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Free Tibet Conspiracy and World War 3 (part one)

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Please subscribe directly to "laroucheyouth" http://www.youtube.com/user/laroucheyouth Here is the weekly political overview by EIR's Chief Counterintelligence Director, Jeffrey Steinberg. Visit http://www.LaRouchePac.com for an archive of previous reports, daily intelligence items and breaking news. -LaRouche Movement Additional Search Tags: china protest WWIII bear stearns economic collapse commentary and analysis documentary insider whistle blower gold standard bretton woods reserve federal franklin delano roosevelt lincoln 911 9/11 theory solutions politics american system political action committee schwarzenegger fascist prescott bush dick cheney nazi war crimes rat lines putin kennebunkport palestine iran war eurasia russia india maglev nuclear power ballistic missile defense strategic initiative Zimbabwe kenya africa british mi-5 mi-6 cia nsa dalai lama uigur muslim uk false flag terror cramer bismark hitler rockefeller morgan rothschild carnagie mellon scaife ford foundation synarchy oligarchy international financier lucio gelli p-2 lodge masonic gladio ramsey clark economist philosopher gadfly activist democrat norman bailey national security council enterprise institute democratic party lyn lynne lym labor committees executive review history philosophy psychoanalysis mop up railroad schiller club of life sexual congress cultural fascism CCF freedom liberty helga zepp-larouche fidelio duma kepler plato leibniz vernadsky renaissance globalization regulation free trade deregulation fair tariff parity triple curve global nafta cafta amero european union lisbon treaty euro north american denver convention dnc dlc shultz rohatyn nancy pelosi howard dean hillary clinton barak obama john mccain inside job uss liberty hamilton carey ben preamble constitution declaration independence east india company imperialism empire republic technological revolution protest grassroots organize 1776 1929 john quincy adams abraham mckinley walter rathenau jfk john f kennedy assasination bobby robert joe conspiracy conspire permidex iran contra dope inc. operation garden plot mk-ultra cybernetics norbert wiener von neumann brainwash rupert murdoch bill gates myspace facebook devil laptop epistemology ontology oligarchical republican feudal aristotle secrets known only inner elites conservative liberal jacobin lafayette edgar allen poe james fenimore cooper fredrick douglas macarthur westphalia westphalian neo-colonialism international monetary fund world bank goebbels cognition rome henry clay nasa railroad fusion fission fast flux test facility information social security nepal monks Original video by laroucheyouth
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Text Comments (99)
in3d8field (10 years ago)
holly shit!!!
eirefrance (10 years ago)
It is impossible to control something as fluid and unpredictable as the economy. You are freely claiming these things on the most powerful media outlet in the world. There is most certainly a small group of people with an inordinate amount of world influence, but its important to keep perspective, otherwise your response will not fit the problem.
Kalydosos (10 years ago)
Brilliant video with very strong points I've always thought there to be a concerted campaign to get China out of Africa there will be more to come. We will all be forced to pick a side one day and it won't matter what your colour is just your politics. Thanks alot for sharing this video.
soccom8341576 (10 years ago)
Let's hope CHina sticks to its non-aggression thing.
nicebrugel (10 years ago)
Sarkozy starting cold war with China over Tibet as way to distract from France's brutal treatment of Muslims.
RonPauladvocate (10 years ago)
If you had any courage, you would be criticizing the Chinese government.
Roasted Cashew (10 years ago)
I didn't talk about wiping America out of the map. I said PACIFY! Do you know what that means? Look it up. Japan was pacified. Look where it stands today economically. They are doing very well. America has done a lot of good deeds and will carry on doing so but it's imperialist and interventionist foreign policies can lead to more bloodshed and terrorism.
desi derata (10 years ago)
Bread basket?
desi derata (10 years ago)
Imperialist? China invaded Tibet and now slowly inching into the Philippine territory (Spratleys). When the "evil" students demonstrated for freedom, tanks rolled in and the infantry started firing at the mass of the "dangerous" anti-China Chinese. Falun Gong is a criminal, dangerous organization, hence it is just right for the Chinese to harvest the internal organs of the Falun "gang".
Roasted Cashew (10 years ago)
If America doesn't change it's imperialist and interventionist foreign policies soon, the world eventually will get tired of it and will level America once and for all. America would be pacified just like Japan. You may not see this but I do. Millions of lives would be sacrificed but the goal of pacifying the strongest nation and the biggest state sponsor of terror is way supremer than any other. God willing, that day shall come.
Roasted Cashew (10 years ago)
"xPearlxJamx" - Oh, wait. You guys have stopped looking for him already. Osama is mythical figure which is more useful to America only when he is "not captured" or "alive". Fear mongering worked for Nazi's and other fascists as well. But if you think the whole world get their news from "Fox News" then you are so wrong. Your propaganda will not succeed. Osama is just like Santa. One makes little children happy; the other scares adults. What better way to steal people's liberties away?
fluffypenguin1 (10 years ago)
I am not saying that Britain hasn't had a violent history-of course it has!It has had a very bloody history. Britain are too busy cleaning up the mess America made in the middle-east to even think of engaging another country.I am not in favour of the Chineese governemnt-they are a bunch of crooks and liars and I don't believe a word they say but fighting with them is NOT the answer.They wil fight to the last man if they had to-much like Russia did in ww2. They have the resources to do so.
dusteroo (10 years ago)
Not all people are in the government for the same purpose. Some infiltrate it with their own hidden agendas. If you want to brush that off as a loony theory, then I don't know what will save you.
dusteroo (10 years ago)
Forming such an opinion, before knowing things from as many angles as possible, is foolish. Perhaps you should look into this deeper before saying such a thing.
dusteroo (10 years ago)
True power is knowledge. That's what the order of enlightenment depends on. Holding knowledge at ransom, while depriving the populous of it, and confusing the populous about truth/fiction. That leads to absolute control over the populous.
dusteroo (10 years ago)
Fuck China. Fuck the Brits. FUck all imperialism.
Tom (10 years ago)
well what the hell are we supposed to do...already there is so much leaked information around the world that we should all see whats going on....but we do nothing nobody does anything...theyr ploy to dumb us all down has worked to a tee...we all beleive that we cant change anything we cant do anything...the fact that in my life in my generation ill see this all unfold and its happening right now in front of our eyes scares me...in my opinion its wayy too late to even try
Janet (10 years ago)
Man, c'mon...stop,...their MOTTO is DIVIDE AND CONQUER! Support World Peace** War=TERRORISM** NO NORTH AMERICAN UNION>>> DOWN WITH THE NWO
Janet (10 years ago)
Lets make history! We're living it! POWER TO THE PEOPLE...WORLD PEACE..War=TERRORISM!! AWAKE THE MASSES!!!!
fuddy duddy (10 years ago)
It IS the fault of the British [aristocracy, bankers]. Also the Jesuit order in the Vatican.
bobby4500 (10 years ago)
china is more powerful than u might think, thats the reason why the americans wants to start a war against them in order to "stop" them btw. india is the next big deal ;-)
Roasted Cashew (10 years ago)
"xPearlxJamx" - Your fucking military can't even catch a caveman called Osama. Talk about defeating China. Youngsters with AK-47's are giving your fucking comrades a hard time in Iraq. Talk about defeating China. If you think Pentagon has plans set up already to defeat China, do you think China is sitting back doing nothing. The Chinese have got plans to make america a shithole as well.
fluffypenguin1 (10 years ago)
What allies? You've bombed half the world! Britain are NOT going to war with you again, Brown has learned from Blair's mistakes of invading Iraq with you. Who else? Australia?-nope. France?-nope. Germany-nope, nope! You're on your own. China has just as much bombs as you do now, haven't you heard? They have enough man-power, raw supplies and money. Well done, you won a war against a poor country with NO nuclear weapons-congratualtions! China ISN'T poor and may actually Have nuclear weapons.
singrider (10 years ago)
I belive that the Civ of Chinese are far better and have advantage that the old Tibetion slavry system. They had proved that via economics. Why you want Democrazy? I know CCP is not good enough but do consider how many Chinese ppl there are in China, and the super huge disadvantage of China in the 50s, It's a hard work for them. Look at the Africa. we are not better tham them at 50s, but see the Moden China. It's a great Goal. So please be pationt to wait for Human Right.
singrider (10 years ago)
British Empire is there now with Norireland, scoland and walse. Becouse those places are linked on land
singrider (10 years ago)
Guys, I am a Chinese, Did anyone of you heard that ALL GERMENY MEDIA said the same thing that the Chinese Govement had foced all westener student to leave China. WTF, That's a So Obvious Lie and How Could all 17 Majior Media saing the same idiot Lie? They are totally controled.
singrider (10 years ago)
i cannot post on v=Rut-tXh_TEI
cro4591 (10 years ago)
I believe you, Jeff Steinberg, but you need to provide documents and other hard evidence to make the case. Simply declaring what you believe to be true won't convince the numbed, distracted, apathetic lumps of useless flesh who have their heads are buried in the sand. List the websites where your information can be verified.
fluffypenguin1 (10 years ago)
Thank you Mr. Doom-got my shelter built, I just need the gass masks and the tins of food and I'm sorted. If America wages war against China and Asia, it will loose badly-so don't do it. If Hilary or Obama gets the vote, this WON'T happen. [If it was actually going to]
Of course this is correct which is why the shill planettan, does his best to confuse the issue. And force anything interesting or important off the bottom of the page. Listen to "British Empire or the Human Race!" on my channel if you want a better understanding of the solutions to the crisis we face as a civilization.
JSS (10 years ago)
What drugs are you on? I want some!
akui88 (10 years ago)
what i meant, was that his current events of the world are correct, but his logic is fuzzy. if u can not discern what is fact and what is opinion in his vid, than u have a serious problem... i don't know what his argument is, all i know is that he is using current events to back up his opinion... don't rag on me just cause i know my current events outside of America...
jasonlajoie (10 years ago)
To the undeniably ignorant 'culture02dc' Europe did NOT cause both world wars, a country named Germany started one and then another country called Japan started the other. Where in the world do get off thinking you know better than others when it's beyond obvious that you're a total idiot?
jasonlajoie (10 years ago)
To the undeniably ignorant 'culture02dc' England is not Europe, it's a relatively small island off the wester coast of the continent, particularly since you didn't refer to the UK so we're discounting Scotland and Whales. There are 48 countries in Europe, most of which have a higher educational result than the U.S. (including Poland so for Polock jokes we can now substitute American for Polock). I never stated any belief about England's educational system, please pay more attention.
Pedro Pereira (10 years ago)
God be with us.
jasonlajoie (10 years ago)
The wiser saying is; "if you DON'T KNOW your history, you're doomed to repeat it". I would never expect the wiser from you however. I don't know where you've been educated, but I do know it was a waste of money. I'm now finished with you.
jasonlajoie (10 years ago)
History is studied here so the mistakes of the past are not repeated. In the U.S. history is subjective and contorted at times; like what it means to be a patriot. The historical meaning is a person who doesn't blindly follow the state but rises against it in defense of their liberties. Today's patriot is one who is blinded by nationalism and questions nothing. They know their history here so that they won't be repeating it. Do Americans know theirs - no, not really, or they wouldn't be in Iraq.
jasonlajoie (10 years ago)
Look at history yourself! It's just that - history. I'm not going to wast my time trying to convince you of what it's like here. I can tell you that I KNOW what it's like there (U.S.). I lived all over the U.S. for 28 years. This is a far more peaceful and prosperous place than in years past. Europeans will not throw away or jeopardize what is here now for some stupid elitist's war. Don't try and tell me how things are until you come and travel all around Europe and see how it is today!
Khechari (10 years ago)
It sure sounds like a load of bullshit, at first. In actuality, all the biggest most influential corporations, including the privately owned banks like the Federal Reserve, are all run by Rothschild dynasty lackeys. Almost every president and congressman is in their pockets through these mediums. To the casual observer, it looks like our politicians are corrupt only by greed, in actuality, they are controlled by an outside source through a system that works not unlike money laundering.
akui88 (10 years ago)
um how bout u watch something besides CNN, like PBS independent news network... or go to yahoo and search "world news"...
akui88 (10 years ago)
he gots da facts right, but his logic is fuzzy.
Unkn0wn Canadian (10 years ago)
I agree. The great thing about this video is that if his predictions are right, the first validation will be the elections, which isn't very far away. If his election prediction is right, then I'm going to scratch my head, eat some cheesecake, and get ready for war.
file83 (10 years ago)
This man could quite possibly be the greatest international political analyst the world has ever known. Or not.
wasy35 (10 years ago)
yikes is this real? fuck england if it is.
redbeast2 (10 years ago)
wtf are you blabbering about
dumfree254 (10 years ago)
I feel bad for the young atheletes that train for years for that one chance at the Olympics. Even though it was a poor choice to let China host them the damage is done & the show must go on. If you don't like China then don't shop at walmart or buy cheapshit. People will get on a anti-chineese bandwagon & then on Saturday go shopping at walmart. Remember the toy's with lead paint & all the dead cats & dogs because of cheap chineese imports. Get them in the wallet instead.
2park (10 years ago)
This video just goes to show that not everything that old white men in a suit wearing glasses say is necessarily true.
J (10 years ago)
I've seen that guy's videos. Facts and logic are his worst enemy.
J (10 years ago)
*correction* Thirty minute rant.
J (10 years ago)
Facts? No. The least he could do is list ONE source throughout his entire ten minute rant.
myfutureme (10 years ago)
I like conspiracy theories but this one is just kind of baseless and illogical
Cssfiend (10 years ago)
better an idiot with the attention span of a nat than an idiot who laps up retarded, baseless conspiracy theories from a man who looks like he would find drying paint engaging.
Cssfiend (10 years ago)
lol, we incited the riots in lhasa? As i remember it, it was the CIA who worked with the dalai lama and his brother to set up front groups and train tibetan operatives who were dropped back into tibet.
Gilliatt83 (10 years ago)
very interesting
meewsic (10 years ago)
Let's roll! Pull it! Hi, it's Brian. Watch my video blog!
ratanpuri (10 years ago)
ok, so we all will die soon... nice to know...
Peter Vautier (10 years ago)
La Rouche on Wikipedia: "The Washington Monthly writes that the LaRouche movement has been referred to as Marxist, fascist, a political cult, a personality cult, a criminal enterprise, and "one of the strangest political groups in American history." The movement promotes a number of beliefs which are called conspiracy theories by critics. Some of these beliefs have been accused of being anti-Semitic. No more space. Look on Wikipedia yourself. Unless you're in China, I think it's blocked there.
akui88 (10 years ago)
this dude knows his world facts. that is all i can say.
Peter Vautier (10 years ago)
I think the biggest danger is the shit that's falling down from the flying pigs. Better get my umbrella out.
kaan marconi (10 years ago)
/watch?v=c3mHu19vT7g watch!!! George Bush xD
Alba67 (10 years ago)
So how exactly is Britain responsible for USA imperialism in South America & what's all the nonsense about Obama & Clinton? Is it credible to see any real difference in any USA Presidential candidates?Women & Children are being raped & killed in Darfur - not by anyone Britain is supporting.Zimbabwe threw it's own farmers off the land & then came a food crisis.etc. etc. etc.
William Zhu (10 years ago)
So you're saying the already rich and powerful don't need to keep a cap on others to keep their wealth? I would like to live in your world.
zv22 (10 years ago)
Okay, first of all, I agree that this conspiracy is quite out there. But for you to call this as a Chinese doing?? The man credited his sources as Western Sources, NO CHINESE WERE INVOLVED!! This is completely from a standpoint of the western economists and policy researchers. Second China is not going to fall, it's been here longer than the existance of Europe or US. Third, I don't know why you have so much hate, but your narrowmindedness is keeping you from rationality.
zv22 (10 years ago)
From I remember from Nightly News were the rumors that after Dalai Lhama's visit, Polesi, Head of the House of Reps wanted to boycott the Olympics as well as other members of Congress wanted to put more stringent pressure on the Chinese gov for cheating inflation by tempering with the Yuan currency while the dollar is going down. This does not sound like an ally.
Rabbit (10 years ago)
so is this guy justifying all the awful things China has done as well? I don't trust this Jewish man.
Rabbit (10 years ago)
jasonlajoie (10 years ago)
I moved here from the States, I know of what I write. Europe doesn't have all the gun homicides and road rage found in the States. This is by far a more peaceful place in so many ways. You are delusional if you think me naive...but so many Americans are just that; delusional.
Mad Cuz I'm Stylin' (10 years ago)
I don't agree with the way the mainstream media portrays the current situation in Tibet, and while I agree that certain aspects mentioned in this video might have certain elements of truth to them, I believe in total that Steinberg is falling for a classic human mistake, that of seeing patterns where none exists.
Mad Cuz I'm Stylin' (10 years ago)
China has "most favored nation" status with the US, and the US's biggest trading partner. The US has not been contemplating boycotting the Olympics. Certain members of the US population have urged it, as well as certain members of the legislature and certain presidential hopefuls. The government as a whole, and the nation as a whole, have not released anything "contemplating" boycotting the Olympics.
tokkamakk (10 years ago)
The British are coming, the British are coming! So future king prince William is going to be King of the World now?
jasonlajoie (10 years ago)
We are in far different and prosperous times. This is not a place of serfs and lords anymore, there is a thriving middle class and they would want anything to do with some moronic scheme to wage WWIII. You ask; "..but when their leaders and Bankers do, (want war) what usually happens?" Well, in today's Europe the people tell the "leaders and Bankers" to politely go fuck themselves:) Leaders and bankers cannot wage a war without the PEOPLE.
zv22 (10 years ago)
how is China a US ally? When was this declared. US has been contemplating boycotting the Olympics...
daniel987878 (10 years ago)
They are both run by "Nazi's".
leepakim (10 years ago)
Concerning your statement between China vs. Taiwan...read this (reuters): "China and Taiwan have agreed to restart official dialogue after a gap of nearly a decade, Taiwan Vice President-elect Vincent Siew said on Monday as relations appear to thaw under a new more China-friendly administration."
j0hnwi11iams (10 years ago)
So fuck what the Dalai Lama says, Tibet is all a British Conspiracy?
LovelyYTRocks (10 years ago)
Chinese people are cool. :D Free Iraq? See what has happened.
jasonlajoie (10 years ago)
All unified European nations will go to war against Russia, China and India? Are you NUCKING FUTS? This is beyond absurd, no one here in Europe would go to war with these well defended nations. Europeans are far more peaceful people than this crazy idea of yours tries to suggest.
YouStorm (10 years ago)
Well for one thing, it is way too flattering about the power of the British. Yes it is absurd and no the British are not trying to trigger world war 3, its pathetic and nuts.
okturus (10 years ago)
You are clearly an intelligent individual sir. However, behind every conspiracy, there is a financier. Its elite Jews who are financing this agenda. The UK is the base, America is their playing ground and Isreal is their motherland. Expose these individuals and you'll have my complete attention. But untill then, spare us all an unnecessary convoluted history lesson.
Brandon Fuller (10 years ago)
you are a robot
Eudoxio Libertador (10 years ago)
We need to act. We can all hope and want RP to be president, but if we dont take positive productive actions in our respective communities, RP as president would not be enough. If u r a Citizen, u can run for office in your local government. Be the leader in your community that speaks the truth and has high moral standards. We have to eliminate all the hypocrites running our government, churches and households. U can be the role model. Hope you can help in your community. watch?v=zbR4jXfQqVU
ArnoldDarkshner (10 years ago)
lol no it isn't. that video is hilarious.
ArnoldDarkshner (10 years ago)
casablancamicasa (10 years ago)
free tibet? nice try,nice try you evil western,listen,DO NOT STEAL ANY LAND FROM CHINA,NO FUCKING WAY !!! white american already STOLE the land from red indian! who's gonna free the red indian?
gavrilo2007 (10 years ago)
The scary part is.. he's a total quack.
Mcgraw Hnic (10 years ago)
free tibet and by the way, free iraq and leave iran alone
Mcgraw Hnic (10 years ago)
well, some things your video says makes sense. but what can youtubers do. intellectuals often know exactly what the problems are all about but never present a solution. so, it always seems they´re just stitring things up and mess with people head with loads of info, perspectives and opinions. anyway, i live in portugal, lisbon and the treaty (lisbon treaty) has the objective of centralising the power in brussels, no doubt. but what can we the people do, other than bitch and moan??
Stylensky (10 years ago)
I stopped it 15 seconds in after I saw that it was 10 min long and had two more parts. I thought Larry David had better things to do....lol
YouStorm (10 years ago)
What on Earth? Absurd paronoid thinking!
Michael Kotowski (10 years ago)
Worst financial collapse of all time? Fuck your boogie man
Mesquite Automotive (10 years ago)
They're more interesting than some geezer trying to make youtube videos about bullshit conspiracy theories. So no I don't want to watch this video or any video that you made either. Oh wait you don't have any videos so stfu.
skyarcher (10 years ago)
Not one word about Israel?? Give us a break.
Mesquite Automotive (10 years ago)
Khechari (10 years ago)
Ya, it's tough to know who is on the absolte top. The only thing that is absolutely certain is that the corruption in governments does not stem from random greedy white collar crimes. This IS ORGANIZED CRIME. They do not make moves based on impulsive greedy behavior. They have a long term plan and it IS world dictatorship. The absolute top man, whoever that may be, is meant to be elusive. The Rothschild dynasty is highly suspect though. So is Satan, as extreme as that statement is.
Khechari (10 years ago)
I think you're right. Most people dont' dare and consider it. What I'm not sure of is who is the ring leader. It may seem like we are under royal control, however, the Queen may actually bow to the Rothschilds. When you look at what they were able to do with Isreal, you know the whole thing stinks of 'Jewish conspiracy' too. (BTW, I don't mean all Jews when I quote the term 'Jewish conspiracy'. Just the one's that work evil through the conspiracy.)
Khechari (10 years ago)
BTW, the Democrats, including Clinton are just as pro-NWO as the republicans. I haven't watched the other parts yet, but it seems like this is a little bit pro-dem anti-republican. Republicans v/s Demorcrats, it's just an illusion to keep us thinking we have a democracy.
Khechari (10 years ago)
The world bankers and the other bastards are a bunch of monkeys clinging to their monopoly on bananas. They are the beast and they expect all of us to stay in the jungle with them. Don't buy iPods, buy fancy bullshit, don't use credit cards, don't let them use the money system to keep you dependant on their bananas. Spend your time trying to grow, to evlolve, work on your brain! Try to break boundries and barriers of human capability! The things money can't buy!
Louise (10 years ago)
This guy is sharp and brilliant! To whom have no clue what he is talking about, go to library and try to learn your dirty history from real scholars! You will know it is nothing about human right, but all about international politics as dirty as it's ever been.
Michael Sun (10 years ago)
LaRouche for President!!

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