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KEF Metals

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Founded in 1995, Al Ahamadi General Trading (AGT) is amongst the flagship companies of the KEF Group. AGT has established itself as a leading player in the metal scrap recycling industry across the entire GCC. The company has been involved in active trading operations of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal with a yearly tonnage of 120,000 metric tonnes. AGT has the expertise to collect, sort and process all forms of scrap metal with sophisticated machinery like shearing and bundling machines in order to provide foundries, mills and smelters with suitable dimensions for re-melting. Building on the vast experience of serving steel casting foundries in the region, the team at AGT prides itself in being able to deliver quality material with the right chemical composition at the correct price. With its eyes set on global markets, AGT has ambitious and aggressive expansion plans for the future.
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