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David Ward (10 months ago)
The following link is a prime example of what I mean by everyone buying the E3 will be purchasing an OLD ASIC they have mined with for the past 6 to 12 months while they replace them NEW ASICs that mine at 5 to 8 times faster. That's how Bitmain does business. They keep everyone else in the dark while they screw everyone. Don't be deceived... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE_Tbxg_KP8
David Ward (10 months ago)
You're full of shit. I've been mining since 2014. You can be CERTAIN that Bitmain has mined with the E3 for the past 6 to 12 months. You can also be certain they have a new ETH ASIC ready to replace the E3 and they are simply selling the old USED E3's to everyone else who is stupid enough to buy them. Go ahead, buy your damn E3. You get what you deserve when you see the network hash increase exponentially. Not because of all the E3's they are selling BUT BECAUSE OF THEM REPLACING THE E3's WITH A "NEW" ASIC THAT MINES 5 to 8 TIMES FASTER THAN THE E3 AT THE SAME POWER CONSUMPTION. Don't be deceived. If you buy the E3, you are buying a USED ASIC that is replaced with an ASIC you will never know exists until they are ready to sell it to you because they have a new replacement.
Daniel Nunes (10 months ago)
F3 is Fake!!
Juanzo74 Latin Crypto (10 months ago)
Cool story👍🏽
Paul Capling (10 months ago)
ETH mining is being phased out NOW. Ethereum is slated to go 100% POS by the end of the year. With that little time left, the ROI on a ASIC ETH miner will be minimally more than a GPU rig. The only thing your saving is the electric consumption.
(〉_〈) arrgh! (10 months ago)
(〉_〈) arrgh! (10 months ago)
As soon as Bitmain F3 is released, Etherium will go to PoS. Good luck with your brand new Bitmain F3 BRICK.
(〉_〈) arrgh! (10 months ago)
Nope not me, Vitalik Buterin is committed to ending ASIC mining. Good luck with that. A fool and his money are soon separated with BITMAIN. BITMAIN is a Chinese government owned company. They develop the ASIC then mine the coin until the difficulty level is very high. The they sell overpriced ASIC rigs and leave the crypto dregs to fools. FORK = ASIC BRICK GPU Mining will NEVER end. Just mine a different crypto-currency. ETH isn't the only crypto in the game. GPU WILL MINE ANYTHING. Monero can be mined with GPU's and that FORK will BRICK the BITMAIN $12,000 X3.
(〉_〈) arrgh! (10 months ago)
Nope, not me. Vitalik Buterin, He should know!
Juanzo74 Latin Crypto (10 months ago)
Says the gpu rig miner 😂
(〉_〈) arrgh! (10 months ago)
Bitmain is already screwing over Monero miners. Monero is FORKING just to brick ASIC miners. X3 was selling for $12,000 in May it will be $3000. A lot of money to spend for a brick. Etherium is going PoS. That is the end for both GPU and ASIC's.
David Eckert (10 months ago)
You're right, we are at the end, the end of cryptocurrency mining, $700 is nothing when you must spend upwards of $10k USD for a SINGLE antminer...
(〉_〈) arrgh! (10 months ago)
Spened several $$$$$$thousand for a non-exsistant Antminer F3 and the next day Etherium goes POS!!! Money all gone. Antminer F3 USELESS. HaHaHa.
Juanzo74 Latin Crypto (10 months ago)
We shall see.
Ciber Dog (10 months ago)
Just so you know not all crypto will let Asic take over ETH could fork like Monero is just to stop Asic. Was paid $236.00 us in ETH today no value there . My rigs will mine for the next 3 years easy more than one coin too. https://youtu.be/vwI2FSnR-9I
Robert Scott (10 months ago)
i've always heard ethereum algorithm is immune to this sort of thing
cosasverdes (11 months ago)
Dude... ETH mining will be no more in 2018, GPU, asic, anything. It's transitioning to POS
Juanzo74 Latin Crypto (11 months ago)
I mentioned that already.. besides ethereum isn’t the only coin using Ethash algorithm..
Xeno Altrax (11 months ago)
F3 will do around ~200 MH/s at 750W. It's been discussed at length since Feb over at bitcointalk.org. Those perf numbers make it a good competitor to gpu mining but don't make it a gpu killer.
Xeno Altrax (10 months ago)
yes that's the one
Seng He Ng (10 months ago)
is it this link? https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2932282.0
wesley chin (11 months ago)
Eth will be proof of stake this year...
Juanzo74 Latin Crypto (11 months ago)
wesley chin I agree eth will be pos.. that’s something to consider.
CRYPTO-ROBBIE (11 months ago)
Great video.. time to wait till the F3 comes n buy buy buy 👍🏼
(〉_〈) arrgh! (10 months ago)
Until Etherium goes to PoS and BRICKS your F3!!!! HaHa... Bitmain just screwed over Monero crypto miners. Monero is Forking. Bitmain X3 will be useless!!!!
Juanzo74 Latin Crypto (11 months ago)
rposada31 hell yea
Crypto Country Boy (11 months ago)
I mine ETH via GPU miners. Have several Asic miners already! Will be very interested in buying some of these!
Juanzo74 Latin Crypto (11 months ago)
Send me a email. It’s in the Description or message me on Twitter
Crypto Country Boy (11 months ago)
Juanzo74 Latin Crypto I watch a lot of your videos but don't comment.. however I'm a YouTuber also.. I notice that you don't use a cam however I have some cool ideas concerning a video. Would you possibly be interested in a group panel discussion concerning the crypto space, lending/staking platforms, ect? If so please let me know. Would love to speak with you further. [email protected]
Juanzo74 Latin Crypto (11 months ago)
I meant to touch on this as well thats one thing to keep in mind when. buying these make sure you recoup your money asap
Crypto Country Boy (11 months ago)
Juanzo74 Latin Crypto the only issue concerning the ETH space is the upcoming change from POW to POS. Is it really worth it to invest into miners when it's possible the algorithm will change within the next 365
Juanzo74 Latin Crypto (11 months ago)
I agree I think ETH Asics have been long overdue.

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