mike Matkovic (11 months ago)
Fuck Bitmain. Their miners suck. I lost so many hash boards on the S7. They are also scumbags for installing their miners with software so they can power them off remotely.
DeadlyVenomKing (11 months ago)
saleenmustangs (11 months ago)
Nearly unbearable to watch this dude try to read
Car-Loanz Car-Loanz.com (11 months ago)
I have read 7 nano meter (sp?) chips are too expensive by a designer at IBM. He says this is not possible yet. Buyer beware
Leo Ruiz (11 months ago)
Very good information, I look forward to seeing the next one. But please consider using a teleprompter. It is a little distracting watching you read.
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Leighton Kappen (11 months ago)
Ha Ha.....WHAT A LOAD OF SHITE !!!!!
bharatiraja nilandurai (11 months ago)
very useful information u have shared, any idea about the price/cost when compared to Bitmain.?
java2042 (11 months ago)
Bitmain will not worry LOL when these chips will be mass produces they will buy used microchips at price of junk and just stack a lot of them into a board :D making new asics and less expensive than any other. Everybody likes to dump electronic waste into china and they are exploiting it well!
Gary Stinten (11 months ago)
If there was an app that was a game that allowed you to play whilst mining.. Then I think you'd have people interested..
Gary Stinten (11 months ago)
Hey Jules What do they call a whopper in Paris?
Andre' Brown (11 months ago)
This a skit? Parody?,
Nico Ban (11 months ago)
The best investment pages. Paying today...
Shoddy Avenger (11 months ago)
Just one question. Is this a game changer by any chance? 🤣
Naser Abuhamdan (11 months ago)
If miners go under name of Samsung it will be a good way to destroy mining as a whole, since it would be super commercial everyone would want to jump in, I hope it never happens
Abhinav Varma (11 months ago)
It's just a matter of time.
DerekSpeare (11 months ago)
It's a "cryptofro"...you saw it here first!
Phil Dawe (11 months ago)
sub'd to the chanel. please dont loose that hair style. its awesome! cheers
Dmongreeneyes (9 months ago)
Phil Dawe its a wig
George Abek (11 months ago)
I don’t think that’s your real hair bro lol 😂
Darrell Westbrook (9 months ago)
George Abek he’s an Arab wearing a costume wig.
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