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Travel Agents talk about investing in Gold Coins

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Capital Gold Group clients talk about investing in gold coints
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Keith Vandusen (1 year ago)
Something to think about when buying gold is taxes. It varies, but the investment is worth it. Google GoldStratz to learn how to get an incredible ROI.
stazzou (9 years ago)
Stupidest video ever. Roosevelt robbed US citizen 70 years ago from all their gold, they had to put it in the bank and the gold price went amazingly up after that. Yeah that was a nationwide politically organized robbery, 70 years ago already !!! Now gold is at a very high price and you're told to buy it, rofl. Fucking moronic criminal video for braindeads. Stop playing ping pong with private banks, it' time now...
ddubrul (10 years ago)
Gold is limited in quantity. It will always be a great investment. Unlike the dollar which can be printed on a whim.

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