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United States Secrets | Award Winning Frontline Documentary | Snowden Leaks | The Program | 1 of 2

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Frontline, May 2014. After 9/11, the government established massive domestic surveillance, including collecting and analyzing the entire internet fire hose of information. Starting with the hack of Glen Greenwald's email account, this is how The Guardian established contact with Ed Snowden. The biggest whistle blower in the history of the United States, the secrets of the NSA were turned over for everyone to see. Everything started with Ed Snowden establishing contact in Hong Kong with reporters from The Guardian. Before The Guardian could turn over these documents, they had to scrub them for sensitive information that they shouldn't disclose. The problem was where do they draw those lines? What's acceptable and what's sensitive? The Program was started by the NSA immediately after Sept. 11, 2001. From that point on, domestic surveillance became fair game in the interest of national security. It was started in complete secret. The Program was written by the Vice-President's attorney. Dick Cheney designed the order which authorized The Program. George Bush signed it. The order was hand carried to the head of the NSA at Fort Meade. Starting with collecting internet data, The Program expanded throughout every facet of domestic life in the United States. #NSA #DomesticIntelligence
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Dawn DeSimone (1 month ago)
420 2020 :)
Cain Johnson (1 month ago)
I just put a tinfoil hat on my computer to keep it safe.
Jyotsna Gokhale (1 month ago)
Anyone thought internet has privacy, dreamer! As for this, one can recall having seen documentary versions of this televised, not too long ago, most likely within the year.
Maury Newman (1 month ago)
everybody trippin bout their privacy amd all that, the government dont care what kinds porn u watch or who your drug dealer is, u gone be sayin the same shit about your privacy when a fuckin plane flies into your ass? some people really dont realize how fortunate they are to be under one of the strongest powers in the world and the level of protection they already recieve so they can live a life that they think is owed or promised. let these people do their damn job of protecting you.
Richard Michael (2 months ago)
Such short memory America? Now the idiots WANT OPEN BOARDERS? SMFH
Long Nguyen (2 months ago)
Nevertheless, always be optimistic. Do not let negative thoughts or psychological pressure, praise pressure or "pressure from anxiety" affect your thinking and decisions in the present.
Larry Maxwell (2 months ago)
I hate Leftest Democrats because they are all liars! All of CNN MSNBC ABC NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, ALL OF THEM are all leftest libtard Democrats that hate America! Obama wire tapped President Trumps phones the guilty sob, but then these crooked f ing Democrats break the law then the Press cocksuckers let them off by printing lies to cover for lying ass Democrats, and don't have to spend damn day in prison! Time for a Revolution!
Larry Maxwell (2 months ago)
What about crooked ass Hillary Clinton and worse crooked ass Obama!
Larry Maxwell (2 months ago)
That was back when leftest liberals were not a bunch of idiots!
Phrankie Loewpehz (2 months ago)
Part 2?
Miguel Johnson (2 months ago)
Michael Laverty (2 months ago)
I'm fucking appalled at how disgracefully corrupted and full of crap these people are especially Mr General Mike Hayden "Yea I signed it " Knowing full well 9/11 was a put up job beyond compare they continued to perpetrate this bullshit fraud on the American people while blatantly breaking the law and making a humiliating mockery of our constitution ..The huge amount of evidence there was about what really took place on 9/11 was so vast any high school student could see it as it really wasn't that hard to figure out who the key people were and who played major role's in the staged event . And if ANY of these grown well educated men can honestly say they didn't know well then OMG they are certainly unfit for any public office at all save for maybe Dog warden of parking authority ....This disgracefully obscene fiction story this piece of shit they called the 9/11 attack's stunk so bad I can't imagine what having a copy of the 9/11 report in my home would make my house smell like the town septic treatment plant .. ANYONE who has the ball's to stand up today and argue this piece of shit tell Me where and when ....These people are nothing short of treasonous criminal's moving a very sick delusional agenda forward nothing more ..Anyone with even moderate intelligence knows full well there is NOT ONE terrorist act that take's place on earth the CIA doesn't already know about Or has signed off on already period to think anything else is being childishly naive ....I wish somebody could tell Me how these so called honorable people can stand up in front of the American people and tell one flat out lie after another without a care in the world ...But one thing stays the same every time these types of people decide to break the law the first word's out of there mouth is Classified Or national security . They toss that bullshit blanket statement over dog shit if they could and do .... You want to spy on American tell the idiots we have working for us it's national security and they shut up and do as they are told...blindly without any rational thinking ..idiots one and all..
Katherene Wedic (2 months ago)
How is this surprising to anyone how is it that no one knew in the back of their minds that this had been going on that this was happening that this had been implemented
Beth Bartlett (2 months ago)
*Who are the True Terrorists and Who directs them - They are Covert and remain active - Jr should be on trial with Cheney and Hayden, chasing the terrorists they were actually part of the true Terrorists, and working with, protecting, and that is the top of the pyramid - The Federal Reserve - and he/they continue to administer his family's Global Goals to control the whole from his Federal Reserve Ownership position* Bush was merely a Figurehead - (Cheney was the Commander - Bush the Chief) *The Patriot Act is unconstitutional* 11:00 13:20 (*) ( 14:06 ) 22:25 Article 2 24:07 Recording US Citizen's Phone Calls 38:54 45:47 ( 46:34 ) ( 48:00 ) 1st and 4th Amendments 49:35 Felony *Truly presents the greater fact of the Bush, Jr 8 yrs* @ 54:36 - 55:05 - 54:31 Hayden shows his truer foundation of goal - he is a Totalitarian.
Christopher P (2 months ago)
Remember how the Democrats repealed the Patriot Act as soon as they could? Yeah, neither does anyone else!
Leonidas Vagelatos (2 months ago)
This is clearly U.S propaganda trying to minimize blame for killing million´s of people over the last 80 years. Putting tyrants in power, using nuclear weapons, invading country´s and inabling psycopaths to use the best military technology to assasinate millions of inocent people in all the continents.
bela katootz (2 months ago)
only thing 'inside' about 911 is that the planes ended up 'inside' the towers
thankful516 (2 months ago)
obviously this surveillance is for more sinister purposes as they do not seem to have stopped all these terror attacks and mass shootings!
Ben Kenobi (2 months ago)
Edward Loomis is Pathetic!
Nixon Hazell. (2 months ago)
And when it came out, no hell broke lose, instead they blame Snowden and called him a traitor .. smh, so sorry for my fellow Amerikkkan Sheeples
Brian (2 months ago)
It is my opinion that everytime the government is trying to protect me, my human rights and freedoms are violated and the constitution is violated For my SAFETY MY HUMAN RIGHTS ARE VIOLATED OVER AND OVER
joeisgod18 (2 months ago)
U don’t need a law degree to realize how unconstitutional this was. Sad
PS4-TROLLKING-NL (2 months ago)
They are watching you
Qika jin (2 months ago)
I know nothing about politics, but I feel like president Bush, and president Obama were just trying to protect their citizens. My mom used to give me a diary, with a lock on it. She told me I can write anything I like, and nobody can see what's in it. Turned out she had a spare key, she read my diary whenever i'm not home. When I found out, mom explained that she was just trying to protect me... Ughh I get it now, but I was REAL Piss cause who wouldn't right? . I think you know what I mean here. I think they're both similar situations, but this is at a national scale. The one thing that I don't agree with the government is that they want to punishes the whistle blowers. The whistle blowers did what they thought was right to protect their fellow citizens too, it's just not the same way as the government. Ps: Just a personal opinion
Gerald Dileonardo (2 months ago)
Wanna know what you guys missed? The family running the country, the two traitors in the white House and look at what you did to innocent by-standers! Not even counting the casualties!!!! BURN!!
whatwhyandwhos (2 months ago)
well NSA tried to do it to Trump and co again
Golombon 72 (2 months ago)
So. You're worried?
skills1ent (2 months ago)
Snowden is going to get the death penalty.
Delores M (2 months ago)
And after all that the masses say.....Doh. "is the football game on?" 5 years later women will be marching the streets wearing vagina outfits, like this is the demanding issue. My opinion.....Why risk your life and bother.
SiyaM Ma (2 months ago)
Never believed in hell until I learned about American government..
Benoit Vanhees (2 months ago)
Let's call a cat a cat: this was/is some coup d'etat and nothing less than fascist methods hiding within what looks from to outside to be a democracy. From a technical point of view, I can understand intelligence agencies wanting to be able to act as freely as possible to catch terrorists. The problem here is, this kind of freedom gives them at the same time access to all kind of information that has nothing to do with terrorists: data about politicians from the opposition or from another "wing" within the same party, data about journalists, about companies.... The president could have ordered spying on companies, that were rivals to those of his family. Democracy is all about checks and balances: if you start "playing" with these, doing lagal Rose Mary Woods to prove your point, of course some decent people will have moral problems with that. And the end result might be a new phase as the one after Watergate, limiting powers of intelligence agencies seriously again, and thus making the country less safe, not safer against terrorism. Second point: NSA's ears should be turned outward: but if ever it would become clear the USA restarted a new Echelon-project, spying economically (and not for security reasons) on Europe, no American should be surprised there will come a time Europeans will have enough of the liberties their former liberators take. Europeans want a fair and warm friendship, not backstabbing and a crude emotional xploitation of the fact so many Americans died during D Day or in the Ardennes....
Marcus Dandaneau (2 months ago)
The same people who dropped the ball were the ones that were richly rewarded instead of being cut from the team for obvious incompetence. It didn't take Nostradamus powers to see it all coming either. They are the worst magicians ever. I look forward to burning in Hell with all those monsters. It'll be great! I can hardly wait!! Not ever Jesus can save those creeps; seriously! D.C. 1979
Laura Gadille (2 months ago)
Bush had too much power, and now Trump is too powerful
The Tree Keeper (2 months ago)
I bet they have computer programs to detect specific words in your email like "bomb", "jihad", "isis". Also probably, have some profiling method to filter and detect if you are of mediteranean background or if you from a country with a muslim majority.
Robo Soft (2 months ago)
Hang the Traitor.
RisingSon 777 (2 months ago)
I knew this was bullshit as soon as I saw the sponsors. Edward Looms, keep crying bitch
Marilyn V (2 months ago)
Gonzalez sheep skin "They" broke the law. Sickening. Chaney and his fit... Stop the Leakers? Bush and his foolish alkida broken record. Hayden and his money making army, Assinine! How about Stop this bunch of Liars!
Xevil Splat (2 months ago)
Pardon Snowden!!!
hoomalumalu (2 months ago)
where is part 2?
mike Lazembie (2 months ago)
DD826 (2 months ago)
check out Obama's first salute. lol
DD826 (2 months ago)
seems weird that spying on terrorists, also allows them to spy on us? That would leave an America that would not be worth protecting.
DD826 (2 months ago)
Once you see them stand up and lie about the issue you are concerned about. Proves they cannot be trusted about any part of it.
DD826 (2 months ago)
But no administration can justify spying on every American, to prevent terrorism. What keeps the administration for spying on all Americans about everything else, if they want?
richie rich (2 months ago)
It’s still happening
DD826 (2 months ago)
You don't take a top secret job and oath. Then spill the beans later, while staying at the job.
M CK (2 months ago)
This is very interesting report on a very important topic-But still seems somewhat biased, or at least, incomplete: I.e.: It should be noted that all of these senior Government Officials voluntarily appeared here, when they did not have to. The producers of this piece also did not state here whether they made the effort to get responses from the DOJ officials in charge of this case, as to the details of the whistleblowers claims. And what steps did Snowden himself attempt to take within his own Chain of Command to redress his concerns, BEFORE going to the drastic dumping all this sensitive info onto public view? At least the, ' Thinthread ', crew are portrayed here as experienced and patriotic Public Servants, who had an understanding of the consequences of their actions-But that is far different than 29 year-old making his own personal unilateral decisions regarding Classified documents! So, as troubling as all this appears, there are still more questions that need to be answered clearly before we can arrive at any hard conclusions here.
Hawaiian Siren (2 months ago)
The irony of the DOJ building named after JFK. When will we demand justice to be served?
Hawaiian Siren (2 months ago)
Traitor has a new definition. As does hero
Ted thesailor (2 months ago)
Documentaries like this fill me with forboding and sadness that good intentions can be so completely corrupted by an almost pathological misuse of authority, intil the freedom, democracy and accountability with which we like to pride ourselves in the west are essentially evaporated and we contiue with no more than a reassuring delusion...
Sigga Ursa (2 months ago)
Amazing that Snowden have to live in in Moscow. When all thees inside people know that he's right. Especially do to the great favor he has done for all Americans. The blue print for the injustice done to Snowden is when Bush says on TV 'we always get a court order every time'
Andrew Cary (2 months ago)
215 is when it starts
Leith Walker (2 months ago)
Intereating to see Drake is wearing a Q lapel pin.
GrayF0x (2 months ago)
I used to be sympathetic with Snowden, but I think he could have done more down the road as he moved up with ranks, as oppose to being a traitor living in exile. I also dont think we as general public are prepared to handle all the nastiness going on in the world, which makes the possibility of corruption very subjective. Every government has secrets and the world can be a very nasty place, and no other government is as prepared for these challenges as USA. Go live in eastern europe and I promise you will find a new appreciation what amazing country USA is.
The Mysterysuk (2 months ago)
The road to hell
FRANKIE GRAY (2 months ago)
C F (2 months ago)
If they will murder a sitting U.S. President.......in public.......in front of hundreds of people......eventually, billions of people......on tv ....... murder the “assassin” ..... in public....... in front of hundreds of people.......eventually billions of people......on tv ........ what WON’T they do??? Absolutely NOTHING!!! They have already set a precedent for committing the unimaginable, past, present and future. And Condoleezza Rice is lying through that space in her teeth saying “I don’t think that anybody could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center, take another one and slam it into the Pentagon, that they would try to use an airplane as a missile.” Nothing they do surprises me.
Hugh Saddler (2 months ago)
Much to do about Nothing. No smoking gun
christopher spada (2 months ago)
Read an excerpt now. In "America! Fight Back! The Foundation For A Better Country!" (found on Amazon or Barnes&Nobles websites) the solutions are here for the implementation.
Henry Morgan (2 months ago)
The real kicker is that we the people pay to have the government spy on the people. That's in the balls.
Henry Morgan (2 months ago)
Edward Snowden will go down in history as a patriot of the United States of America. America is asleep at the wheel.
rockymontana1 (2 months ago)
Having someone(Snowden) tell us what the real story is regardless of what can happen to themselves is a hero in my bOOk.If more would do what Snowden has done freedom could become a real possibility.It's all about rules,laws,taxation,do as I say not as I do mentality and even more restrictions on all of us.I pray one day we will all be truly be free.
Kim Kay (2 months ago)
Research and find out what Snowden was forced to endure after his arrest. It's horrific how they treated him. Enforced humiliation, constant torment, depriving him of clothing, food, inhumane conditions, creating unbearable distress and all of this was done by his own fellow soldiers while he was held captive. Punishing him for exposing truth. For opening our eyes to the powers that are destroying us. He created havoc and damage. Sorry, it comes with the territory.What's a little damage control in comparison !?! He should be given a medal. It's more of a crime that he hasn't been given a show of gratitude. But no. He's forced to seek temporary asylum. Of all places Moscow, Russia. Corruptions everywhere you go. We're still powerless but we're aware. Smart guy that Edward Snowden. God bless the Whistleblowers and all those who risk their lives for our safety.
Lorne Bryant (2 months ago)
1,044,842 views 146 comments
Mark Cooke (2 months ago)
And the pentagon nonsense with the plane debris that was never found and never hit the outside wall....more lies...great justification for the funding with the war on terror..and the agencies were in on it alongside the Zionists and the Saudi's
Mark Cooke (2 months ago)
Snowdens got a huge pair of balls
Gregory Vanover (2 months ago)
No wonder Bush and Obama wanted Hillary to win you would never had beleaved this
willie willaims (2 months ago)
Liberal pieces of shit wake up America
Francisco Montero (2 months ago)
what did you expect from a nation that has used nuclear weapons in other countries? the truth? jajaja usa will kill you sooner or latter
onlinebills02 (2 months ago)
It should be up to us to exonerate Edward Snowden, not the traitors who govern us (dems or reps). He open the eyes of the entire globe, not just the US!!
Jeff Perrault (2 months ago)
The goverment has it's own agenda ,911 was a lie.and do not believe mass media.I believe Snowden was a good guy who thought he was doing his duty as a human being
Dragon800 (2 months ago)
I can't believe he let her travel to Hong Kong by herself! what a douche-bag, the opposite of a gentleman. Men are supposed to look out for and protect women no matter the cost and any man who doesn't just because it means traveling to a strange country is no man at all.
hoya03 (2 months ago)
Pearl Harbor was not a surprise attack and neither was 911. And apparently, the Bill of Rights can be destroyed and the American people can be lied to at will. And yet, the bombings in Spain and London went off like clockwork so these Constitution killing programs don't even work.
david Anderson (2 months ago)
All of these interviewees are in some how tied to culpability. They are all part of the big lie and part of the treasonous attacks on our nation and our people.
michael jacobsen (2 months ago)
shared  snowden is a hero  peace love freedom  human rights animal rights
XPavoX (2 months ago)
The whole thing engineered from the very start till the very end... Wait they're not finished yet.
Ramesh Vardhan (2 months ago)
Unfortunate thing about all these secret service agencies , they have to work for the wrong system. In the name of doing right things , they often land up doing wrong things.
Ramesh Vardhan (2 months ago)
Thousands of secret documents ??? Then they can't be secret , it has to be newspapers or old examination answer sheets.
Chris Snyder (2 months ago)
Watch these gutless traitors try to convince themselves that what they were doing was just and constitutional. A clear violation of freedom. You get everyone together in an echo chamber and pretend it's for the safety of the US CITIZEN. It was deceptive at best and at its worst, a blatant lie. Bush and Cheney need to be indicted and prosecuted. We can also throw that little weasel Hayden in on it as well .
Keith Wilson (2 months ago)
16:30 another piece of shit crises actor... bet he's good friends with ed rosenstein from Sandy hoax hook!!!!!
Michael Triplett (2 months ago)
We're all F..KED cause government got too big! My generation grewup on game systems and this next generation has grownup on reality tv, smart phones, fb, Snapchat etc. You've given up are rights without actually giving up are rights!
ceh4702 (2 months ago)
Monitoring phone calls is only marginally effective. The CIA taught Osama Bin Laden to use satellite phones which can belong to any telephone service in the world. Also a lot of information can also be passed through dark websites on the Internet.
ceh4702 (2 months ago)
I question exactly what good this program has ever achieved. It doesn't seem to stop any of our domestic terrorism or mass murders. How many acts of terrorism has this program ever stopped? People do not know because everything is being done in secret. I do think that the government has valid reasons to monitor foreign and domestic websites that promote hate and terrorism.
Demand Real_Liberty (2 months ago)
The whole purpose of this Frontline (which the NSA more than likely helped them write) is to justifie how inportant it is to give up your freedoms to be kept "safe"...and sad 😔 to say most of the American people buy it..they also buy the 9-11 bull thats spoon feed to the sheepole....it part of George W. Bush's new world order.... They need to know everything you do to know if they need to turn your number off and if people can't see that's exactly where it's all going.. then you surely are blind.... .if we could just get the sheepole out in front of the TV 📺🔫 #KillYourTV #FakeNewsMedia #WakeUp before its too late and we become slaves to safety and the NWO....believe me it's still marching forward its just going to wait out President Donald Trump....but it's still marching on in Europe
Rg natas (2 months ago)
All these lies make me sick
Nittaya Samile (2 months ago)
marcel alfa (2 months ago)
Is that crying asshole looking at you? 9/11 is homemade by Bushes Clinton Obama Chenny and and and and including Soros and Rotschilds and all they shall hang for it this TRASH & Scumbags of mankind
And 17 years later, the entire mystery unfolds. Our own government was responsible and still no one has been brought to justice. Our justice system is either crippled or corrupt. Let future Americans judge this obvious intent to cripple our nation and enslave the population for a New World Order and total enslavement!
Sehid Mujovic (2 months ago)
Hero! Snowden for usa president!!
john sepulveda (2 months ago)
do you retards know how many people this worthless traitor got killed by some of the things he leaked to the enemy? he should be shot
Doog (2 months ago)
The man is a hero.... and I'm not even American. Good on this man! The English Government are no doubt up to the same dirty tricks....
Kevin Barrett (2 months ago)
9/11 was an inside job.
declan gibo (2 months ago)
i don't blame them building a super computer . only thing is they did 911 themselfs . but other then that who gives a flying fuck who does what with computers
Michael McNeil (2 months ago)
What a load of pig shit. Did people ask for their money back?
Kenneth Halley (2 months ago)
Look how The Osama is liying again! The Osama is the one that gave Permission to the NSA to bug our phones, computers, TV, radios ovens, CD DVDs, recorders, and in the cars the last 5 years back in 2009! The Osama was nothing but a dictator president! Now The Osama is nothing but a washed up fake ex president The Real ex Dictator from some 3th world country in the middle East!
Terry Nolan (2 months ago)
another con NSA obviously forgot about the CIA...I do not believe a word of it ..constantly quoting Pearl Harbour is a bit cheeky considering that was history now shows us 'allowed; to happen
Zelda Zagat (2 months ago)
well after the nauseating propaganda official story of lies about one of the most Evil Men Ever on Earth Evil Dick... there is a little bit of fairish or criticalish treatment of the programs to spy on Americans. Gee thanks PBS & Yt as you salute yourselves for your service here. FYI a thousand other sources do a much better job and push thru the boundaries and the censorship and work really hard on it and many have a wide audience.
Regan Teresa (2 months ago)
ah snowden, some dork that never revealed any real secrets, yea for dombos. who subsequentlyimmedeatly believe they are informed on all touchy secrets available. because most people are the dumbest of dumb. thats why propaganda always has to be made understandable for even the stupidest of stupid people. not that those people also have to understand things a lil, but just because by far MOST people are just that stupidest of stupid propaganda as seen neatly presented in the ''doc'' above and look at the commenst below how the peasantry falls for it AHAHA
BB's Back to Basics (2 months ago)
All I see here in this documentary is lies upon lies and the coverings of other lies. It wasn't even terrorist attack to begin with. That's the beginning of "that" lie. Bush was follower of the father of lies. What a show is put on. Our constitution of the United States of America has been trampled on the very day it was signed.

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