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How Much Can You Make Mining Bitcoin With 6X 1080 Ti Beginners Guide

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This week giveaway - https://gleam.io/MqnjB/win-a-25-bitcoinmerchcom-gift-card Nviddia GTX 1080 Ti - https://amzn.to/2Hiw5xp 6X GPU Mining Rig Case - https://bitcoinmerch.com/products/crypto-coin-open-air-mining-frame-rig-case-6-gpus-eth-btc-ethereum-6-fans PCI-E Raisers -https://bitcoinmerch.com/products/6-pcs-usb-3-0-pcie-pci-e-express-1x-to-16x-extender-riser-card-adapter-cable 1000W EVGA G2 Power Supply - https://bitcoinmerch.com/products/evga-210-gq-1000-v1-gq-80-plus-gold-1000w-eco-mode-semi-modular-power-supply SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB Solid State Drive - https://goo.gl/JtBk1D 4gb DDR4 Ram - https://bitcoinmerch.com/products/dell-4-gb-certified-memory-module-1rx8-ddr4-udimm-2133mhz-non-ecc Asus 6 PCI-E Motherboard for LGA 1151 - https://bitcoinmerch.com/products/copy-of-gigabyte-ga-h110-d3a-rev-1-0-lga-1151-intel-h110-sata-6gb-s-usb-3-1-atx-intel-motherboard Intel BX80677G3930 7th Gen Celeron CPU - https://goo.gl/je75jC Total cost: Around $7000+ Profit: $45 - $55 per day. Electricity Cost - $120 Per month. Profit per month after electricity cost $1230 ROA in less than 6 months. Forum Post - https://goo.gl/ZL7ED2 TRACK LIST 00:00 - Ehrling - Sthlm Sunset - https://soundcloud.com/ehrling/ehrlin... 02:53 - Ehrling - Stay Forever Ft. Yohanna Seifu - https://soundcloud.com/ehrling/ehrlin... 06:06 - Ehrling - All I Need - https://soundcloud.com/ehrling/ehrlin... 08:39 - Ehrling - Palm Trees - https://soundcloud.com/ehrling/ehrlin... 12:02 - Ehrling - Adventure - https://soundcloud.com/ehrling/ehrlin... 14:11 - Ehrling - No Worries (Feat. Timon & Pumbaa) - https://soundcloud.com/ehrling/no-wor... 17:21 - Ehrling - Tease - https://soundcloud.com/ehrling/ehrlin...
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Text Comments (3046)
How Much? (8 months ago)
Guys! Subscribe to me and get the newest news and more mining setup videos!
Rich Barrett (17 days ago)
please can I have your mail
Bhop.charvy/ (1 month ago)
No now i cant buy my Dream pc cus u miners Made the price go up
Jean Gao Racine (1 month ago)
what was you electric bill
Ice Frost (1 month ago)
Brother I always do all the formalities but never get a give away
darknessviking (1 month ago)
lol yeah now the business is crashing, hope you got out
Kiwi AustEcon (3 hours ago)
Not profitable.
vaibhav rawat (1 day ago)
Brandon Dorame (2 days ago)
how much did the setup cost
Jammie Dodger (2 days ago)
Stop do thing like this it put the Gpu prices up!!!!!!!!!
BamiZami (2 days ago)
But can it run minecraft?
oh yeah yeah (2 days ago)
At least it can mine diamonds with wooden pickaxe. Remember, its a pc for mining
nasima akter (2 days ago)
OMG it's beast
Luckasz (2 days ago)
You call that cable management..
George HEWETT (3 days ago)
how does mining work
oh yeah yeah (2 days ago)
I also wonder that. Every video i watch just tell that u need a nice rig and blah blah never what mining is or how it works
The Mad entertainment (3 days ago)
i shared it on f***y**b****
icewallowcman (4 days ago)
you can make 0$ now
cj mckee (4 days ago)
this is a old video and this guy isnt making that much anymore! He is making about 50-65 cents a day on each card.
Khurram Shahzad (4 days ago)
RobocopTV 7 (4 days ago)
How long it wil safe?
Rodney Odgaard (4 days ago)
Nice, how much to build this now? worth it?
Retarded Hero (5 days ago)
i shared this video on facebook,instagram and twiter (for gpu)
Ali Tech (5 days ago)
love it
sheharyar malik (5 days ago)
Your Aviation Guy (6 days ago)
Dude seriously? A 1050 Ti Cmon Bro
Air Krem (6 days ago)
I don't get you guys... I'm not complaining about these prices even though i live in a country where average payckeck is around 500$ but you have to complain about high prices when you live in country where average paycheck is over 1000$
nathan kennedy (6 days ago)
6:34 why did you plug in the ram so its not in dual channel?
nathan kennedy (6 days ago)
I shared on twitter @nathank5489
DE DHakkA (7 days ago)
Thank you ...
Nasif Abrar Nadim (8 days ago)
Doomstone 050 (9 days ago)
How do you stuff up with the ram sticks
Vegas Slots Live! (10 days ago)
Will take 2 years to recoup your hardware investment. Then you’ll start generating profit. Too bad your hardware will have failed long before then from heat stress. Even say you get past that hurdle good luck when your utility company shuts off your electric. Say they don’t shut off your electric you’ll be having to deal with your local police department investigating you for potential drug manufacturing. After all using an abnormal amount of electricity is a red flag for many kinds of drug labs. Lmao idiots.
DDee Jay (11 days ago)
Everyone!?.. what is bitcoin? Yaaah~
everything real (12 days ago)
Hello dear brother how are you I hope your fine. Please tel me how much you spend for this all card please tell me
Persian Victory (13 days ago)
Hello, How much the electricity cost every month?
Persian Victory (9 days ago)
+Vegas Slots Live! thank you.
Vegas Slots Live! (10 days ago)
Persian Victory @ 1800 KWH his bill is probably about $200 a month just for that one rig
Persian Victory (12 days ago)
+How Much? Tons ?!?! my question was very simple and if you were a good Person and honest Youtuber, then you could answer it much better than stupid answer as -> Tons
How Much? (13 days ago)
Luvitu5 (14 days ago)
God I hate miners. Yhave 6 1080Ti's and you give away a mini 1050 ti. shame
XP SwayZ (14 days ago)
This will run Minecraft at maximum of 30 fps
marius liviu (14 days ago)
hi Abadaidan. Ty for ur video. I'm from Romania. Greetings.
Super Quico (15 days ago)
But can it run *roblox*?
Rasim Efe (15 days ago)
the face when u click on this vid and get a bitcoining ad before the video starts
Laurens Destryker (15 days ago)
bro what is your house made of? My sauna consumes 7000 watts and the lights don't get affected by it so bruuu
NIcky Darryl (15 days ago)
So many disclaimer but [email protected],com is real and trustworthy
ALL IN ONE my fantasy (16 days ago)
Hello sir, I want to buy a rig from you
Explorer myn (18 days ago)
32TGzo7rQCkz8hiTnpyr5Mc5MNX75QsxtY this my bit coin address please donate me some..
Help me PLEAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VeryZestyLemon (20 days ago)
Being scammed on ebay for card only working 3 months, Thanks miners
GAME STATION (20 days ago)
pleas give me one GTX1080TI pleas
MichalWoznica (21 days ago)
I don't get the financial part of this :/ Don't you pay more for the electricity than u make bit coins ?
kev Fitz (22 days ago)
Not worth it..u have 6k just in video cards alone.. how much was this build total ? Probably around 10k so it would take 9 months just to make your money back out of it ..
Berserk Berserk (23 days ago)
considering u bought 6 zotac with video output it already tells u're king of noobs.
Lupix (23 days ago)
Beginners guide?
Gaming Casualties (24 days ago)
you should mine with the 1050ti and give away the 1080tis
Karl Arthur (24 days ago)
Whu every second comment hate MINERR (minecraft players)
Jasbaj (24 days ago)
Dan Swinkels (25 days ago)
Why do you put 2 ram sticks next to each other and not only in the Grey slots? How much do you know about pc building
DivineMalice9 God Real (25 days ago)
I want it lol
How much is each GPU card? plus the motherboard and other stuff like power! You need at least 6 months to pay back these equipment!! For me, it is a bad idea.
Raguel Lutz (25 days ago)
The last two months, I have made over $60,000 from Bitcoin, but my success never started that way as I had made substantial losses before my turning point in the Crypto space. I bought *2Btc last year which quickly rose in the bull run but eventually lost most of it and sold off what was left. That was the last I would ever have to do with bitcoins until I was introduced to Mark Hall first of, he asked to know my trade experience. He then gave me a quick insight on what to look out for when choosing a platform and a bunch of other things most experienced traders may never tell you. Most importantly, he introduced me to his specially designed layout and provided me with professional advice and accurate trade signals. With his system, trading has become easy and profitable, and I want to spread the word and thereby help as many that are in my previous unfortunate situation. For all questions, you can reach by **Mail ([email protected] com)
PNWresistance (9 days ago)
I emailed him and he replied back “send nudes”. Wtf is up with that?
Jamie Bishop (11 days ago)
Cool story bro
Karl Arthur (24 days ago)
That's a good LUCK
Yusuf D.Kutni Zahri (25 days ago)
I have 20 of gtx 1080 ti for sale
kev Fitz (22 days ago)
How much and how used are they
Metal Rott (26 days ago)
damn, i'd eat a dead rat for one of those 1080s T_T
Valére Germain (26 days ago)
Hhhhh now you have the 2080 ti so you take 10 X 2080 ti and your going to be rich 😂
ash Chhetri (27 days ago)
What was the total cost please answer
Jo Grey (28 days ago)
hate to tell you this... but a push-pull fan setup is useless in an open case... they should both be facing inwards on an open case
Ultra_half (28 days ago)
I wonder how much he would make?i shared it because I wanted my friend to try this out!
Hammad Ullah (28 days ago)
I am share this video nice video dear keep it up best of luck
Jaja Miharja (28 days ago)
You put the ram wrong
UN _ Conventional (29 days ago)
How are you doing now?
Bailey Johnson (29 days ago)
these are the people who make 1080 ti's worth 800$. bitminers shouldnt be using gaming parts.
Geluțu Bacovia (29 days ago)
Does it runs Minecraft?
SpēlējamArVisiem (29 days ago)
Ram :D were is dual channel?
Santosh Pun Magar (29 days ago)
That's why I hate them they are the main reason for vram costly. .
Uragon Bikol (29 days ago)
bro i just watch your video YOUR GOOD
L1nk (29 days ago)
This is shit.... U spend 3times more money to pay for electrician :-D
Liakos Gr69 (30 days ago)
But can it run minecraft🤔
Zx Lc1 (30 days ago)
I dont find it useful for 1 year, but useful for next year before the past year maybe is just me
Innocent troll0 (30 days ago)
That ram installation made me cringe
Webical (30 days ago)
Waste of GPU's
Sloth (30 days ago)
ram is in wrong slots
Sloth (30 days ago)
biggest scumbag
Gaming Chanell (30 days ago)
i want to win
Harrisom Joseph (30 days ago)
Shared it on my Snapchat story
Cotton Cat (30 days ago)
Use 6 GTX 1080ti's *ADDS CELERON*
i love t siris (1 month ago)
Can it run coolmathgames.com ?
Yousef Khalil (1 month ago)
ram installed incorrectly
Hjalmar Kjeldsen (1 month ago)
There was a Russian guy who orderd 100.000 graphic cards in Denmark, now the graphics cards costs 50% more :(
Philip (1 month ago)
Damn, really hope i win, i never seem to win... ever. (Shared on my twitter and Instagram)
Anish (1 month ago)
i dont think that it wud run god of war,.....
yalgar (1 month ago)
"For how long will this non-violence continue? I urge 'the gamers' to resort to no tolerance and give 'the miners' the 5th of November that shall never ever be forgotten." -V
Sean King (1 month ago)
Faceboook and Twitter
Big Dogs (1 month ago)
By the time you pay back your small loan of 1million dollars and are able to pay your electricity bills bitcoin will be dead and you will be too, im sorry but its the truth, and your house will prob burn down Lol
Big Dogs (1 month ago)
But where is your live strong bracelet Lol
Jonas Ovaska (1 month ago)
For you guys complaining about him only giving away a 1050 ti - He doesn't have to give anything away, At least he gives something away, Unlike many other content creators.
ItsBANANA MAN65 (1 month ago)
I shared to Instagram
Mrio (1 month ago)
But is it worth it?
Antonio Batarilović (1 month ago)
Can anyone explain me how are bitcoin and graphics cards connected .What are miners?
Aisha Malisha. (1 month ago)
Duck You
Hielo Kasama (1 month ago)
imagine if lightning strikes his house and the bitcoin mining machine just eats all the energy
Hielo Kasama (1 month ago)
imagine, rtx 2080ti
King Arthur (1 month ago)
can u give m free u gpu and pc lol
KKW BLADE (1 month ago)
7 months and u covered all costs
AlphaKenny1 (1 month ago)
More accurate title: How to pay student loan while earning more debt
Raheem Hashmi (1 month ago)
sir plzzzzzzz give me back ground music song link plzzzzz reply me
Techy Slash (1 month ago)
I'll pay u
Techy Slash (1 month ago)
Give me one
Vscrly (1 month ago)
How else got triggerd because he didn't use dual Chanel?
Ishan Sharma (1 month ago)
Shared on whatsapp.

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